Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I figure why not start out with some of your favorites, although I think we will all admit that when Jeremy Piven takes a better photo than Gerard Butler your weekend might not be starting off as well as one could hope. But look you can have Guy Ritchie or Ludacris if you prefer.

Dick Cavett almost made it to the top, because, well lets face it, he is Dick Cavett.

Someone who will never make it to the top unless he is caught on film naked in a men's room in a park is Dane Cook.
Carmen, Carmen, Carmen. I thought we were beyond the whole need to look hot even though 40 is around the corner thing. I mean this is just not classy. This screams Mariah Carey and not in a good way.
Obviously Jesse McCartney is showing us how many brain cells he has left which is his only excuse for whatever the hell he is wearing.

See, this is a reality couple I can get behind. I mean Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn have been going out forever and unlike Speidi, you would probably want to hang out with this couple.
Jennifer Lopez's first experiment with making her own clothes was not the fashion success she hoped it would be.
"So, then the goat said to me, grab me by the horns and I will make you a king."
Feist - New York
Well if she doesn't stop stealing other boyfriends, Green is going to be the next black & blue. Seriously. Shanna Moakler will beat Kim Kardashian down, and now it looks like Reggie won't be there to help Kim back up.

Kelsey Grammer looks remarkably good for a guy who said he died two weeks ago.
Hell, I must be in a good mood because Kevin Costner looks good.
And then he ruins it by hiring out himself to play at his own after party. Remarkably, four or even five people stayed to watch him play.
Jessica Simpson looks nice. There I said it. She does actually though. Must have found out John is going to be over at Pete's place this weekend.
Wow, someone who doesn't look so good. Damn Quentin.

Well the wig looks just as fake as the rest of Paula.
Swear this is true. Nicole Richie wore this to yoga class.
This man is by far the bravest man on the planet. He is dating Naomi Campbell.
Awww. I miss Mare Winningham. Does anyone know if she ever made it into double digits with kids? I could look it up, but laziness runs through my family. I blame sugar.

About ever six months I like to post a photo of Victoria Silvstedt just so I can see what alterations she has made to her body. Entire teams of plastic surgeons can buy countries based on what she has spent.

The Music - Incheon, Korea
The Go! Team - Incheon, Korea
She'll have a boyfriend by mid-August, and if not the tabs will find one for her.
Rush - Noblesville, IN


captivagrl said...

if starbucks is a cover for vodka, what's "yoga class" a cover for?

selenakyle said...

Good one, captivagirl!

Gotta say, no matter what kind of ass Kevin Costner is, he's still sexy as hell to me, and really even more so being kinda old.

God I love the silver foxes!

selenakyle said...

Carmen looks like she's trying to drop a kid off at the pool.

Boywonder said...

Jesse McCartney- Wow, Um...What happened? Geez...

I think that Victoria Sivsted (sp?) has that body-dismorphic disorder, which is kind of sad because whatever she does, she'll never be content with the way she looks...That or she knows that the one thing she was good for (sexual amusement) is a business she's fast becoming useless in, and therefore trying to kidnap any last iota of youth, all the while friggin her body up...

Kind of sad all the way around...

mooshki said...

"Shanna Moakler will beat Kim Kardashian down, and now it looks like Reggie won't be there to help Kim back up."

Ha! Shortest blind-to-reveal time ever? :)

Maybe they gave Kelsey the same pep-pill Peaches got?

stina said...

@boywonder: I actually think Victoria Silvstedt has looked the same for quite a while, but she definitly does her best to look the most extreme. ;) And btw - in Sweden the word is that she actually is quite smart, but pretends otherwise to make business work. Noone really knows if that are true though. Personally, I'm skeptic.

Mare Winningham - according to imdb she has 5 kids. The oldest one apparently commited suicide in 2005. :(

Boywonder said...

@stina: She just might look the same, considering the picture taken is kind of far. About the I.Q. thing, I'm skeptic as well. Everybody who sells sex invariably says, "I'm more than my boobs." or "I'm better than this six pack!", but not everyone is a Jayne Mansfield (big-time sexpot who was actually quite the brainiac). I mean, I'm sure she's made enough money to stop selling sex and further her education, and therefore stop the objectification of her own body.

Then again, she could very well just like the attention she gets for her rack more than her brain cells.

Unknown said...

I thought the same thing, Mooshki! I SO GLAD Reggie finally saw the light!

Unknown said...

Well, there's the answer to that blind about an athlete dumping his reality star girlfriend -- Kim Kardashian!

stina said...

thing is, I don't think she's ever said herself that she is smarter than she appear. She is all about the dumb blond thing. It's just some freaky, but weirdly consistent, rumour.

(and I apologize for grammatically errors and such, english is not my first language.) said...

Rush makes me happy.

Boywonder said...

@stina: Don't worry about the errors, but keep in mind, whenever there is a red line underneath a word you wrote, it's usually the wrong word.

P.S.- I didn't even really notice the errors. That's what I get for being apart of Generation Y!

i am a princess, yes i am said...

yah Mooshki, my thoughts exactly!

I could care less about these two...I was just so excited to get such a quick reveal.

ENT ~ you're a funny guy today! thanks

featherbell said...

Jeremy Piven's expression says, "Hey, everybody! Look who I'm having my picture taken with!"

So, in spite of his Ari Gold success, deep inside, he's still afraid that people think of him as the tubby, balding guy who had to give his shirt to Val Kilmer in "Heat."

MnGddess said...

Piv looks better than Gerard Butler? Ah don't think so.

Although I wouldn't mind standing between them in that photo.

And Gerry's worst photo is 10 times hotter than most people's finest.

And yes, I hate to say it, but Kevin Costner is long as he keeps his mouth shut.

Lynne said...

EL wrote:
"So, then the goat said to me, grab me by the horns and I will make you a king."

My boss' office is next door to mine. I think I ruptured something trying not to laugh out loud.

featherbell said...

I love Dick Cavett. Does anybody read his occasional blog on the NY Times? He's still got "it."

featherbell said...

This is kind of old news, but about a year ago, "Black Voices" reported:
"Enjoy it while you can. Can't live off the sex tape forever. Have a second plan. Someone younger and prettier than you is behind you."
-- Hip-hop hottie turned best-selling author Karrine Steffans offering advice to alleged Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian

Sadly, the predicted catfight over this advice never materialized.

Sinjin said...

I counted 3 reveals, did anyone else get more?

Sinjin said...

Oh and BTW, this was the best thing I've read all week! It was lol time. Thanks Enty.

"So, then the goat said to me, grab me by the horns and I will make you a king."

Boywonder said...

@Featherbell, I heard that too, but I personally don't like Kim K., and not for obvious reasons. Have any else of you heard that Kim K really doesn't like black females, and also only uses black men for sex, money, and publicity?

Thank God that sex beast Reggie Bush got the real idea about this trollop.

Wil said...

Quentin looks like a really large drunken toddler with that stance, those hands and that shirt. : D - LOL!!


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