Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Photos Part One

***WARNING*** The last two photos are slightly NSFW. One shows a bare breast, and the other a nipple.

Whenever Allegra Versace is somewhere that she gets her photo taken I like to put her in the photos, and if possible at the top because I think it is important to follow her progress and encourage her to keep doing what she's doing. Does she read the blog? Probably not, but I guarantee you that she knows someone who does. Plus, look you get some Maggie G as a bonus.

Estelle - Brooklyn

Dinosaur Jr. - Chicago
I still think Alexandra Paul has remained the best looking woman from Baywatch.
Like you will be pissed at me for giving you extra Aaron Eckhart this week.
Wow, it's Leeza's Place. Must be nice to have a red carpet everytime you walk into your own home. Step on the carpet and the lights go up and the automatic cameras start popping. Must be a pain in the ass though if you are just going out to get the newspaper.

Lou Christie - Woodbridge, NJ
John Legend - Brooklyn
Wow, they name a freeway after a lawyer. Maybe instead of courtesy phones when you break down they will just install direct hotlines to his office so he gets first dibs on those personal injury claims. Yes, I know Joel is an ent lawyer, but it is a lawyer joke.
Wow. Jen Garner f**ked Jimmy Kimmel and all she got was a lousy t-shirt.
Since all of you keep raving about Mad Men, here is a little mini-tribute in honor of their second season.

Aaron Staton, Rich Sommer and Michael Gladis

Christina Hendricks
January Jones and Jon Hamm
The cast and crew
And the after party where the drinks were flowing and Vincent Kartheiser looks like he is in for a rough night with Jon Hamm

I really believe that Rainn Wilson could bust a move.

I don't even look that good after a hangover. Peaches Geldof looks like this 48 hours after allegedly dying. Must have those rocker genes.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Mr. T probably has already got his nuts. Lots of them.

Spoon - Chicago

Love Paul Giamatti. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson both seem to be transforming into entirely different people and I don't think it is all about age.
Because where the hell else are you going to see Talia Shire?
Somehow I don't think Zara Phillips is going to be able to fit that into her house.
The douche in the blue bathing suit on the far left is James Blunt. He probably told the women he wrote Beautiful about them even though he probably bought them the night before.


Mikael said...

Good to see Allegra packing on a few pounds. Much prefer the pudgy look to being able to see bones.

Maja With a J said...

Allegra is still too skinny, but she does look a lot better than she used to, good so see she's on her way back to health.

Speaking of Versace, I'm reading the Madonna book written (very poorly, I might add) by her brother, and apparently Donatella Versace has the best coke he's ever tried. He does coke with an awful lot of famous people in the book. All the while talking about how Madonna is mad at him for having a drug problem, but he doesn't, you know, he only does coke a couple of times a week and it doesn't interfere with his work or nothing. I haven't gotten to the end yet though. It is, surprisingly, a really dry read.

mooshki said...

"***WARNING*** The last two photos are slightly NSFW. One shows a bare breast, and the other a nipple."
--Great, now the prudes from last Friday who don't read warnings are gonna get the whole site blocked! :)

Re: the Joel A. Katz pic - which one of those guys is you, Enty? Or are you the gal? ;)

Re: Peaches' quick recovery - it's called being young - I know it's a long way back for you to remember... ;) (I know I use too many smilies, but I feel so guilty if I snark without adding one!)

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Allegra pudgy? Are you crazy? The girl is way too think even now. Better than she's looked in the past but no way pudgy.

Nice last two pics. Nothing says class like getting your tit sucked in public w/the paps around. Mom must be proud! LOL

irishstayc2 said...

that's gary dourdan laying on the boat (1st pic - leg girls leaning on) ... talk about random pics. There's a pairing I wouldn't think of, and from what I undrstand - another total asshole.

jax said...

irish stacy you beat me to it.."the other douche to the right.."

seriously only whores at this point would be interested in Blunt and his limp dick music.

Ice Angel said...

The comment about Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson has GOT to be a hint about a blind!!!

Boywonder said...

About that Mr. T and his snickers pic. Apparently, there is growing problem over his new commercial he's in. It shows an effeminate guy walking VERY swishy and Mr. T basically pelts him with snickers because he's a "disgrace to the man race".

Here is the link:


Personally, I think it's offensive. Who the hell walks like that...WHO?!

littleoleme said...

In the last two photos, those girls really are quite...friendly aren't they.

Jazz Hands said...

"Slightly NFSW"? Not sure about y'all's offices, but I'm thinking that last shot isn't "slightly" anything.

lutefisk said...

What happened to Peaches? I was away for a few days & had no time for
I wonder if we could get Joel Katz to either do a blog or make us friends on his facebook!

lutefisk said...

oh--just saw the Peaches post-- I started at the top, not the bottom.

*girl said...

I knew it! Enty was telling us that James Blunt is the douche from an earlier blind. I can find it, but I know I guessed it right. Yah for me.

Unknown said...

So Jennifer Garner really IS pregnant! Some claim she's as much as 5 months along.

mooshki said...

April, her spokesfolks admitted she was pregnant a few days ago I think.

moira said...

All of the people from Mad Men are ridiculously attractive. I have a bizarre little crush on Michael Gladis.

califblondy said...

I think Allegra is still extremely thin, but concealing it very well with a well-cut dress and more make-up than I wore in my disco days. That sure is alot of concealer for such a young woman. At least she's smiling. In most pictures she looks miserable.

What ever happened to her gorgeous Father?

ClaireFrasier said...

I tried to post this yesterday, but evidently I was confused...

(first time post, hope it's ok to comment today from yesterday... won't happen again, I promise, I just had to mention Michelle Shocked and Kellie Pickler.....)

Thanks for the Michelle Shocked photo! Still love "Anchorage"...

And Kellie Pickler is adorable!

Miss X said...

CF, totally fine to comment on yesterday's photos.

Why did Allegra get the top spot? Ick. She looks like a cartoon character (the teenage daughter on The Incredibles). Girl, eat a cookie!!

bionic bunny! said...

i think its because enty has a soft spot for her, and always happy to see her look like she's had a sammich or two.
enty does have his soft spots....

then he finds pix like the bottom one and then, you know, the, um, hard.. ones?

hell, its just like back home on the farm! everybody needs milk!!

thank the lord and pass the tequila. enty, bring back some hugh laurie, some sean connery... i don't care if they are sucking titty, just need some lovely manly vibe without the manly bits hanging out, ya know? i'm an old fashioned girl.

OH! maybe i have it all wrong! maybe white swimmie is BLOWING UP red swimmie for an afternoon of floatation fun??
anyway, still pass the tequila, okay???

Tania said...

Thanks for the 'Mad Men' pics! Love that show, and I think it's back on Sunday, so, yay.

But Christina, honey, no... the colour is fine - but otherwise, that dress is not great on you.

And trust me, Vincent can keep up with Hamm! (I've seen that boy partay).

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Donatella should be executed for raising a daughter who looks like Allegra. Send that scrawny sack to ano-rehab or some shit. Make her go to some hospital and force feed her. GOD.

Zara Phillips should also be executed: for Grand Narcissism.

Mr. T is the SHIT!

I truly wish my name were January Jones. WOW!

I NEVER got the James Blunt-Petra Nemcova thing. Especially since I read an article in Vanity Fair about Petra's tsunami experience; she had a fiance at the time that she lost in Thailand with whom she was deeply in love, and she came across as a nice, smart, sensitive person. And then she hooked up with THAT dude.

He's douchiful. He's douchiful. He's douchiful, it's true.


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