Friday, July 25, 2008

Ask Elizabeth Berkley

MTV has apparently taken an interest in the workshops that Elizabeth Berkley does all across the country for teenage girls to help them with their self-esteem and also to answer questions they may have which they don't want to ask their parents. MTV is going to shoot a pilot based on the workshops. Now, from what I understand, Elizabeth's workshops are actually quite useful, but I'm just thinking that with the tendency of MTV to spice things up, that the questions will tend to be how shall I say spicier?

Of course, these are all imaginary, but since the girls involved in the questioning only know Elizabeth through a few projects, I can just imagine what she will be asked.

"When you rub makeup on your nipples to make them stand out, what shade should it be?"

"When you film a sex scene in a swimming pool, are there any special things I should know about first?"

"Did Screech ever make a pass at you?"

"Did Al Pacino tip you well when you played that hooker in Any Given Sunday?"

"In Student Seduction you played a teacher who was accused of being sexually attracted to a student. Has a teacher ever hit on you?"

"Have you ever picked up random guys to have sex with like you did in Meet Market? Why do you keep playing these roles?"

Ummm, so why again are these girls supposed to be looking up to Elizabeth Berkley?


kris said...

"Ummm, so why again are these girls supposed to be looking up to Elizabeth Berkley?"

Good question.

Ayesha said...

"Ummm, so why again are these girls supposed to be looking up to Elizabeth Berkley?"

She was Jessie Spano!

Jazz Hands said...

Elizabeth Who?

MnGddess said...

LMAO Enty - the first thing I though of when I read the article was, "What is she teaching? Nipple Rouging 101?"

She could also teach, "Method Acting the WRONG Way"

jax said...

i'm not looking a gift hourse in the mouth,little girls need help in the self esteem department anywhere they can get it.
she played hookers and strippers,she wasn't one of them.

you know how many kids watch SBTB again? tons! it's still a 'wholesome' tween show that parents are all over these days.

jax said...
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captivagrl said...

ms berkley,"how do you continue to make a career out of having no career?"

mooshki said...

"When you rub makeup on your nipples to make them stand out, what shade should it be?"

Wait, I thought it was icecubes? Or does she have another nipple scene?

lutefisk said...

Perhaps she can present "Showgirls" as a documentary.

RagDoll said...

"why do you keep playing these roles?"

A lot of actresses with no talent and no gift for choosing material play slatterns because they think it's the express lane to serious-actress-dom. They take their career cues from Elisabeth Shue who, frankly, hasn't done a whole lot since "Leaving Las Vegas."

what is eight past six? said...

So Al is the definitive answer to the guy who kept a stack of twenties around? Tip everyone, including hookers.

These are teens so I am assuming they are old enough to remember SBTB (or its reruns at least) but young enough that they wouldn't have been allowed to watch, well, almost ANYTHING else Berkeley did when it came out. Shame we have to take our role models where we can get 'em, but at least someone is willing to be one.

On The Edge said...

I say don't put the bad-mouth on Elizabeth Berkely! She is one of the most wonderful celebrity encounters I've ever had. Very gracious and sweet and amazingly beautiful in person.

I would suspect the reason she keeps taking these roles is because she's not offered any other kind after the debaucle of Showgirls (thank you Joe Esterhaus). We can't blame her for trying to shed the Spano image as we know how easily tween stars are pigeon-holed but it was such a spectacularly horrible movie that unfortunately lives on in infamy as well as re-packaged drinking games that pigeon-holed her in whole another "image" that seems like she'll never be able to shed.

All that said, she's still working. We don't see her in the tabloids stumbling out of the clubs each and every night. She hasn't got a sex tape out there. As far as we know she's never been the subject of a blind and now we find out she's trying to help young girls through those difficult, image-conscious teen years. So, maybe her roles are not role-model material but it sounds like maybe she is.

Unknown said...

Real nice gallery of elizabeth


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