Friday, July 25, 2008

$40,000 Is What Lil Kim's Life Is Worth

Although I'm sure my biography would probably bring me an advance sufficient enough to get me a McDonald's kid's meal, it is funny to see how much book publishers think celebrities are worth when it comes to book advances. You always hear about the multi-million dollar advances and the amounts paid for baby pictures to the stars is always crazy.

So, it must come as quite a shock to Lil Kim and Foxy Brown that their lives are worthless in celebrity terms, at least according to book publishers.

Both Kim and Foxy were sued yesterday because Simon & Schuster had given them some money in advance for the to write their biographies. Kim was given $40,000 and Brown was given $75,000. That's it?

To me it seems kind of insulting. Although I'm sure I wouldn't know half the people they would spill about, you would think that their stories would be much more interesting than say what Madonna's brother had to say. I mean both of these women have been in jail multiple times. They have had some crazy ass relationships, and in the case of Foxy Brown appear to actually be crazy.

I would love to read about what the hell they had to do or who they had to do to get their records made. I don't care if I don't know who the hell they are talking about as long as it's good. If I were them and got that chump change I wouldn't bother writing the damn book either. To me its saying, hey if I was some white chick celebrity who gave birth to the 600th celebrity kid I would be worth $1M, but because I'm going to tell you about the four guys who made me blow them in the recording studio to get a good song then you just aren't going to pay. Personally I've seen enough baby photos. Let me hear about Kim and her take on the East Coast/West Coast rap wars and who the hell she thinks killed Tupac.

$40,000? That's like Foxy Brown's legal bills for a week.

At this point I think the whole world is tired of the same kind of gossip and I want to hear some really good juice. If Karrine Steffans can keep me interested with her book, then I know both of these would even be better. So, instead of suing the women, promise them even more money if they do come through and write the books and give me some damn dirt.


Unknown said...

but why were they sued?

captivagrl said...

lil kim's very good friend Victoria Gotti was just sued by HarperCollins for the same reason. just accept the advance, have someone write the stupid thing, and move on to the bigger money. what's the big deal? just procrastonaters?

Sinjin said...

I was going to say that she looks better, friendlier & cleaner on the left without the fake weave, blush and contacts which she is wearing on the picture on the right side...but I had to look three times to realize it's not the same girl (different noses). My bad, lol. Either way, whoever authorized these chicks to get any money for writing a BOOK, is retarded and should get fired, cause that was NEVER gonna happen and they should've known better.

The Adventures of... said...

Lil Kim is totally coo coo ka choo, but man, what a life! That would make an excellent read, esp as she was at the epicentre of the rap feuds back in the 90's. I never knew where Foxy went wrong, so her story is also interesting.

Their advances were pretty crap, and shows the publishers didn't really anticipate big sales. Never mind the link between advertising and marketing that supports, if not makes, these celeb books sell at all. But no. Too 'difficult' a market to hit? Bullshit approach deserves a bullshit response, if you ask me

mooshki said...

"...just accept the advance, have someone write the stupid thing, and move on to the bigger money."

Seriously. You can't tell me there aren't a thousand screenwriter wannabes who would jump at the chance to ghostwrite and get their names associated with someone famous.

LoCo said...

Kim's advance was to write a novel, not an autobiography. Seems like you need to hire some ghostwriters too, buddy.

Liza said...

wasn't there a blind about a girl who slept with producers to record an album?

what is eight past six? said...

How fun would it be if their beef got started up again by the fact that Foxy is worth 35 more peanuts than Kim is? I was a little surprised at that actually, until loco pointed out that Kim was supposed to actually write a novel. Now that is just silly. Foxy should be cut some slack, as much as she stays in court she obviously just needs an extended deadline till she can stay out of trouble long enough to write the damn book.

And yes, liza, that was a blind, but the details of that blind pretty much eliminate Foxy and Lil' Kim as the answers (the artist in question has a producer boyfriend). Ashanti was the most popular guess, and I think Nelly is getting into producing or has dabbled in it.

But after Janet said in an interview that the label was shutting up shop on releasing any more songs after the second single (which got nil promotion itself), I'm thinking it's her. And that it's pretty fucking sad when you're 40+, a legend and inspiration for a lot of the acts that are popular now, and you STILL have to play the game to even get an album made, let alone the promotion for it. Janet should get an album just for waking up and breathing at this point. That Super Bowl mess really jacked her career up.


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