Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Jerry Reed - RIP

Now that Anne Hathaway has stooped having to pay $37,000 a month for her boyfriend's rent, she can go back to spending some money on herself and looking glamorous. I'm really getting tired of her, and think she probably stabbed her boyfriend in the back while portraying herself as the little innocent, but I will admit she looks really good here.
Wow, it has been like three, maybe four months now that Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor have been together.
A first time appearance for Chris Lowell in the photos.
So, check out the poster behind Hayden Panettiere. Are you telling me some guy brought that from home to get signed? That thing is huge. Did he think she was going to bend over and sign it?

I know that models learn how to pose and which angles suit them best, but Elle MacPherson looks really, really good.
Now that is a magazine cover.
All Dominic Cooper needs is a little sign and to stand in airport waiting for people.
Conor Oberst - Amsterdam
So, Electrolux is calling Kelly Ripa, America's favorite mom. First of all, I think most people would pick their own mom. ( I said most) Second of all, when I think of Kelly Ripa, the fact she is a mom is way down on the list. I don't know who America's favorite mom is, but it definitely is not Kelly Ripa.

Yes, she's back. Katie Price and a new line of clothes for the horse and horse rider in your life. So, for all of you who own a horse, I encourage you to rush right out and get the outfit Katie is wearing for your ride this weekend. What I want to know is what idiot actually coughed up money for this project? Was it before or after he thought he was going to get laid?
I must be in a good mood today because Keira Knightley looks as good here as she ever has. Amazing.
I honestly think this is the first time I have had a photo of John Malkovich in the photos. It saddens me to think that I have probably had twenty of Paris Hilton no matter how embarrassing to her they may have been, and none of John Malkovich.
And what about Jonathon Demme? None of him either. One of the great directors of our time. Jack squat. None.
Wow, Orlando Bloom cleans up nicely.

And look who was there for him when he did. Of course, if Miranda Kerr wanted me to clean up and drop 200 pounds, I would probably do so as well.
Naomi Watts and her brother Ben. Ben looks to me like he may have had one too many beers at the party sponsored by a vodka company. Nice. Oh, and Naomi isn't officially pregnant yet, so please don't stare.
Yeah, it's Kate Walsh. How many people like her? I won't be offended if you say you do, I'm just curious.
"I love football. Hell, it's why I named my kid Sunday."
Wouldn't get me near a tiger after what happened. Of course he is probably so jacked up on something, for all Roy knows he could be milking Siegfried.

Yesterday was Jimmy page. Today it is Robert Plant, and Jimmy won this contest by a lot.
What the hell happened to Ralph Fiennes. Between Ralph today and Jeff Goldblum yesterday, it is like the casting is complete for Grumpy Old Men.
The boys from Primal Scream, look a little too wasted to actually scream.


Ashlae said...

Uh Oh Looks like Anne is not that innocent. I wonder if she was the one who turned him in to the police?

kris said...

doesn't matter to me if Anne turned in that guy or not...he still did the deed(s)

Can't stand Kate Walsch. Don't know why...

always liked Jerry

lutefisk said...

I think Siegfried & Roy must be using the same plastic surgeon as Barry Manilow.

mooshki said...

Don't like Kate Walsh. Never did. My friend absolutely loves her, though.

Jeez Enty, get off Naomi's back! So she's having a little trouble dropping her baby weight, no need to jump to baby bump conclusions! ;)

mooshki said...

p.s. Does the photo mean we're getting a Malkovich blind? I bet he's got some really interesting stories...

Ashlae said...

I agree Kris. Maybe she turn him in because she knew that was the only way she would get out of that relationship. He was a criminal anyways so he deserved it.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the Kate Walsh hatred. She's pretty, and she's most interesting character on Grey's Anatomy/spinoff.

Orlando looks good.

Enty - the reason why you don't have photos of Malkovich and Demme are because they are not photogenic. Talented, undeniably, but do they look good in a still photo: these photos prove you wrong. :)

Sinjin said...

OMG, what the hell happened to Robert Plant? He's unrecognizable!

And as for Anne H. what happened to the dog they shared? Did she abandon it after all?

Sinjin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ice Angel said...

RIP to the man who made the entire country go out and buy a CB radio! My handle??? You guessed it...Ice Angel!!!

califblondy said...

Kate Walsh is a decent actress and a nice looking woman with a hot bod, but the way she speaks drives me crazy.

I think she's one of those people who talks to herself in the bubble bath just to hear her own voice echo off the linoleum.

I had to press mute when her Cadillac commercial came on.

Ice Angel said...

Paul Sculfor is one hunk of man candy! Lucky girl!!!

jax said...

hmm Anne is no innocent but im sure i'd do the same..why would/should she stand behind a guy who stole shit from everyone!
any one of us 'everyday people' would have done the same. If i dated a guy who stole cars with me and then got busted for kidnapping or something then see ya sucka!
honor among theives! lol.

amh.producer said...

I LOVE Kate Walsh. Girl Crush love her.

Anne Hathaway looks great in that pic.

And Kiera, I love that dress!!!! I think it's the dress that makes her look good ;-)

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Anne looks amazing. Really classy in that photo. I have to admit that I had a really middle school girlie moment (okay, 2 hours) the other day and watched The Princess Diaries. Renewed my angry fists toward Mandy Moore, but Anne is a pretty good actress.

Cameron looks happy. Don't think the two of them will last long, but she looks happy.

Still don't like Hayden. She grates me, though I would kill to have her legs.

I love John Malkovich, whether he's pretty or not. Same with Robert Plant.

Unknown said...

Kate Walsh is not wearing a wedding ring -- is she the blind whose new husband spent all her money??

And Keira Knightley; she looks beyond starved here. Such a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress and she looks gaunt and ill.

bionic bunny! said...

ice angel, with you on the "snowman" love!
my handle was "jail bait". seems i ALWAYS had someone to talk to!
RIP, jerry.

Ms Cool said...

Oh no, Robert Plant. To counteract, I think a picture of Daniel Craig is in order!

Ms Cool said...

Oh no, Robert Plant. To counteract, I think a picture of Daniel Craig is in order!

bionic bunny! said...

kiera looks good, but i'll bet that dress is scratchy!

c17 said...

Now that is a magazine cover. it's not. It has Sarah Silverman's mane on it. Blech!

Unknown said...

I love Kate Walsh...she rocks!

shakey said...

I'm sad to hear of Jerry's death. Really sad about that.

But I did laugh today when I heard the crap on Excess Hollywood how Raffaello (sp? I don't really care) got himself into trouble because he did it all to impress Anne. Pffff.

Robert Plant = Zozo.

Is Katie Price the one with all the My Little Pony stories? After all this, we really do need us some Daniel Craig. Can't wait until November.

blankprincess said...

c17 said of the Rolling Stone cover: it's not. It has Sarah Silverman's mane on it. Blech!

Blasphemy! How could you mistake the ultrafabulous Tina Fey ("Bitch is the new black!") for the unfunny shockjerk Sarah Silverman, of all people?!?!? Blech!

newsgrrl said...

Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons made my world :)

newsgrrl said...

Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons made my world :)

Ice Angel said...

Blankprincess-I actually think there was a typo there and she meant to say Sarah Silverman's "name" on there, which if you read the bottom, her name is on there.

lmnop123 said...

I don't understand the Naomi Watts comment. According to IMDB she is pregnant and not due until December.

Why are people giving Anne Hathaway a hard time for ratting out her boyfriend? He was a thief if she didn't give him up and she knew he was a criminal than she is an accesory and could also go to jail. If she turned him in good for her. Now she can move on with her life. Good Luck next time Anne.

MnGddess said...

Love Kate Walsh! She and Tim Daly are the reason I watch Private Practice. And the others are good, too. Boy, that show's been off the air for, like, 5 years, it seems.

And don't pick on Naomi Watts, Enty!

yellow said...

Kate Walsh has a good working brain, a great sense of humor in a great packaging? What's not to like?

She is wearing her wedding band on that photo. How delusional are you?

Ent confirmed already the answer was Pompeo, that is the concept of a reveal. It's when the author of a blind tells you the answer. How hard is that that concept to grasp?

whoami said...

Kate Walsh is an amazingly talented actress and I love her!

Noa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noa said...

Orlando cleaned up for Miranda Kerr? I thought she left him for Fat Elvis aka Brandon Davis.

blankprincess said...

Ice Angel--

Yes, I did indeed read the bottom, and yes, I also saw Sarah Silverman's name on the cover.

However, I did not assume a typo because I have often heard/read people talking about how great Silverman's hair (i.e., "mane") is.

I don't believe my comment to c17 was rude--it was silly and exaggerated for effect (since we both clearly agree on our dislike of SS.) If you, she, or anyone else took it as rude, then please excuse me and accept my apology.

However, you don't need to point out every tiny little mistake one makes (if my interpretation of the earlier comment was indeed a mistake)--of which there are many on here! I thought this was the blog where "everybody got along." It certainly would be nice to have positive responses to the few comments that I do bust out of my shell of shyness to make, rather than 1. no responses (which is usual), or 2. responses that make me want to go back into that shell even when I have something outrageously funny to contribute (which is ALL the time, believe me ;) !)

As many others have said: I'm just sayin'.


p.s. The only thing that bugs me about Kate Walsh is how she, as a redhead (whether true or bottled--she was a blonde on The Drew Carey Show) always has this dark, fake-tanny, orangey looking skin. I'm not saying she has to go the Marcia Cross route, but the hair just does NOT match the complexion!


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