Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Starting things out today is Al Pacino. Al probably could have got the top spot based solely on ability, but it was the fingernail polish that pushed him over the edge.
That, and he attended the Malibu Fair dressed like this. I notice his daughter is already searching his pockets to help pay for that therapy bill.
I don't know how many royals there are in Belgium, but it seemed like every last one of them was taking their kids to school yesterday for the first day. I just picked this group because they were symmetrical. Good word for the day after a three day holiday.

I will say that Brad Pitt rotates his kids through the paps on a fairly equal basis. The only one who seems to be regularly shafted is Shiloh.
Brittaney McGlowe is your 80M stiletto race champion, and in a new world record time. Now, I don't mean to be disrespectful, because I can't run in heels, or run period, but these heels don't exactly look like stilettos. What I want to see is Britaney in Washington DC on Halloween for the Drag Races. Now those are some heels.
Benicio del Toro doing some promotional work for Che.
Yes, yes, that is Jamie Lynn, shiny and wet from sweat in her bikini. And yes, that is Joey Fatone getting a nice grope, but hey, the reason for the photo is a bare chested Alfonso Ribeiro. Come on. You know you want some.
OK, well maybe you would take some Gerard Butler instead. Alfonso would probably work a little harder for you though. All I'm saying.

I don't post enough photos of Emanuelle Beart. Of course she doesn't show up many places, so I have a good excuse. Looks great though.
This is the first time I have ever posted a photo of Dog Champan or Beth Smith. Honestly. It is going to be the last. Just don't like them. Hate me if you want, but I really don't care for them at all.
It's like someone injected Botox into the carotid artery of Sharon Stone. Is she alive? Seriously.
Love how all the bottles of water haven't even been opened.

This is why I love Random Photos.

I'm on the Guy Ritchie is too cool and too good looking for Madonna bandwagon and he should run away.
People thought Greg Kinnear was nuts to walk away from the whole talk show thing and do acting. He has done pretty damn well.
Gloria Gaynor - New York
George Benson - Tokyo
When I first saw this photo of Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn, the first word that came to mind was shiny. They just look too shiny.

Jimmy Page almost got the top spot because he looks damn good.
The obnoxiously good looking couple of the day award today goes to Jade Jones and Emma Bunton.
Jeff Goldblum aged 20 years in a month. Goodness.
The one day I'm not in my favorite seat at the Target snack counter and look who shows up.

All-American Rejects - New York

Everyone else went with the glam Natalie Portman. I decided to go with the everyday look of her, and she looks better than I have seen her in awhile.
Milo & Masi. It's like a game show or a sit com.
Mark Ronson looks great as usual, but Daisy Lowe looks like she is trying to be 30 instead of 18.
As long as Lily Allen is standing upright and not hitting anyone, then she will get good comments from almost anyone.
Thandie Newton is always one of my favorites.

Suzanne Somers looks really good for a woman turning 62 next month.
Sly Stone - Tokyo
See that smile? It is a smile of someone who is enjoying being actually pursued for photos again.
Richard Marx - New York


CDAN Mod said...

way to go enty!! but i will say that half of hwood would not be working if everyone was fired for making ethnic slurs or being racist.

but yeah dog, gets the gasface.

Kristen S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CDAN Mod said...

sly, leave the drugs alone.

suzanne looks great. she's not a frail mess.

i still believe that al pacino is the answer to the blind about marrying a woman, who lives elsewhere, just for the tax break.

Kristen S. said...

I have no problem with you never, ever showing Dog Chapman again.

Plus, they need to learn how to walk their dog. They can certainly afford to bring it to a training class, for god's sake.

mooshki said...

Ooh, and he picked a pretty blue color!

Did you know Angie Harmon got her career because David Hasselhoff overheard her talking on an airplane, fell in love with her voice, and cast her on Baywatch? At least, that's how he tells it. :)

Jeff Goldblum is an alien. Now he's one who needs to be in FFF. Boy is packing.

"Milo & Masi" Oh please, dear god, don't let Letterman host the Emmys. We don't need another Oprah/Uma fiasco.

If Thandie turned sideways she'd disappear.

Why is Sly purple?

I can't wait until Shannen frees her inner bitch again.

lutefisk said...

Jeff Goldblum looks as if he is trying out for Revenge of the Nerds, the Senior Addition.

I never heard that about him Mooshkie, but I will take your word for it!

Anonymous said...

I've never thought Shannen was pretty, or talented.

Thandie is so remarkably striking.

Jason Sehorn makes my mouth water, not quite sure why.

Greg Kinnear was one of my first crushes. I wasn't able to watch Talk Soup after he left.

You know Gavin was asking what strap on they prefer.

Gerard's not doing it for me today, not sure why.

Mika said...

Brad is always pimping those kids.

What happened to Benicio?

Gerard is sexy.

califblondy said...

Don't laugh, but I will always love Richard Marx.

Greg Kinnear is great too. I loved him in Sabrina.

Is it just me or does Al Pacino wear the same thing every single day of his life?

Ice Angel said...

That's Jimmy Page? THE Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin? No way!!!

captivagrl said...

jeff goldblum - is that really you? looks like 4th runner up in a look-a-like contest.

Ice Angel said...

Mika-some say pimping the kid. Some say spending time with them someplace other than holed up in a room a mansion?

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Jimmy Page=God

Suzanne Somers boobs looks lopsided. LOL And the bitch does look great for 62.

I love Shannon. I anxiously await a public bitchfest from her soon. Yay Brenda!!!

Maja With a J said...

I never caught "Heroes" on TV, but rented the first season the other night. I have watched the first 3 episodes and I am, officially, hooked.

palealebrew10 said...

Gerard just always reminds me of Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. I'm not sure why.

bionic bunny! said...

i saw gloria gaynor in concert with, yes, the village people when i was 18 or 19. i didn't even know what gay meant, i had a thing for the construction worker.
i swear gloria had to have been stoned off her gourd.
"are you aware of the love affair i'm having with each and every one of you tonight?"
i dunno. i was young, it was still the 70's.

i also confess to a crush on greg kinnear!!

Molly said...

oh no, al pacino looks like bob geldof.

love greg kinnear and geo benson.

love target. so funny that celebs shop there, even if it's just a pic of stacy.

of course they won't go out for pr pics with shiloh, that's not gonna make them look like angels of all continents.

enty wrote, See that smile? It is a smile of someone who is enjoying being actually pursued for photos again.

who is that?

jax said...

Dog and Beth! ya hate all you want i love these crazy effed up mofos.

agreed on the Shiloh crack,odd.

Alfonso fathered the child of my high school freind when he came out for a Vancouver indy years ago.
he has no idea and she is almost 12now. her choice...

Heroes, Mark Ronson AND Lily Allen all at once? Enty me love you.

MontanaMarriott said...

Are those the twins Pacino had with Beverly D'angelo? They had a really nasty custody battle, BTW she was great in The House Bunny

Gerard Butler and Guy Ritchie are two of the hottest Englishmen around and trust the English are not known for their men, oh except for Beckham who is Uber hot for a Brit.

Is that Gavin with Elltia? Never realized how tall he is or they are tiny.

Who's the chick at Target?


Suzanne Somers the ultimate dizzy blonde Chrissy Snow, looks amazing for a 62 year old, dannnnngggg

I believe that is Shannen Doherty in that SMILE picture? Wow she better not mess up this second chance

Molly said...

mm, i think it's stacy keebler.

Ice Angel said...

I believe the chic at Target is actually Heidi Klum as the pics name says HK. I thought it was Kelly Ripa...what the heck do I know???

Molly said...

really? never mind...i don't know my keebler from a klum. lmao

thanks, ice angel.

Ice Angel said...

Jeff Goldblum looks like Bob Saget in that picture! I never saw the attraction with him, but I guess Mooshki has cleared that up for me!

Love love love love LOVE Gren Kinnear!!! Isn't he just adorable???

lutefisk said...

I also though that was Heidi Klum.
It's nice to see Natalie so relaxed & casual. Celebs that try too hard should take note.

Betsy said...

hey - thanks for talking about the drag races!! nobody appreciates how fun our fair city can be...

califblondy said...

Dog and Beth are the trainwreck from which I can not turn away. Their wedding episode was one of my faves. Hell, after all this time I thought they were married. How many kids (total) does the Dog have anyway? Too damn many, I know.

I've read on other sites that it's Heidi shopping at Tarshay. I guess she has to stock up on back to school supplies just the normal folk.

I feel badly for the people not recognizing Shannon Doherty. I'd be watching my back of I were you.

Unknown said...

Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn: Shiny, pretty people are attracted to one another.

It's the same reason Brad hooked up with Jen and then Angelina; it will never be the check-out girl at the local grocery store.

Notice they never date "real" people.

Unknown said...

Jax: Who does your friend's daughter think her dad is?

nunaurbiz said...

God luv ya, enty, for making my "Monday" (sure feels like Monday!) brighter with a pic of Gerry Butler (who might take exception to being called an Englishman as he's Scottish, but oh well).

And I'm not ashamed to say, love Beth and the Dog! It's my guilty pleasure show!!

And I can't help but wonder, even in Malibu, did the cops have to do a double-take when they saw Pacino on the beach, thinking at first they had to go rush another bum out of the rich folks' town?????? Oh, guess they're used to him, but it makes a funny vision for me....

brendalove@gmail.com said...

I have seen God and He is Jimmy Page.

Maybe they're not stillettos, but I wouldn't make it a city block running in the things.

Sharon Stone looks like that woman that got arrested for raping her 13 year old student. And that dude looks like Amy Winehouse's brother.

Why did I think George Benson had passed away? Good to know he's still with us.

That All-American Rejects: my daugther and I can never decide if that guy is hot or not. Sometimes he is, and sometimes he's not.

I hate Daisy Lowe simply because she's fucking Mark Ronson on a regular basis.

Lily Allen - add her to the list of girls that NEED BANGS

Suzanne Somers - I can't help but wonder what her thighs look like now.

How did anyone manage to get Sly Stone on a stage?

nunaurbiz said...

FYI, to clarify, wasn't enty who called Gerry English, it was a comment above.

Sorry :-)

Fish said...

Suzanne Somers is all talk and omission - she used HGH just like Stallone and others.

redgurl72 said...

I know Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn are Republicans and she thinks women need to stay in the kitchen and everything but somehow I still like them. I think it must be his good looks and her voice. It's certainly not that outfit she's wearing. Anyone else think she might be up the Duff?

Anonymous said...

Suzanne Somers should play Goldie Hawn in a Lifetime biopic.
Benicio del Toro looks like he's going to pop.
Al Pacino looks like a creepy old man.
Dog and Beth are to Hawaii what Spencer and Heidi are to LA.
Who needs a sandwich more - Mark or Samantha Ronson?

Anonymous said...

Shannon D. looks great!

But why is Sly purple? Has he been embalmed?

~crazy peanut~ said...

Joey, Alfonso and Jamie Lynn....I LOVE random photos. :D

Sly looks as if zombies have eaten his brain.

Jasmine said...

i heard guy beats madonna. so shame enty and also madonna is beutiful and ruthless like a superhero or something. she is awesome. p.s. goldblum is hung, everyone knows this. research and you shall see the beauty.....

Amber said...

"I'm on the Guy Ritchie is too cool and too good looking for Madonna bandwagon and he should run away."

hahahaha good!

jlb said...

Shannen looks like an older version of Lilo. I bet inside she's thinking "they like me, they really like me".

Never watched the bounty hunter's show - no desire to - and less everytime I see a picture of them. I wonder if people will look back at reality tv and shudder.

I always thought if Thandie Newton played that Angie Jo part in A Mighty Heart I might have actually watched it.

I've wondered why it's consistently no Shiloh either - it's like they only bring her out when they REALLY want some attention.

I'd like to have some drinks with Al Pacino - he'd have some interesting stories.

mooshki said...

"I've never thought Shannen was pretty, or talented."

She's neither, DN, she's just really amusing! :) Remember the "I Hate Brenda" club?

Adrian, I couldn't help but notice that fact about Goldblum when he was dripping wet in "The Life Aquatic." (Each of the 8 times I saw it in the theater.) Oh, and my boy Owen has a stiffy in the hot tub scene. That was a GOOD movie. ;)

irishstayc2 said...

love Greg Kinnear - took me years to watch talk soup after he left for bigger and better. BUT i am convinced that Joel McHale is perfect.

Nice random of Ellen etc... Add Gavin to the frickin HOT Englishmen... thought the strap on comment had me cracking up!

F' Dog and beth - random whitetrash prejudice m-fers! Go listen to those phone calls with his son and then tell me how you can stomach watching that show of theres... UGH!

Sorry happy thoughts... happy thoughts...ahhh alfonso doing the carlton dance shirtless... HEEHEE

Leah said...

Benicio looks healthier than he has in a long time...

Ayesha said...

Who the hell would run in stilettos unless they owed their pimp money?

I know a few old ladies with gnarled feet that can barely hobble around and they all say the same thing: High heels did this to me.

Sure they look great and make your legs look longer. But save them for dress-up or special occasions. Wearing them every day really fucks up your body. It's the equivalent to tanning. Sure it makes you look good now, but you'll be paying the price later.

Preachy PSA over now.

The Adventures of... said...

Quintessetial Southerners- stay of the drugs? Sly looks dead, bruv! The drugs can't hurt, at this point...

Somers is unbelievable- now there is someone who should have their own products line.

Lily Allen is a drunk mess. It just aint even funny. someone should tell her 'piss head' is not a vocation

Ronson looks yum, even with the under-eye shadow (I'm going to suspend judgement and refute all rumours of coke...), but Daisy? Bless her. I like her, but she looks 18 and he looks 30's and this aint the 70's. It's creepy, even if barely legal

Idkw, but Milo's crooked mouth bugs me. Glad Masi's cute face is on hand to reduce that. He's another one that creeps me out with the child-dating thing too.

Portman...she's gone down in my esteem since her bitch arse manners were revealed in the Big Reveal a few months back.

The Adventures of... said...

lol : Montana Marriott-

Not a Butler or Richie fan myself, but Beckham? Yum. But I must correct you- the hotness which is DB is not english- he was merely born here. Beckham, like Jesus, is the product of an immaculate conception and actually comes from some distant, beautiful magical orb in a galaxy far far away (clearly, my version of the bible is somewhat technicolour and, well, inaccurate!). I have NEVER seen such a fine man walking the streets here- NEVER (though there are hot brit men scattered around. Don't be fooled by Hugh Grant)

Judi said...

LOL, Gillian! Thx for that.
I agree w/ DN about Doherty. She's attractive, far from beautiful, and can't act for sh*t.
In 1968, I wouldn't have touched Page. Now? D*mn! Man is FINE! Baby, baby, baby, baby....
Milo's an abuser , thus he no longer exists. Lily's almost there with her behavior.
Yes, Madonna's got everything but the face - Guy's more attractive.
What on earth is wrong with Stone? She looked great in Cannes. Has she lost weight again?
Horrible photo of Emmanuelle B. Gerard should never wear anything but a suit.
Pacino looks like their granddad.

DetroitRocker said...

sorry to change the subject but, I just saw Nichols Cage on TV and he really had some major face job done.

If I saw Al Pacino on the beach in Malibu, I'd be looking for the mob waiting for the shoot out to happen. Seriously does the guy ever take a bath or wash his clothes? Any bi about this guy I would believe it. Very Strange man, but I love to see him on screen.


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