Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Classic Shirley MacLaine pose. It just says Shirley to me. I don't know what it says to Shirley or who is actually saying it, but it is Shirley and as such she is most deserving of the top spot. Oh, and judging by the posters over her shoulder it looks like Daniel Silva has a new book coming out. Love him.
Alicia Arden probably said to herself, "but the sweater makes it look demure and classy." Sure it does. It also says that your inner voice is tuned into the Paris Hilton channel.
Blondie - Liverpool

Kindness items are always welcome, and especially so when they are as lovely as Alicia Witt.
The people who makes these wax things are really, really nice. How about a wax museum devoted to celebrities on their worst days ever. See, that would be worth my time.
Normally I would probably spend a good 300-400 words railing on the City Of Los Angeles for taking liquor money and giving them a star, but I would be hypocritical. After drinking a bottle or two of Absolut, I too have found the cool, smooth tiles of the walk of fame pressed against my cheek to be my friend as well.
You think Alice Cooper looks bad? Imagine if he didn't spend four hours a day in the sunshine walking and playing golf.
Hey Josh Brolin, I still like you. I think going to aid a friend in a bar fight shows that you care about your friends. And hey, who hasn't maybe slipped once or twice out of rehab and wanted to get a little touchy feely with Robin Wright Penn. I mean, I don't understand why Sean got so jealous. I mean, was he thinking of her when he was screwing the two Russian hookers in the hotel with her also staying there. I did notice that Diane didn't make it to this premiere so I hope she's cool with everything. If you need me to, I could talk to her for you. You know, a little dinner or even lunch, just to kind of talk things through.

Dear Calvin Klein.
Would you believe that is Erykah Badu? I didn't either, but it is her.
So I guess we the permanently brain dead children of the world are supposed to believe that Cheryl Burke and Kelly Monaco just happened to come up with this idea and then the paps just happened to be there.
Because some of you have apparently missed seeing Cisco Adler. I don't know why, and don't know if you have some other issues that you may have in your lives, but here he is.
For those of you who didn't want Cisco Adler, here is Laird Hamilton.

Twice. The second is purely for scientific purposes so you can see how the human body and it's muscles work when you are climbing out of a boat, or holding onto a headboard. Hey now. I just post the photos, what someone is doing in the photos or you think they are doing in the photos is entirely up to each reader's discretion. I don't judge.
Jay Sean - Tokyo
The only time we all can agree we like Jeremy Piven is now, when he is onset and in his Ari Gold character.
James Horan has been a working actor for almost 50 years and I bet this is the first time you have ever seen him or heard of him. He is the definition of a guy who just loves to act. Almost gave him the top spot.
Think Matthew Perry is looking for his new gal-pal. See, just doesn't work does it? Feel like I'm writing for Tiger Beat back in the 70's talking about Shaun Cassidy.

"And then I beat up a homeless guy."
A first time appearance for Melonie Diaz. Very lovely.
I don't think Maria Bello has ever been in the photos and I'm not sure why. She should have been, and I apologize.
Congratulations to Kenneth over at the NBC page office for not only getting that NBC umbrella on the set of an ABC program, but also getting it in photos seen all over the world.

Ronaldo obviously has no fear of skin cancer.

"You shouldn't have cats. We used to have cat, but then she died after scratching our mom to death." wonk, wonk
Paul Blackthorne is another first timer.
Honestly, the very first thing I thought of when I saw Olga and Valentine Rei was that I think we are overdue for a Children Of The Corn sequel.
Twice in a week for Jet Li in the photos must be some kind of record. Of course if you are photographed with Michelle Yeoh your odds improve dramatically of making an appearance.
Trevor Wright demonstrates two of the three things I hate most to see on a red carpet

The third would be a woman blowing a kiss.
The Stranglers - Liverpool
Pregnant dude. That baby is going to be confused as hell.
Today's photo of the couple that makes me feel inadequate goes to Sophie Dymoke and Mathew Goode.


lawyagirl said...

Nice Josh Brolin-Robin Wright Penn reveal, Enty!

Wonder what item in particular you are referring to? [I'm too lazy to look it up]

lutefisk said...

Love the Debbie Downer photo~!

Uber*nought said...

The pregnant dude's baby isn't going to be confused.

It's the rest of the world that's convinced itself it's confused.

Leave them alone and they'll be just fine. Remember, life finds a way! *Thanx Jeff Goldblum!)

James Horan is rocking. He looks really cool too in that top. Nice bod.

Can we have a Luke MacFarlane moment at some point please?

junglekitten said...

LOLLLZZZZ @ Children Of The Corn sequel!!!

Marnie said...

I'll take that as a "no" on Matthew Perry and LG :( He doesn't deserve her, but damn they're cute together. No one is awesome enough for Lauren Graham. Gotta be tough.

Cheryl said...

I love Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh. If Ent love me he'll find some Jet Li pics for FFF.

Sinjin said...

I second you on that 3 most hated poses in photos, Enty. I also hate the rapper pose/I'm a bad ass glare.

mooshki said...

"Leave them alone and they'll be just fine."

Yeah, 'cause that's clearly what the guy wants - to be left alone.

Unknown said...

Matthew Perry looks like he's high or drunk.

I love the picture of the man formerly known as Pregnant Man and his baby! He seems like a nice person.

I think the reveal was of a BI where a guy (Sean Penn) snuck out of the hotel room he shared with his wife to have sex with hookers in another room. Classy guy!

Ms Cool said...

Where's Daniel Craig?

jax said...

the josh brolin/robin wright penn this wasn't a blind that i know of just all the damn pictures that circulated on monday. and plenty of witnesses.

april- agreed on all points. i love me some Matt Perry though.

Anonymous said...

Enty, pushing that Daniel Silva book just a little, huh?

Anonymous said...

What?!? Erykah Badu is endorsing something called WHITE Patchouli? I'm surprised she didn't insist it be changed to Black Patchouli before agreeing to the campaign.

NotAMeanGirl said...

Thank you for teh Paul Blackthorne pic. I LOVE him. I was an avid follower of The Dresden Files :)

Michael Strangeways said...

uh, why would the Pregnant Man's Baby be confused? She has a mom and a (cute)dad. By the time she's old enough to need to know the details, she should be old enough to understand.

people are making waaaaaay too big of a deal out of this.

Unknown said...

The Pregnant Dude is another woman in transition. Until all reassignment surgeries are completed she can call herself whatever she wants. But it is still just two women having a baby together. A non-event if attention mongering wasn't paying the rent.

Unknown said...

Cheryl's sure gotten plumpish for a dancer.

bionic bunny! said...

m.strangways, i agree.
that is a beautiful baby, much more so than the jlo/vampire twins.

blankprincess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blankprincess said...

I thought Cheryl Burke (never seen DWTS not even once not never not me and am darn proud to say it...though I do watch American Idol sometimes--ack!) looked pleasingly plump as well, but then I remembered what a teeny tiny speck of a woman the astounding (not BECAUSE she's little, mind you) Kelly Monaco is.

LOOOOVE Matthew Goode God He's Gorgeous! If you get a chance to see "Imagine Me and You" with him and Piper Perabo, do (though "Lost and Delirious" is my go-to Piper movie despite Micsha Barton's presence in it). His character is so frickin' sweet! Heck, pretty much all of them are in that movie.

Suzanne said...

"Honestly, the very first thing I thought of when I saw Olga and Valentine Rei was that I think we are overdue for a Children Of The Corn sequel."

Or a Boris Becker biopic.

Amy in MI said...

I know who James Horan is! He was on Loving and guest starred on Star Trek in various incarnations many a time. Love him!

Miss X said...

I have what will probably be an unpopular opinion, but still need a forum to express this.

"Pregnant Man" Pick a sex. If you want to be male, fine. But, men don't carry and give birth to babies.

I don't harbor any hate for the guy, just annoyed that this is getting so much attention.

lyz said...

Miss X - I agree.

CarolMR said...

I've always been a fan of Shirley MacLaine's. So I watched her the other day on THE VIEW. What a disappointment! She was SO unpleassant! She came off as smug and a little snippy with the ladies. She looked like she really didn't want to be there, that she was so much smarter than they. So why did she agree to be a guest?

mooshki said...

Shirley has gotten bitchy, but I still think she's awesome. She's probably in my top 5 celebrities I'd like to go to dinner with.


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