Friday, July 25, 2008

"A Giant F**king Orgasm"

Well we know how Christopher Ciccone feels about his new book about his sister Madonna. The above quote was given to MSNBC in an interview he did about his new book. Apparently he wrote it because he needed the money and had not originally started to write it for anything other than money. But, then something happened.

He said the thought of making her squirm was what kept him going throughout the process of writing the book.

Here is what I think the whole damn thing is about. I actually think that he and Madonna are not as much on the outs as everyone has been saying. I think it is way too much of a coincidence that all these Madonna stories flooding the internet right as she launches her tour just happened to occur.

I mean what does his book reveal? Not really all that much we didn't know in the first place. Oh sure, there have may have been some detail to the stories we all heard before, but the thing is we had heard the stories before. Christopher said he had to leave out the juicy stuff because of the lawyers and editors. I'm not buying it. Truth is a defense to defamation and if he was there, and saw it, then he doesn't really have anything to fear. How did he time the book to coincide with her tour? If they were so on the outs how did he know she would be touring? I think the whole A-Rod thing, the book, the marriage and all of the other goodies that have been floated out there are just one massive PR blitz to sell tickets. One last masterful manipulation of the press by Madonna.

The problem is it still isn't working and ticket sales suck.

Has anyone else noticed that Madonna has ignored the book? Madonna ignoring free press? No statements condemning it or her brother. Nothing. Just crickets.

I wouldn't even be surprised if in the next month or so there is some Kneepads cover with both Christopher and Madonna talking about how all of this controversy has brought them together and reunited them as a family. Throw in some mystery illness of their father and you have a real tear jerker to give the world as a finale.


captivagrl said...

yes,yes,and yes.

Maja With a J said...

I just read this book. It was on sale at the local drug store and I was a huge Madonna fan as a kid so I thought "what the hell".


Anyway, as I mentioned in another comment on here, the book is very poorly written. To the point where it makes you wonder if anyone even proofread it, or if Christopher Ciccone just handed in some Word documents and they bound them for him and made it a book.

There are no juicy revelations about Madonna. Everyone already knows that she is decisive and probably often comes across as "bitchy" and "impossible". That's just what people say about successful women, whether it is true or not. There are some brief accounts of Christopher doing cocaine with several famous people ("recreationally", of course, he's not an "addict" or anything *smirk*) but again, nothing you didn't already know. Throughout the whole book, the general feeling is that Christopher feels very sorry for himself. He's a martyr and has never done anything wrong.

It's an easy beach read, but only scratches the surface of each subject he brings up. It's almost like a list: "Madonna moves to New York. Lies about amount of money in pocket. I dance in 'Borderline' video. Madonna is mean to me. I am gay. Madonna hates London. I have a boyfriend who hates Madonna. Go on tour. Dance. Madonna yells at me. Madonna doesn't pay me. Guy Ritchie is mean".

There you have it.

MontanaMarriott said...

I agree, a woman who works the press and publicity to her advantage at every turn, this is just one big scam between the two siblings.

6th Class 2009 said...

I think your right Ent, she is clearly a woman that would do ANYTHING to keep her profile high.

I had to laugh when I heard that her brother said that the only reason she adopted baby David was to keep up with Angelina Jolie. Actually it wouldn't suprise me one bit if she did.

Great site by the way Ent and love the how that this is probably one of the only gossip sites that has intelligent posters with great guesses and witty remarks.

I'm addicted!

Anonymous said...

ent...i think your right about this. been following this gal since '84

The Adventures of... said...

Agree with you all (and of course you, Ent:-))I heard some of michaels' promo interviews yesterday and the one thing he kept saying right at the end was 'i wouldn't be closed to a possible reconciliation', which makes me think he is paving the way for the kiss and make up fairytale ending.

He needs to tell us something real, like when did madonna have her sex change? That is a dude!

captivagrl said...

if madonna was a sincere person she would use her star power to bring more awareness to the issues in Malawi. other than garnering personal attention, what exactly is the purpose of her foundation? we shouldn't need to look it up. where are the news stories? the adoption backfired(negative press) and we have not heard a word from her about Malawi since.

The Adventures of... said...

michael- I meant christopher. Michael was madonna's birthname :-)

The Adventures of... said...

captivagrl- totally agree. She made her doc on the back of that too, clearly trying to pave a new way for a career directing when she no longer feels like hiding the peen to wear leotards on stage and strangle cats, er, sing.

But I think every self-serving celebutard should know their limits though- fame whoring off the back of poorer countries with serious health and economic issues is deplorable.

mooshki said...

"I'm addicted!"

Welcome to the club, Vicki!

Madonna's greatest (only?) talent has always been getting publicity.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Madonna knows her brand is a sinking ship. No one wants to pay 300.00 for a ticket to her show. Only hard core fans are going to go and you can't just cater to them. You discourage casual fans from investing their hard earned money to go see her. Her set list leaked (I'm sure she leaked it) and their was so many complaints about her not singing many of her hits and replacing them with her more recent stuff. The crappy stuff that no one wants to hear. She peaked. Get over yourself Madonna and except it. The only reason 4 mins was a hit is because she had Justin sing on it. No one would have given a shit otherwise. Now she's desperate to get "Britney and Justin back together on her final night of her tour". Bitch please. More media whoring. Desperation doesn't look good on anyone. Especially an aging pop star that doesn't know when to hang it up gracefully and move on.

mooshki said...

Ugh, inspired by Cativagrl's comment I was looking into Madonna's Malawi publicity and found a review of her movie that said it's basically a Kabbala commercial. It reminds me of the Scientology good deeds. They're tainted by the self-interest.

captivagrl said...

mooshki - right on! without bullshit hidden self-interest a million can go a long way in africa. oprah's bullshit over-priced elitest academy makes me sick.

Music Loopers said...

agree - read it and there is nothing fresh. Its cash for him and pr for her. PR is a really tough job these days! Requires genuine skill and talent not this replicating of standard story models - the sex tape, fake relationships, etc. etc. etc.

Before the Confessions tour there was a snippet on a forum frequented by media folk about how Madonna was struggling to keep herself in the press for anything longer than three to four days (if that) with a story before the press forgot about her... where there was a focus on lourdes it ran for over two weeks in the media. The adoption still runs! The internet is satisfying public demand. So now the turn around for a story has to be fast and provocative to keep it up there... sex tapes anyone? Thankfully they are on the wain, the model has tired, and its the first sign of the career downfall... if your team ever mention that you release one its time to fire them! Its the end of the super star in general... they are genuinely struggling to stay up there. Cults really are a career killer though!

lutefisk said...

I can't stand Madonna--she probably financed the book herself.
I do feel bad for Guy --he seams to be afraid for his life.


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