Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Thought She Was On Vacation

When I went on vacation with my parents, it was all about mosquitoes, bad food and lots of screaming and yelling by my dad. Then, when my mom would finally stop trying to have sex with my dad things got much better. Obviously these things haven't scarred me even though I can remember being kicked out of a tent, thrown a flashlight, handed some bird seed and told that nature walks at midnight are the best way to spot birds and that it would be like camping out on my own. Uh huh.

Anyway, Peaches Geldof and her family must not take the same kinds of vacations because mine didn't usually end up in a drug overdose. Oh sure there would be too much drinking and not enough sunscreen and there would be some getting sick, but not actual overdosing. Unless of course you count my cousin who once had sex with some guy she met and thought if she took two months of birth control pills at once things would be ok.

So, according to the Sun, Peaches actually died over the weekend of a possible overdose, but luckily a friend was there who revived her before the paramedics even got there. When the paramedics got there, they of course wanted to take Ms. Geldof to the hospital but she refused saying she didn't want the press to find out.

"She started mouthing off and told the ambulance crew, 'You have to respect my privacy'. She then told them to get out. And she refused to go to hospital to have further treatment because she was worried about it getting out."

Ummm. Peaches it got out so now everyone in the family will know why you were a scratch in the family miniature golf tournament.


kris said...

how sad...boy, somebody needs to help her get it together...

mooshki said...

"When I went on vacation with my parents, it was all about mosquitoes, bad food and lots of screaming and yelling by my dad."

What a crazy coincidence - that's exactly what my family vacations were like! (Except throw in the occasional wood tick - AGH!)

If that didn't scare her into treatment, there really isn't much hope for her, is there?

jax said...

this is what happens when your dad is out saving the fucking world. it's like the cobbler's wife with no shoes.

Emma31 said...

every time i hear her name i think of the band Presdiants of the United states... "Millions of peaches peaches for me"

lutefisk said...

POeaches needs some busy work to keep her occupied.


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