Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Photos Part One

It takes a special moment for a music photo to get the top spot, but this seems to be so random and so unusual that it is definitely worth the spot.

Fergie & Slash - Las Vegas

Three different brands of spray tan for your selection. Adrian Grenier's looks the most natural. Jamie Pressley's looks outrageous and Kevin Connelly, well lets just say I'm glad Kevin finally got some sun or its chemical equivalent.
I know Amanda Peet upset some of you last week, and so feel free to say what you have to say. That is her mom Penny by the way. Yes, Amanda is my friend, but hey, she is a big girl and she can handle what you have to say.
Now, I don't mean to be a party pooper. Does anyone use that term anymore? Anyway, this is the second consecutive year that Bindi has got this big birthday party at Australia Zoo. Great, fantastic, but what about the little brother? Is he stuck at home with some brownies and a DVD of Crocodile Dundee?
Happy birthday Daniel Radcliffe. I'm guessing the woman behind him isn't going to be buying him a gift however.

See, X-Files means I get to see photos of Diane Kruger everyday for awhile and that is never a bad thing.
Well I'm looking forward to X-Files so much that I'm actually not even going to say anything bad about David Duchovny. In fact there is a little tribute to him later in the post.
Cafe Tacuba - Mexico City
You know I have to admit that it doesn't surprise me one bit to find that Bai Ling has that tattoo there. Instead of the tiger though I did expect maybe like a McDonalds logo with the words over one billion served or something.
Apparently no one told Joanna Angel that pens are the preferred way to autograph books.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Ten Year Reunion Show
How can it be X-Files without Gillian Anderson.
So, you get her twice. I really wanted to keep running with that thought, but hey, it's Gillian and so that would be wrong of me, at least in writing.
At some point, I think there needs to be a federal agency entrusted with the job of determining at what point in age and weight that the following can be worn: Spandex; thongs; and leather pants.

Linkin Park as you probably have never seen them.

Luis Guzman looks like the front runner for the 2008 Jack Black Belly Challenge.
Don't worry about it puppy. You aren't the first creature that hasn't wanted to go home with Lily Allen. Although, I will admit she does look good here.
Thrilled aren't they? Have you read the reports about the dinner? Apparently they kept feeding each other bites of their food. Well as you all probably know by now, guys don't feed anything to women or offer any of their food to women after about date 3. Sure, if you guilt us into it we might let you taste something. Might. So, the idea of Justin doing it all throughout dinner willingly just shows me it is all for show.
Garry Shandling and David Duchovny together again. Don't remember? Shame, shame.

No visible leash or collar for Nick Cannon. Do you think Mariah has some kind of electronic thing which gives him a shock if he strays too far from her?

Hey, if you win Miss Universe, I think that you should get at least one shot in the photos.
Mitch Pileggi how I have missed you.
Molotov - Mexico City
Martin Landau almost got the top spot because, well lets face it, he's great. Love him.

If you have to suffer with a photo of Fergie by herself you should at least get Slash in a bathrobe to make up for it. I think that is in the Constitution somewhere.

Sheryl Crow - Nashville
Lloyd!!! I know I always say the same thing when there is a Rex Lee photo, but all of you are thinking the same thing anyway.
Perry Ferrell and his lovely wife Etty.
OK GO - Los Angeles
Yevgeny Sudbin - London

Xzibit may want to get those pants lengthened just a little.
You know Tommy Davidson is just one hell of a guy. I mean when you go to a club, the first thing you think of doing is showing off your chest too right?
Botox or just a smile that won't quit?
Well at least the wax Tyra and the real Tyra have the same personality.


Murphy Brown 2020 said...

God, Bai Ling is the SCRAWNIEST woman alive. She totally reminds me of an anorexic chicken or something. She is NOT a hot Asian. GONG LI is a hot Asian. Karen O is a hot Asian. I mean, I'm a hetero female, but COME the fuck ON!!! I know sexiness when I SEE it!!

Thanks for the picture of Slash in a bathrobe! If that isn't rock and roll, then I truly don't know what is.

Now I have "Fergalicious" in my head. Fergalicious! Definition! Make them boys go loco!

So, so, so stupid. SO dumb.

Maja With a J said...

So much Slash! And it's not even my birthday for another month!!!

Gillian Anderson looks great and I can't wait to see the X-Files movie. I loved that show and the first movie wasn't bad either.

And that skit with David Duchovny and Gary Shandling...fantastic.

In completely unrelated news, my husband just called me and we had the following conversation:


Me: Uh...I don't know, what?


That's all.

VelvetStaccato said...

You won't hear me complaining about Amanda Peet. As the mom of a toddler and who is vigilant about keeping him healthy, I would be endangering him and other kids he came into contact with had I not gotten him vaccinated. I had a neighbor who was never vaccinated for religious purposes,had polio and she died when she was all of 22years old. She was my childhood friend and to watch someone so young waste away from something that was eradicated decades ago was heartbreaking and almost impossible to understand. I can't imagine putting either my son or any other child through that kind of suffering. Until it's proven that the vaccinations are the actual cause of autism, the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the fear of the same.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Harriet, your husband is fucking rad.

Tea Lady said...

Daniel Radcliffe looks like he's growing up to be a hobbit in this photo.

Anonymous said...

joan jet rocks leather pants like nobody's business...also cher rocks them hard and looks good

SkittleKitty said...

Yevgeny Sudbin, hmm?
Your range impresses me, ENT. :)

Ice Angel said...

Hmmm....the guy from Molotov looks kinda hot!

Maja With a J said...

ernestine, he's going to tell me about their rider when I get home. I'll keep ya posted *L*

califblondy said...

I've got a thing for slippers. I love the picture of Slash in robe and slippers AND still wearing a hat. I wear my robe and slippers with sunglasses. :)

junglekitten said...

Thanks for The Perry pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that man!!! His wife isn't bad either!!!!!!!!!!!

lutefisk said...

Lily Allen really cleans up nicely.

Unknown said...

I can't wait for the X-Files movie!

Ms Cool said...

Still hoping for a little (or lot, for that matter) of Daniel Craig.

icywench said...

Hey Ent? Can we get the Duchovny reveal for New Year's? Pretty please??

blankprincess said...

HAHA! I knew harriet would be pleased with so much Slash (and not even the fan fiction kind, either...)!

I can't believe EL would put Diane Kruger on top of Gillian Anderson--in the PHOTOS, you dirty-minded people :) --there just is NO contest. Having said that, doesn't it look as if the radiant Ms. Anderson is pulling out a wedgie in that first pic?

Oh, and I think that might be Bindi's brotherr Bob next to her in that birthday picture, but I don't know enough about the Irwins to be certain. Brownies and a DVD all to myself sounds pretty dang good to me, though.

Ayesha said...

Perry's wife is a tranny.

That is all.

trashtalker said...

Ent, you should watch Stargate Atlantis sometime. Mitch is on there every now and then. It's basically Skinner in space, but I don't mind.

That Larry Sanders clip is too damn hilarious. I gotta go get out my DVD.

duncanpowers said...

Ha, I was just going to say that, trashtalker. Skinner can bring his hotness to space anytime he wants.

Anonymous said...

I'm down with trashtalker & duncanpowers - Mitch Pileggi is one sexy old bald guy.

mooshki said...

Team Peet 100%, especially after last night's X-Files viewing. If you're not a shipper, you may not like the movie as much. If you are, expect to experience pure joy. (And stay through the credits!) This sounds corny, but from this movie and from things I've read, I think Chris Carter has been going through some spiritual growth the last few years. I thought it was a beautiful and powerful movie. It's kind of too bad that Mitch went to the premiere - I think most of the audience last night had stayed spoiler-free, so when Skinner showed up it was unexpected, and there was a huge wave of cheering and clapping. That's the great thing about a midnight showing - you get the die-hard fans. I saw 6 movies in the theater yesterday, and X-Files was my favorite. (Even over Dark Knight and WALL-E.) I'm still on a buzz from it. (Of course, getting three hours of sleep last night may have something to do with that.)

mooshki said...

Oh, and Enty, I envy you for being friends with Amanda - she is one of my big faves! Also, I am 90% heterosexual, but boy was my 10% pinging for Gillian!

Unknown said...

Wow I'm a classical musician and didn't know who Yevgeny Sudbin was

ms snarky said...

Dude. Lloyd. Rex. Whatever. Love, love, love him. I'd allocate my military-budgedted tax burden for him. Hot. Lloyd Hot. Too hot for mere mortals to understand.


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