Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now Back To Gossip And Hypocrites

The diversion to COS land was interesting but now it is time for one of my favorite hypocrites and one who hasn't been one in almost a week. Yes, it is Michael Lohan. What has father of Lindsay and impregnator of Dina done this week?

Well, in most of the blathering interviews he has given over the past few weeks, he has taken the time to rail. No, not do rails, unless you know something I don't. Why have you heard something? He has taken the time to rail against Dina and how she is whoring out their family for reality television.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Michael and his fellow Christian Stephen Baldwin are pitching their own reality show as a Christian View type program. The difference will be that it will be men, white men, no lesbians, and white men.

No word on whether the strippers Michael was "interviewing" last week would make an appearance. Now, granted as this story stands Michael is not completely a hypocrite, because the pitch doesn't include whoring out his kids. BUT, do you even for one second believe that first of all he isn't using Lindsay's name to get meetings, and that second, that he isn't promising that she will show up on the program often?

Plus, from past experience we know he is a hypocrite so we will just call this implied hypocrisy. I know the article is about Michael, but in my haste last week I must have missed these photos of Ali who appears to be about five years older than Lindsay rather than 7 years younger.


kellysirkus said...

Good Gawd this girl looks like she's 40 y/o. WTF?

Is Michael Lohan Client #8?

surfer said...

My exact thoughts kelly. This is a 14 or 15-year-old girl? She actually looks older than her sister in this pic.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I thought she was the oldest.

Marnie said...

Gossip and hypocrites and anatomically thorough photography!

jax said...

frick Dina you are effin clueless to what you are doing to your child.

now THIS is a parent we can blame.

Anonymous said...

Why does she look like she's already had years of plastic surgery?

Dina is Mama Rose, and she's convinced her little Ali to be her Gypsy Rose Lee.

NatD said...

She's been aging "funny" since about 10. It's like she's too thin/muscular and it makes her face look hard/older.

Poor kid.

NatD said...

She's been aging "funny" since about 10. It's like she's too thin/muscular and it makes her face look hard/older.

Poor kid.

Carla said...

can't we just put clan lohan in some sort of rocket pod and jettison them off the planet?

shiny_special_one said...

Why does Ali look so old? How can she look so old? Is Scientology involved somehow?

shiny_special_one said...

@ jax: You know Dina would say that she's just "supporting" Ali and that she's not forcing her kids into showbiz. And I bet Ali would totally back that up because she's been running around telling everyone who'll listen about how much she wants to be famous.

Well of course she wants to be famous, she's 13! She's not in a position to know what she really wants for herself in the future. Nice parenting there, Dina.

Dina has about the the mental/psychic maturity level of a nine-year-old. It's sad for her kids, they're growing up as clueless as she is. said...

I know she's just a child, but her public salivating to be famous just makes my eyes roll.

What are the Lohans going to do when they run out of kids??

shiny_special_one said...

I would like to ask Ali why she wants to be famous, and "because it's cool!" would not be allowed as an answer. I bet she's never stopped to think for even a second about why she wants what she says she does.

Ugh. I feel like this topic just turns me into a cranky old woman, railing against "kids these days." But it used to be that people had to do something to be famous and now that concept is kind of lost on people. People seem to feel they're just entitled to fame--and hey, why not? It worked for Paris Hilton. And Perez Hilton, for that matter. Standards are just getting lower and lower. IMO.

Oh, well. Now where did I put my teeth?

Amber said...

This is my favourite Michael Lohan picture.


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