Thursday, September 04, 2008

Guys On CDAN

I feel bad. I know there are straight guys who read the site, but for some reason I don't always give them the love that I should. Of course if I gave them love then it would mean that they weren't straight or me either so that won't work. Anyway, I wanted to make amends for a horrible lapse on my part. I forgot to tell Seth over at ESPN happy birthday this past weekend. He turned 30, and as probably the sole guy over at ESPN who reads the site should be treated better.

I'm sorry I forgot Seth. Hopefully that infection gets healed up really quickly and you can start dating again. Makes it sound really bad doesn't it? Yeah, it's nothing like that. I was going to just leave it without an explanation and then realized that although he may be the only guy at ESPN to read the blog, there may be some women, and maybe they wanted to date Seth, and after reading that, maybe not so much. I promise. He is safe as far as I know.

Now, onto another guy. This guy was one of the very few guys to send in a reader photo. For that I will be ever grateful. Of course since then he has hit on just about every woman who reads the site, so it isn't like he didn't get anything out of it. His name is Moby, and unlike the other Moby this one eats meat and has a sense of humor. Moby has a brand new website, which, hey, is about gossip. I really like it, and not just saying that because he is a guy. Today he has got some photos of Palin's teenage daughter and Captain Morgan. Do you think Captain Morgan and the Burger King guy know each other? They seem like they would.


j said...

You have two photos of people holding a bottle of rum, no one drinking, and Bristol Palin not even touching the bottle.

As a cheap shot at her and her mother, you need to do better than that, Enty. Try going after the five month old baby. I hear he cries a lot and sleeps all day - a real Hollywood type.

mooshki said...

"Hopefully that infection gets healed up really quickly and you can start dating again."

LMAO! Enty, you're going to scare away ALL the straight male readers!

Happy Birthday, Seth!

Moby's a smart guy - he knows the best way to get a girl is to find out where they hang out. It's like learning to dance - sure it sucks if you're a manly man, but you'll get all the girls you can handle (pun intended) that way.

Captain Morgan is my friend. He and I make a killer rum cake together. Hmmm, maybe I should give him a ring soon.

slappywhyte said...

Thanks Enty!

I don't hit on ALL the women ... just the attractive ones?

We've been putting up a lot of good Sarah Palin type material on and getting a lot of hits last few days.

It's not designed to be a politics site, but that is what is interesting me and others right now.

My co-writer "Lucy Glib" is doing more TV, music type postings.

I better get back to my real job tho, now!

Slappy Whyte aka Moby

mooshki said...

J, maybe these other pics will clear up your confusion.

lutefisk said...

another site to read. yay!

Lucky777 said...

As one of the 5 straight guys whe read your site regularly, I can only speak for myself, but I don't feel any favoritism towards the gays or the ladies. I'm not "super-into" the whole gossip thing, but I do like reading about their "Crazy Days and Nights"! So keep up the good work Enty!

MnGddess said...

Kudos to all the men, straight or otherwise. who hang with us ladies!

Mooshki, I'll be over for a slice of rum cake tonight....

jax said...

all hail the mighty penis.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Straight guy. Actually read for the blind items, and... um.... for the legal stuff.


classalpha said...

... LMAO @ the plastic "cubicle-dwellers" pic! Pretty much the demographic of "people" who are on the Net...

... I'm straight... but WTF does that have to do w/ reading your blog... Ent? I come here to get more "knowledge" from you about Britt the now *drugged-up* and BLACKMAILED WH0RE w/ the 'DEAD' acting "career"... of which you still OWE ME MORE *of*.

That pic of MILF-y Sarah Palin's little drunken Bristol wh0re isn't as "Em"teresting as the neo-Fascist Iron Crosses on the 'OTHER' chick's T-shirt. Is there a White Aryan Nations *chapter* in Alaska? I think there's *three of 'em* right there.

BTW... I'm not a DUMB-o-crat.. but Repubs should note that John McCain was known to have gained "favor" from his Viet Cong captors by being a *turn coat* and COOPERATING WITH the VC. And that whole U.S.S. Forrestal tragedy McCain was "involved in" makes me *wonder* if it wasn't *staged* - Zuni rockets don't fire backwards. Go watch the video. I was going to vote for Ron Paul... but he's a pu$$y and dropped out. Now I gotta choose the "lesser" of *two evils*..

slappywhyte said...

to classalpha:

that is Bristol Palin with the pseudo-iron crosses shirt on, at least everyone thinks it is her -- but it looks more like a motorcycle/tattoo type fashion statement shirt to me

the other chick is her "fiancee"'s sister i think

classalpha said...

... to "slappywhyte" - that makes it even more "freaky" - li'l underage/rug rat-droppin'/no husband-havin' drunken white ho' who's into GUNS n' wearin' fascist Biker "fashion" is also the VP-nom's "daughter". Sheesh...

... *it* looks to me like McCain is 'JUST' REACHIN' for that REDNECK/WHITE-TRASH DEMO-GRAPHIC to run against Ol' BAMA... you know... *the ones who* ain't no fan o' BUSH but they ain't votin' fer no N!GGA no way eitha. Talk about a runnin' a Kontrived/Korporate-Kontrolled Kampaign...

Unknown said...

After reading this, I guarantee you Seth threw his computer out the window! LOL

j said...

Thank you, Mooshki. You just proved that the photos you and enty linked to are not Bristol Palin. Maybe, these two photos will clear up YOUR confusion :

Two photos of her that are identified and dated have floated around the internet: Summer 2007 and 2006.

As you can see the photos on the buttboy sites are not her. It is neither her face nor her body.

Like I already said: Stick with bashing the 5 month old baby. I hear he's a real push over.

lutefisk said...

I must need to have my eyes checked--they look like the exact same girl in all the photos. She is just a little plumper in some.

mooshki said...

J, sorry, all those pics convinced me of is that Bristol really is the mother of Trig. (WTF is up with those names?)

I get why people want to leave the kids alone, but this is bigger than one teenager's life - this is about the hypocrisy and failure of "abstinence-based education," as well as the whole "family values" agenda. The conservatives attack "demoncrats" right and left over supposed moral failings, but when they screw up it's "nobody's business." Bite me.

j said...

I think both of your need your brains and eyes checked. And the slime about her being the mother of her brother has already been disproved ad nauseum. Talking to you is like taking to a brick wall that talks back.

Bristol is the name of a bay in Alaska and Trig is Norse for strength. But, I'm sure you already knew that.

When democrat's kids screw up, it's easily hidden because they think of it as bio-waste and kill the baby.

If you think there is some benefit to continue to humiliate this teenager and post phony photos of her, you are morally bankrupt.

lutefisk said...

j--has Bristol being the mother actually been diapproved? If so please post links--I haven't seen any rebuttles, & I am curious about it.
All I know is, when my water broke with a preemie--I was told a 3 in the morning to get to the emergency room immediately. I didn't finish giving a speach, fly from Texas to Alaska, & drive to a hospital. I did what was ordered to me. I was also much younger than 44. & it wasn't my 5th child.
So yes--the fact that Bristol was pulled out of her school for months during this time period issure as hell, or for the Republicans with good morals--heck
Oh, Hamburgers!

catherine said...

Hey Seth why didn't you post your pic? Better yet, post a pic of the infection...I am an RN, I can help you out.

Sean said...

i'm straight and mostly read for the blind items too...that and the snarky comments. they're hilarious lol.


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