Monday, July 21, 2008

Joss Stone Settles For Nelly

So since Joss Stone was basically laughed at in public by Mark Ronson last week, she of course had to prove that there are guys who are willing to date her. I mean Joss hasn't exactly had good luck when it has come to men. She was allegedly turned down by Mark Ronson despite throwing herself at him and she of course was the object of affection of Mr. Tom Cruise. You forgot about that didn't you? I believe it was before Tom had made the decision on Katie or maybe it was right after so he gave Joss the consolation prize of some free publicity and a coupon for a complimentary stress test.

She also went out with a guy named Beau Dozier. I know, I know, you just want to call him bulldozer.

Anyway, the Mirror is reporting that Joss and Nelly have been possibly doing the horizontal mambo for a few weeks now. I think the timing of the story is kind of convenient, and I know I'm kind of slow with these things but aren't Nelly and Ashanti still going out? Does Ashanti know that Nelly is doing the dirty with Joss? Meanwhile Joss' friends say that "It's early days but we haven't seen Joss this happy in quite a long time.

"It's great she has met someone as successful as she is and who understands the pressures being a performer can put on your life.

"And it helps that he is hot too - he is just her type."

Well from these quotes you can tell it is a set up job. Either that or her friends are high because there is no way on this earth that Joss Stone is as successful as Nelly is, and as for her type? Who the hell knows. It seems like almost anyone who breathes is her type. The bone her friends or PR people threw to Nelly is calling him hot. They hope he will just forget the rest.

I can just see her people brainstorming about who they could "hook Joss up with" to make her look attractive and wanted. They settled on Nelly because it is an entirely new market for them and even though it is totally ridiculous it did get the world talking about her for five minutes this week as someone who is wanted rather than rejected by a guy for being plain and boring.


Jesse D said...

I don't understand the hatred for Joss. From what I understood, that whole "bang for tracks" thing was bogus. She's got enough natural talent that she doesn't need to do that, OR date a hood rat like Nelly.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Is it hot in herrrrre, or is it just me?

Sorry. I couldn't help it.

Whatever. My biggest beef with this tidbit is that someone actually thinks ol' bandaid face is "hot." Um, no, he isn't. PHARRELL is hot. Nelly? NO.

Lynne said...

EL wrote:
"I know, I know, you just want to call him bulldozer."

I would like to put all snarkiness aside and say I'm really glad to be in a place where an infantile sense of humor is recognized an celebrated!

Enty, your shoe's untied. Made ya look!

Jemtastic said...

Joss did/does fuck for tracks: first with Dozier and then with Raphael Saadiq; if Mark Ronson had given her the time of day, she would have gotten back to what she does best. If Joss thinks she's going to get Nelly without a fight, she's delusional. Ashanti will go all sorts of bananas on her ass.

Marnie said...

Ashanti knows the game. You don't go through Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. without finding out the hard way.

c17 said...

I thought she was engaged to Quincy Jones' son. What happened there?


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