Friday, September 05, 2008

Your Turn

One of the things that seems to be up for debate around the blog almost constantly, and with the comments, is who in fact is your favorite actor and actress when it comes to hotness. It is either post photos of this person, or don't post photos of that person. So, instead of here or there in the random photos, I think we need to settle this debate once and for all. Who is the actor or actress you would most like to spend some time getting to know on, how should I say, a more intimate basis. Once and for all we will find a winner on who is the most likely to be groped by a CDAN reader.


Sinjin said...

ADRIEN BRODY (I like the artsy, soulful types). Hey, different strokes people.

kris said...

Johnny Depp

GossipTank said...

Please Ent, can we have the hotness that is Brandon Flowers (I know that he is not an actor but can we have musicians too please:))

Cheryl said...

Hugh Jackman is beautiful. I saw him on Broadway from the fourth row and in the flesh, he is tasty.

Ariel said...

Are you still woking on getting the site glich fixed? It still freezes up my computer every time I visit CDAN.

Kristen S. said...

Russell Crowe or Gerard Butler.

lutefisk said...

I'm going with Johnny Depp--but he has to be clean-shaven and short haired. The Finding Neverland Johnny. Yup. That's my pick.

digawina said...

See, I like pirate, dirty Johnny. But my pic/s would be Kyle Chandler or Ron Livingston....hahaha, who could also probably play brothers!

allyson2626 said...

Robert Downey, Jr.--talented, messed-up, bad boy...Mama just needs to fix him...SIGH

mooshki said...

You already know this, but heck, any excuse to write his name: Owen Wilson. Always and forever.

CityGirl said...

Clooney. I know, I know,
Just can't help it

Unknown said...

Brad Pitt, Leo Dicaprio,

A Broad said...

Robert Downey Jr. or Viggo Mortensen. Just 'cause.

Emobacca said...

Jenna Fischer

jax said...

just one?

its a three way tie that i don't really need to break!

Ryan Reynolds
Gerard Butler
Ryan Phillipe

life is but a dream said...

antonio sabato jr. or daniel sunjata... and if i played for the hometeam monica belucci for sure.

Sis said...

Viggo, all the way baby!

irishstayc2 said...

deep down in the bad place it's the hotness that is Shia LeYummy... BUT since he is my daughters age... I will go with Paul Rudd... who warms my heart and David Boreanaz...who warms everything else. mmmmmmmmm

Unknown said...

Definetly Ryan Phillippe. How could I forget my future husband LOL

devildana said...

Viggo Mortensen..
I would let him do dirty things to my bad place. He oozes sexuality and I would definately be his slave. He touches places in me that aren't earthly.
I love him and would lose 50 pounds and a husband for him..

Lucky777 said...

Emobacca said...
Jenna Fischer

really? on a purely physical level?
I mean she's cute and a good actress, but physically? hmmmm...

I'm gonna have to give this one some thought...i could go with the easy (bimbo) answers, but I'm gonna do a little research...

K said...

A Gerard Butler/Viggo Mortensen/Nathan Fillion sandwich is all I ask.

Ok, just Gerard then..

I thank you

mamamia said...

Citygirl, I'm with you. Gotta be Clooney.

Erin said...

Gerard Butler gets my vote

Cat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cat said...

Shia LaBeouf

PaleBlackSheep said...

Sylvester Stallone ( I know)
George Clooney
Eminem (I know again)
Mark Derwin (from Secret Life of American Teenager)

stacers said...

Ryan Gosling

WriterMommy said...

Johnny Depp

CynCamden said...

Jensen Ackles. But the chances of you getting a pic of him are slim and none, I'd say. LOL.

Other than that, I'm shipping John Mayer and Alicia Keyes. Any pics of them together would make my day. LOL.

PeepStone said...

Viggo Mortenson. I've had a thing for him ever since I saw his weeggo in Eastern Promises and the time he did magic tricks on The Daily Show. He also is involved in academic publishing. :)

marilyn said...

Cillian Murphy, kplzthx

kimi said...

It used to be Heath Ledger...:(
Mark Walburg and Luke Perry when they was younger..very hotness. So now I would have to go with a direct tie between DiCaprio or Orlando Bloom. I have met Clooney and Bloom and Clooney was less attractive in person and Bloom was someone you could not take your eyes off. Never got into the fan favorites of Depp or Brad Pitt.

Anonymous said...

Craig Daniels, He looked yummy in Casino Royale :D.

Anonymous said...

Jason Statham

@ariel: he can't fix the lag. All three tiered Blogger pages have it, its from the "widgets"--the add ons.

Anonymous said...

George Clooney, because he is the only man who could stand in for Cary Grant.

Runners Up:

Harrison Ford in the 80s
Russell Crowe (especially LA Confidential)

and a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away from plastic surgery . . . the young Mickey Rourke melted my butter

mooshki said...

CynCamden, maybe there are some outtakes from this shoot floating around? :)

kris said...

OH yeah...tie between Johnny Depp and Jason Statham....sigh...what a yummy krisi sandwich that would be....

mooshki said...

OT: Hey, Lainey said Halle didn't ban bottles. Phew!

Julie said...

Michael Madsen
Clive Owen
Justin Hartley
for the guys

and for the girls...
I like Jenna Fischer. I mean, I don't want to see naked, but shes got that LibrarianSheik look? lol
and um.... well, my one friend would say Chloe Sevigny, so I'm putting in a bid for that for her.
I can't think of another girl. Maybe Kathleen Robertson. Sure, why not.

surfer said...

Michael Vartan & Jason Gedrick!

Ariel, have you tried Opera? No glitches, and moves pretty fast too.

Maja With a J said...

I think it's tough to pick just one. Also, does it have to be an actor? Because I'm more of a musician type, myself.

I know you all think I'm going to say Shia, but I'm getting tired of him, even though he definitely is a little cutie-pie. I'm gonna go with Paul Rudd for actor. And, of course, Slash for musician.


Maja With a J said...

Oh yeah, I have a Mac and there is no freeze ups on it.

Dijea said...

Johnny Depp
Clive Owen
Viggo Mortensen

Although after watching Generation Kill, Alexander Skarsgard is HOT HOT HOT!

My girl crush is on Kate Beckinsale.

Wack said...

gaspard ulliel and christian bale.
such hotties.

as for la ladies...
gemma ward! she's so incredibly beautiful.

CynCamden said...

LOL. Mooshski, if that is an actual photo shoot, I'd love to see the outtakes, too. But right now, it's looking like an admirable attempt at photo manipulation...LOL.

Anonymous said...

You people are NUTS! Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig. He is the ultimate fantasy!

Unknown said...

David Boreanaz (sp?) and for some reason I'm into James Spader...

CynCamden said...

*makes notes to download Opera*

MontanaMarriott said...

Dwayne the ROCK Johnson
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Alex MILITIA Castro
Vin Diesel

Angelina Jolie always brings out the inner lesbian in me and as a child I loved Jacklyn Smith and Lynda Carter

Ship said...

Josh Holloway

Ms Cool said...

I sheepishly admit that I am constantly asking for Daniel Craig. He moves me something fierce. PLEASE - more Daniel Craig. *sigh*

Ice Angel said...

Gossip Tank-I am so down with you on the Brandon Flowers nod...I have a much more than unhealthy obsession with him!!!

That said...if you're looking for an actor, then I'd have to go with....Kiefer Sutherland!

Ms Cool said...

I read through the other posts and I don't mind any of them either. And I forgot about Christian Bale. His pout is delicious.

irishstayc2 said...

FYI - Firefox and the new Google Chrome don't hang up on the website either.

Stephen said...

Michelle Pfeiffer!! Carla Gugino!!

When I was younger it was Natalie Wood (RIP).

Yes, I am one of the 5 straight guys and I am old (reasonably old).

merrick said...

I am not ashamed to admist that I have had a crush on Brad Pitt since Thelma and Louise ..then a deep undying love from Legends of the Fall .. musically speaking, Eddie Vedder makes me melt

mooshki said...

CynCamden, Firefox works too. Is this pic better? My friend is on the verge of becoming his official stalker, so I'll see if she can get something better for you. His house has gotta have windows, right?

irishstayc2 said...

and I will add for music Tim McGraw (i know... but he looks so much like my beloved Tug that I could weep every time I see him.)

and if I were to switch sides and pick a girl crush... Zooey Duschanel who is just stunning and Katy Perry ( cause she really looks like Zooey)

mooshki said...

Oh man, there's a bunch of good Jensen pics here.

Sarah Jane said...

Josh Lucas

Ryan Phillippe (I know its spelled wrong)

bflogurl said...

Tom Welling
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Dave Matthews


Being JustBlue said...

This week, I'd have to say Robert Pattinson - he's young, British and just adorable.

If we talk music, it would have to be John Legend.

Ice Angel said...

Irish-I have a huge girl crush on Zooey as well!


Anonymous said...

Christian Bale
Ryan Gosling
Diego Luna

Lisa (not original) said...

I've had a mad crush on Gary Oldman since ever. Runner up: Benicio Del Toro

As for the women... Zooey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel, and Megan Fox

CynCamden said...

Mooshki, very nice. *drools*

I was hoping Enty would find some new ones. We'll see. LOL

Tom Welling is a recluse. One rarely sees him in public. LOL. said...

J-O-H-N-N-Y to the Depp, baby

bflogurl said...


I know Tom Welling rarely appears anywhere.... but when he does, =)

irishstayc2 said...

Ice - i met her briefly and she was just lovely. her eyes are simply mesmerizing and she had no makeup on either.

sassyyankee said...

Ahhhh ...

Pierce Brosnan could read the phone book and I would melt into a ball of goo.

Same for Harrison Ford and Clooney.

Yum, yum, and yum.

Cheri said...

Gerard Bultler

Cheri said...

oops Butler haha

AprilinParis said...

Lisa, I couldn't agree more. ADRIEN BRODY has always been the hotness and I have lusted for him since the movie "Summer of Sam"!

Oh and Sacha Baron Cohen when he's not in costume? Also the hotness!

A special shout out across the pond to the sexiest frog alive: Benoit Magimel.

My trifecta of lust.

Unknown said...

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (I really want to climb him like a tree). And throw Jeffrey Dean Morgan in there,, basically everyone who plays/played a Winchester man on Supernatural.

Amber said...

James McAvoy :)

Simon Pegg!! *drools*

Anonymous said...

How did I omit Daniel Craig??? My god he's a handsome man. No pretty - all MAN.

I don't really have a girl crush, but I do think Angelina Jolie is easily the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

Gael Garcia Bernal - his eyes
Don Cheadle - his everything
Josh Hartnett - his everything
Musician: Common - just beautiful

Audrey Tatou
Monica Bellucci
Naomi Harris
All natural beauties and talented!

lawyagirl said...

Mark Wahlberg
Jason Lewis
Josh Holloway
Pierce Brosnan (still hot and seems like a great husband)
Jude Law (back in his heyday)

Ryan Phillipe used to be on my list until he broke Reese's heart.

lawyagirl said...

My girl crushes are Kate Beckinsale and Penelope Cruz.

nunaurbiz said...

Gerard Butler
George Clooney
Viggo Mortensen
And.....ENTY!!!!! ;-) I like a man with meat on his bones!!!!!

Did I mention Gerry Butler? *slurp!*

I don't bat for the home team, but I think Charlize Theron is stunning and I never get tired of seeing pix of her.

*Miss_P* said...

Ben Affleck!

couldn't resist sorry

Tom Welling
James Lafferty
Jonas Armstrong
.... I know, I like em young!

Anonymous said...


MontanaMarriott said...

Yes I have had many a drunken Bi fantasies with Monica Bellucci, GOD LOVE THEM ITALIANS

palealebrew10 said...

Rebecca Romijn/Dermot Mulroney

I have odd taste I guess.

George Clooney has lost all appeal to me-he's one of the most self-important celebrities. But hate sex is the best sex, right?

jw12 said...

I love Steve McQueen. They were running a month long marathon of his movies on AMC during my last month of pregnancy. I fell for him so hard.

other honorable mentions:
Daniel Craig
Clive Owen
Matthew McConaughey
Eddie Cibrian
Julian McMahon

Unknown said...

Hee, all my picks have already been mentioned. I'm actually a little surprised, but I guess I shouldn't be!

1. Jensen Ackles - Just curious, has he ever been mentioned on this site? I've only started visiting a month ago.
2. Christian Bale
3. Kyle Chandler

Ooh, Steve McQueen is awesome too. (or was, I guess)

Anonymous said...


Be Adequite! said...




Amanda N. Byrd said...

Johnny Depp... clean or dirty

Taye Diggs

and I have a weird Michael Cera thing

ClaireFrasier said...

Kyle Chandler

Harry Connick

Jennifer Nettles (the hot blonde from Sugarland)

Kristen Davis

(I could see changing teams for either of them..) :-)

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

In order of hotness:

1. Patrick Dempsey
2. Hugh Jackman
3. Christian Bale

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

In order of hotness:

1. Patrick Dempsey
2. Hugh Jackman
3. Christian Bale

DS said...

james purefoy
leeighton meister
princess charlotte
and always always brit

DS said...

james purefoy
leeighton meister
princess charlotte
and always always brit

Marna Palmer said...

Mmmmm, Adam Brody and Jesse Williams (he's appeared in the photos once and I only know of him after seeing Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and my GOD where has that man been all my life?!?!?)

ATP said...

It's great to see so much love for Jensen Ackles, but it's true he doesn't do a lot of red carpets, being up in Vancouver all the time. However, all of his amazing photo shoots can be found here:

Happydog said...

Javier Bardem

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Now and forever: Leo DiCaprio. I'm a sucker for icy-eyed goldenboys (you should see my boyfriend!:-) , and I LOVE how Leo's kinda beefed up in his thirties. I REALLY wanted him and Gisele to reproduce. Plus, I think he's a really great actor, and environmentalism is always, always, always sexy.

Oh, and Christian Bale and Johnny Depp also. And Javier Bardem. Dead dudes? Can I include them? Because I have to mention Cary Grant and Gregory Peck.

My girl crushes are Gisele, Salma Hayek, and Helen Mirren. And Tina Fey. I'd do her!

slappywhyte said...

it changes a lot for me, because these women get overexposed in the tabs and you get sick of seeing them -- plus a lot get preggo, and you know... newer faces always seems brighter

but right now, i would have to say....

Elin Grindemyr (Sweden bikini model)
Megan Fox
Jenna Fischer
Chelsea Handler
Some of the Fox and CNN News Bots

Some of the all time classics:

Vintage Jenny McCarthy
Vintage Cindy Crawford
Vintage Carmen Electra
Vintage Jennifer Aniston (curvy days)
Vintage Angelina Jolie (curvy days)
Vintage Jenna Jameson

slappy whyte

slappywhyte said...

oh i forgot:

January Jones!!!


Vintage Salma Hayek
Vintage Penelope Cruz

and many more

but as a guy ... i can def say if i was a chick i would dig Christian Bale and Javier Bardem..and Don Draper

Unknown said...

Marton Csokas (raw sexiness & mega-talent)
Tommy Lee Jones (mega-talent)
Ed Harris (just because)
Eric Bana (mega-talent & the sweetest person IRL)
Hugo Weaving (spectacularly talented and not above doing a small, ugly *good* role for next to no pay)
Cate Blanchett (same as Hugo)
Orlando Bloom (I'm sure he's talented at something but perhaps not acting. I like him mainly because he's managed to rise & stay above the usual cesspool of stardom. That's class, IMO)

pricolatino said...

Mark Ruffalo, with Patrick Warburton and Hugh Jackman a close second.

Angelina Jolie, with Eva Mendes and Salma Hayek a close second.

Unknown said...

Viggo, Viggo, Viggo

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that Monica Belluci is possibly the hottest woman alive, young or past 40, though I have to say even as a gay man Paula Patton is equally hot.

As for my tastes in men, if we're allowing "in their youth"...
Bruce Campbell (1995 and younger, middle-age spread has not been so kind)- hot, scruffy, blue-collar, approachable and a sense of humor.

Hugh Jackman has been a frequent customer at the spank bank.

I had a fantasy relationship with Michael Bergin from Baywatch Hawaii my freshman year of college. Didn't know how big of an ass he was, though, just pretty.

Sinjin said...

Oh I forgot the favorit actresses: Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz.

a full circle said...

i second the weird thing for michael cera. also,

will arnett (even better if amy is with him)
paul rudd
john francis daley
james mcavoy
any the boys from arctic monkeys

obitguy said...

If I had a time machine then Sherri North around the time Charley Varrick came out, Tuesday Weld around the time Pretty Poison came out, Ann-Margret anytime, PJ Soles around the time Halloween came out or Maria Bello today

mazemerizing said...

1. Gerard Butler
2. Viggo
3. Clive Owen
4. Viggo. Bears repeating.

Jillian S. said...

It will always be CHRISTIAN BALE for me...except when you post pics of his micro uncut peen. :(

trashtalker said...

I will always love me some Bruce Campbell -- any age. I'd gladly give him some sugar!

Paul Rudd (adorably delicious)
Zachary Levi (adorably hot)
Jason Momoa (smokin')

Guys like Viggo, Gerard and Daniel just don't do anything for me.

Kelli said...

I have to say I LOVE Alex O'Louglin the Australian actor that is on that (now defunct) show Moonlight...omg..he's so gorgeous & sexy...ughhhhh

Gerard Butler- in PS I love you especially, so hot (long sigh) and I have to say, even though he's rumored to be gay, Hugh Jackman...loooove him

redgurl72 said...

The Cloon probably doesn't need a vote but I can't help myself. David Boreanaz, Jean Marc Barr from the Big Blue, Desmond Harrington and Mr Depp round out the top 5.

If we were talking musicians B.Flowers would be on my list too... perhaps we could do musos next...and then models? I'll start working on those lists now just incase.

devildana said...


Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Here's another vote each for Adrien Brody (it's those big, soulful eyes...well, that, and his mom is a kickass photographer), Robert Downey, Jr. (that Iron Man goatee is seriously hot...) and Sascha Baron Cohen (what can I say? this shiksa likes tall, dark Jewish guys...), but as a long time NIN fan, I'm more than a little surprised that no one's mentioned Trent Reznor yet. After all, the dirty little not-so-secret in NIN fandom is that we ALL want to do Trent. (One friend of mine swears a live NIN show is better than any sex she's had to date, and while I wouldn't go that far, being dry-humped in the mosh pit by 5000 of your fellow fans during "Closer" is definitely an experience, let me tell you...) And hey, when Tori Amos goes on the record to say you give good head, well...what more do you want? ;-) (Yes, she really did, at one of her own shows back in the early '90s. I couldn't possibly make that up...) And, of course, gotta mention Johnny Depp, and Viggo--I'm normally not really into blondes, but I'll gladly make an exception in his case. *grin*

I'll have to think about the women some more, although I still think Drew Barrymore 10 years ago and Kate Winslet at her Holy Smoke weight. Oh, and Helen Mirren just because... ;-) Don't necessarily want to boink any of them, mind you, but IMNSHO they've definitely got "it".

archiebird said...

Ent--We're still waiting for our "Country Boys" edition of FFF!!! We want to see Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins!!! Whoever you can get!!!! but in the meantime, we'll settle for GEORGE CLOONEY!!

Christine Marie said...

Josh Holloway.
Anytime. Anywhere.

textkitten said...

Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman

califblondy said...

Cheryl, The Boy From Oz was the most awesome show I've ever seen on Broadway. Hugh Jackman sure deserved that Tony.

Ladies - I would have loved to have met Marilyn Monroe.

I've got too many men, but the first ones to come to mind are:

George Clooney
Javier Bardem
Brad Pitt
Clark Gable
Barry Gibb
Victor Webster (he was on Days of Our Lives and had a scene wearing a Speedo years ago and I've never gotten over it).

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I'm all over Ryan Phillippe (I grew up 5 mins away from him), Justin Timberlake (yeah, I guys say he's a prick...I don't care, I'd still bang him 6 ways to Sunday), Leo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Kiefer Sutherland, Neil Patrick Harris if he ever came back to the hetero side, Clooney and Pitt of course as old standbys. I have some random crushes on odd men: Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from Entourage), Eminem and Seth Rogan to name a few.

I'd flip teams for a few chicks: Pre-crazy Britney, Parminder Nagra (Neela on ER), Kristin Davis, Samia Shoaib (random actress in The Sixth Sense..I saw it today..LOL), Jessica Alba and Mary Louis Parker. I'm sure there are more that I'm missing. Gotta say though, I am pretty much over Angelina Jolie. She's everywhere and I'm sick of seeing her face. Beautiful woman but enough already.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Forgot! Gina Gershon.

AwkwardBird said...

Aaron Eckhart... sp?

berlin_inside said...

Adrien Brody..super hot!

Judi said...

So many heartthrobs, so little time.
Yes, Depp, Owen, Butler, Bloom, but also Karl Urban. His Eomer made girls scream in the theater. UH!
Females: Monica, Salma, and Cindy Crawford.
I'm another one who likes my men with meat on them.

allthesun said...

Clive Owen
Ryan Gosling
Elisabeth Shue
Young James Spader
David Duchovny
Ally Sheedy

Jerry said...

Once and for all we will find a winner on who is the most likely to be groped by a CDAN reader.

Is this like a contest? Can you make this grope happen?

Disclaimer: I'm another of the Five Straight Guys here and probably older than the rest of them.

I'm going with America Young. Girl-next-door cute, nothing phony, rocking body, a jock and cynical without being negative.

Ooh, hope I win.

Seachica said...

Antonio Banderas (pre-Melanie), Guy Pearce, George Clooney, Daniel Craig playing Bond

And massive girl crushes on Penelope Cruz and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

If we can go outside the actor realm, give me a Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal sandwich, please!

gillian said...

The thighmaster,
Russell Crowe.

He's been at the top of my bonk list for 10 years.

Goodgrief said...

George Clooney, since the days of ER and Sisters. I love him.

bmini said...

Viggo. I was watching LOTR once with a boyfriend, and I meant to refer to Viggo as "his Highness" but out slipped "his hotness". Oh the teasing that ensued....anyway, that's what I call Viggo now. It fits.

Moonmaid said...

Clive Owen.

Viggo I'd like to spend a lifetime with, because he is a Renaissance man, and incredibly interesting. But Clive has that rip off my clothes and do me now appeal.

Moonmaid said...

Oh yes, and Hugh Jackman and Simon Baker. Can't forget those Aussies.

mooshki said...

Jerry, you may already know this, but America Young blogged for CDAN as "WD." Here's a link to her posts. I keep hoping she'll come back - she's awesome. :)

bionic bunny! said...

johnny depp

20 years ago:
harrison ford (more specifically, indiana jones!)
sean connery (yes, i went there)
jeff bridges

of course cary grant

girl crush? charlize theron-believe it or not, since "mighty joe young"

oooh. almost forgot john stamos!

mooshki said...

Oh, Bunny, Cary Grant was the best ever!!!

Unknown said...

I forgot SANAA LATHAN. I know, I know. Please forgive me.

bmini said...

People!!!! Where is the love for Colin Firth?????!!!!!!

He is my movie husband.

Anonymous said...

Clive Owen... surprised he's not listed more because I totally agree with moonmaid. hahah.

Unknown said...

Gerard Butler.

Yeah. He does it for me, every time.

shakey said...

When I was very young I had a crush on Steve McQueen. Watched Bullit and The Great Escape everytime they were on tv.

I do have to say Daniel Craig. When I watched Munich for the first time, it was at home. My husband was asleep on the other side of the couch. He (Daniel, and in part Eric Bana) made me feel so wet - if hubby wasn't snoring away beside me and in bed ... oooohhh the fantasy ... And yes, I did feel bad having naughty, naughty feelings given the subject matter of the movie.

I'd let Viggo do nasty things to me, too.

bionic bunny! said...

i know moosh!
suave, funny, handsome. and straight!!

y'all know who i forgot??

dr. gregory house! or maybe hugh laurie in a pinch!!
doable, very doable!!

GossipTank said...

i have this strange childhood memory (as in my brain could well have made it up but my sister remembers too) of playing 'tick' with daniel craig and my sister at the ring'o'bells when we were kids. i would deffo play it with him now, or 'stuck in the mud':)

GossipTank said...

oh and mine would have been heath too (for the actor)

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Andy Garcia
Jon Hamm

bionic bunny! said...

you know, we're an odd bunch!

Tania said...

Ok - people I'd like to see in the picture section, in no particular order:

Javier Bardem
Hugh Laurie
The elusive Mr Ackles
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Robert Downey Jr
David Boreanaz
Seth Green
Mark Ruffalo
Christian Bale
Michael C Hall
Nathan Fillion
Alan Tudyk
Adam Baldwin
Sean Maher
(....ok, basically anyone from Firefly/Serenity. Including the women)
Anyone from Buffy/Angel (except SMG)
John Hannah
David Tennant
Chris Ecclestone

That should be a good start, anyway! I could go on but I'm getting tired.... ;-)

mooshki said...

"suave, funny, handsome. and straight!!"

Um, Bunny, we need to have a talk. Don't freak out too much, he did play for both teams...

I wouldn't have said anything, but I was afraid someone else would blurt it out and I thought I'd break it to you gently. :)

bionic bunny! said...

lol@ moosh!
you know i'm naive, don't you!
actually, i hadn't heard that! probably why he was funny, eh?
i still don't care. i'm not a snob. i love neil patrick harris, too. i'd mother him to death!

what part of the country do you live in? we're whipping up some margies here, c'mon by!!

junglekitten said...

Ryan GOSLING, Jared Leto from back in the day and Gladiator Russell Crow!!!

triunfopark said...

George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson.
Each and or both...yum!

Donna said...

Julian McMahon - YUM!

mooshki said...

Bunny, I'm in Minnesota. (It's one of those flyover states.)

rbg said...

brad pitt
and angelina are my faves

jw12 said...

I can't believe I forgot Blair Underwood..

If I had to be w/ a woman it would be Jennifer Beals.

Seachica said...

Whoever said Colin Firth, I second that. His Mr. Darcy is my fantasy guy all around. Val Kilmer in his Top Gun days (def not now!), Jon Hamm too.

Jerry said...

Jerry, you may already know this, but America Young blogged for CDAN as "WD." Here's a link to her posts. I keep hoping she'll come back - she's awesome. :)

Mooshki, not only did I know that but after she agrees to marry me, I'm making a great big apartment in my basement for Ent to thank him for introducing us.

{Note to Ent: don't get too excited. I live in South Florida where there are no basements}

Rubys Nails said...

Johnny Depp (started way back when with Cry Baby)
Viggo especially as Aragorn
Colin Firth, it's the English accent

Sue's recipes said...

Orlando Bloom.
Simply the most gorgeous man on the planet.

Being JustBlue said...

I'd also like to vote for Daniel Craig, Christian Bale, Eric Bana and another one for Robert Pattinson. It's just something about the accents.

liveunderarock said...

Gotta give my vote to Johnny Depp. He is always top of my list.
Dave Salmoni is my current crush. He's 6'3" 200 lbs. with biceps as big as my thigh. I would make his lion roar anytime.
Skeet Ulrich & Becks can't be left out.
I agree with the votes for Adrian Brody (Harrison's Flowers hotness), Dermot Mulroney, & Simon Baker.

If we are going back in time, I'll take John Lennon, James Dean, & Clark Gable.

Women - As sick as I am of hearing about her, Angelina is still the most beautiful woman ever born. She was breathtaking in Gia.
Diane Lane is hot in every film she makes.

GossipTank said...

oh my how could i forget becks!!!!!!

MnGddess said...

No way ANY of us can pick three, let alone one...

Hugh Laurie
Damian Lewis
Hugh Jackman
Clive Owen
George Clooney

That's Mon thru Fri, and I need the weekends off to recuperate...

Jesse D said...

Male: Johnny Depp, Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Jackman
Female: none. Been there, done that, not impressed, not goin back.

bmini said...

monica belluci


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