Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Is In The Diaries?

Everybody is making a big deal about the fact that the feds have seized Anne Hathaway's diaries which she had over at Raffaello Follieri's place thinking they will provide the answers to everything, from what he did, to whether or not there is life on other planets. It's a crock. I know that as a guy and a a curious bastard that if my girlfriend left her diaries out in the open at my place it would only be a matter of time before they were screaming at me to come open them. They would be beckoning me with all of their secrets and insights. I would read them and then feel guilty for hours but it wouldn't stop me from reading them again when something new was written or to bring up what I read in a fight.

Yeah, yeah, I'm an ass, but you can't tell me that you wouldn't do the same damn thing and everyone knows that. So, my guess is that these diaries are probably appointment planners or something as generic and boring. If they were the big bang, don't you think the feds would have taken them in their 20 other searches of the place?

What I found way more interesting in the NY Daily News article today, but seems to have been glossed over is the fact that Anne may have got lover boy to come back to the US to be arrested by the feds.

The article states that Raffy boy was over in Italy from which he probably would not have been extradited, but was talked into coming back to the US by Anne.

“He was in Europe, working on a deal,” says a source. “He didn’t have to come back to New York. He knew he was being investigated. But she kept calling him, saying they needed to resolve their future. A few days after his return, he was arrested.”

Nice huh? Wonder how that will play out in the film. Did she do it because she made a deal with the feds or did she do it out of revenge or, was it simply that she wanted to break it off with him in person? I'm going with the revenge thing, although making a deal with the feds to save your own skin is not a bad way to go. I mean she is a famous actress and he probably was growing tiresome so she dumps him to save herself, continues to make tons of money and achieve fame and laughs silently as he stews in prison. The problem with that theory is that Raffy isn't going to prison for life for this and if she did sell him out, he is going to be one unhappy dude when he gets out of the clink and will probably sell his version of the story whether true or not to the tabloids. No, hang on. He seems more of a book person. Ghost written with lots of photos of Anne in really compromising positions.

This trial will be really, really good. I think it will easily eclipse the Christie Brinkley thing for juiciness.


MISCH said...



weezy said...

Likely the Feds are just on a fishing expedition, maybe hoping her personal stuff will reveal travel details that don't mesh with the boyfriend's statement.

I am also very taken with the "baby come back" scenario. *That* part is gonna be goooooooddd. Now: how long before this shows up as an element on "L&O?" They're filming now -- it may be in the can by next week!

Lux Luthor said...

So, Enty, have you changed your mind about her? When the news of the breakup and the investigation broke you were saying you didn't believe that the breakup was real and that they were actually still together.

jax said...

what about option c) where Anne realizes what a scumbag he is and decides to help justice along a bit? why does it have to be revenge? maybe bitch woke up one day and thought 'this is not right and feel i horrible to be involved in any way, shape or form. Maybe i should do my part to right it"

women are capable of doing the right thing rather than the revenge thing sometimes. so what if she made a deal, what does she owe him? he's a fuckin FRAUD!

captivagrl said...

birds of a feather......
Anne knew exactly what was going on.

Stephen said...

With all of the rumors about her actual sexual preference, I would worry about being outed if they are true. Maybe she is not worried because they are not true.

Lucky777 said...

How old is Anne Hathaway?

And she still writes in a diary?

lutefisk said...

wouldn't she have taken her diaries
with her if they contained anything
that should be hidden?

Mikael said...

The feds can be such screw-ups; they are probably just old 'Princess Diaries" scripts she had laying around.

Unknown said...

there is no deal.

1. to make a deal, first you need to have some shit going on yourself. and she has money and a carreer. so what should she cut a deal for?

2. for sure he did not tell her anything except big stories and beautifull lies.

3. they rided his home, and found some of her notes. if its diaries, that remains to be seen. as an actress, she could write a script too. which would make more sense, if theres a lead womans life depicted.

4. personally i dont believe she turned him in. I rather think HE wanted to get together with her, marrying her for her money. this would drag him out of the shit he´s in. the huge thing to straighten out between them would be the elimination of a prenup.

of course he got back to her. she liked him, maybe really loved him, and she would be both the biggest scam and his way out of his past. it was the best card in the world he got and he had to play no matter what. doing that stuff, he knew it was just a matter of time.

Judi said...

She's done nothing wrong. He's the criminal. Some people don't need to be extorted to turn someone in. It's the right thing to do... if this is indeed what happened. We don't know. But one thing's sure; she doesn't owe anyone anything. Would any of us dump our significant others if they turned out to be criminals? H*ll, yeah. In a New York minute.
This guy's up for felony fraud. The least of what that entails is lying. Of course he lied to her. Hell-o?
They'd need a warrant to take any of her property even if it was in his home. It may have taken them this long to get one.


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