Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Want To Get A Restraining Order Against Who?

In California, restraining orders, at least temporary ones are really easy to get. They also make them easy to fill out so anyone who can even barely read can get one taken out against someone. Because Florida is a fairly large state, I imagine that they have similar procedures and forms. There is one huge difference though. Apparently you don't have to fill out a name on their forms. The Church of Scientology went to court in Clearwater, Florida late yesterday afternoon to file a petition for a temporary restraining order.

Who is it to be served against? "Anonymous" Yep. The Scientologists are going to try and restrain Anonymous. Now we all now that Anonymous is a group of people who disrupt Scientology functions. The problem is how do you get a restraining order against people who you don't know the identities of, and secondly, prove they have done something against you in the past.

If I as a person threaten you or beat you or something, you can get a restraining order taken out against me. If I have done nothing to you, you probably could get a temporary restraining order because they are easy to get, but you would not be able to get it to stick.

I am assuming that the Church has identified members of Anonymous from all the filming that security officers did during the protest last month. Either that or they are trying to get a blanket restraining order. To get that though it basically would have to cover every possible individual in the world. You know kind of like fill in the blanks. You show up, and some dude writes your name in the blank. That is not legal by the way, but things don't always work in Clearwater Florida the same way they do in the rest of the country.

COS Attorney - We want to get a restraining order your Honor.
Judge - Against who
COS Attorney - Anonymous
Judge - Well you can tell me their name, and I will keep it anonymous
COS Attorney - That is their name
Judge - Who's name?
COS Attorney - Anonymous
Judge - Third base

The St. Petersburg Times who first reported this story could not get a copy of the Petition, but if someone sees it out on the internet today, send me a copy. By the way, when you read the article, the newspaper says they could not reach a member of Anonymous for comment. That cracked me up. If you want to read the same article as linked above but on an anti COS site, you can click here.

All this commotion is because of L. Ron Hubbard's birthday tomorrow. Of course L. Ron, or as Suri likes to call him, daddy has been dead a long time, but the folks at the COS like to have a L Ron week just like the rest of the world has an Elvis week.

Thanks Jenny


Laura Lu said...

I am actually a member of anonymous, but am not taking part in these protests.

The thing about anon is that there is no registration, no way to identify the thousands of people who use the site on a day to day basis. There is no definite archive, you can only go back through the posts that have active content (and with the huge volume of activity, around ninety five percent of posts don't make it more than forty minutes). They are really going to have a very very hard time getting this restraining order- but it won't stop the arrests. From what I hear, people were picked up last year for illegal distribution of materials. It's totally crazy, but I sort of look forward to see it play out.

Also, I am thrilled to death to see this story covered here.

Mary said...

Here's a copy of the injunction:

Mary said...

That should read "petition for the injunction".

Amber said...

I went to one of the protests/raids, it was great. If any of you are planning on attending the next one, you should bring a mask of some sort. The Scientologists may/probably will record the crowd, so if you don't want to be recognized then cover up!

Anon is smarter than they think.

Oh oh but Ent, they believe that L. Ron is still alive!!


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