Friday, September 05, 2008

Here Comes The Huvane Machine

I have nothing against Stephen Huvane. I think he is a great publicist, and definitely has some of the highest profile clients, but I just get tired of the games he continuously plays with his single clients. It is bad enough that he seems to take it upon himself to make sure that Jennifer Aniston is linked with any straight guy with a pulse that comes within 50 feet of her, but now he is trying to play the same game with Anne Hathaway. Next week he will move on to doing the same for Liv Tyler. I think the only reason he hasn't is because he doesn't know how to play the game when a woman actually has a child. It is why he doesn't do it with Uma.

I think it is probably Huvane's wet dream to have Anne and Jennifer sharing all of the tabloid covers each with their own "new man" and "new love" story. Apparently we are all now supposed to believe that Anne Hathaway has fallen in love with Josh Lucas. Oh yes. Oh, before I forget, you have to read the Vanity Fair article on Anne and Raffaello Follieri, it is incredible. Long, detailed and incredible. You read that article, and you tell me that Life & Style didn't just print exactly what Huvane told them to about Anne and Josh.

"They definitely looked like a couple. They were really into each other, giggling and smiling and even holding hands at one point.

"You could almost taste their chemistry! She looked beautiful and happy."

Wow, who the f**k knew that Josh Lucas giggles. I bet he would be happy to know that he sits around giggling. Please. This story is so full of crap, and honestly, I think Huvane should stop playing this game because I think it is going to backfire on him. He is going to keep setting Anne up on all of these dates, and then Raffaello is going to get out of jail, and get back together with Anne again and Huvane is going to look foolish.

After reading all of the charges against Follieri, I'm not sure why the feds are even interested in him. Oh sure, he is a slime ball, and a con man, but everyone who could have filed charges against him has actually been paid back. I think he just managed to draw so much attention to himself because of that $200,000.00 bad check that he went down.

So, for now I think Stephen should concentrate on getting Gwyneth to eat some food, getting Uma married as quickly as possible before her boyfriend bolts and making sure his brother Kevin Huvane hangs onto his job at CAA as managing partner or else celebrities may want to find some other publicist with connections, and then instead of Jennifer Aniston he will be working with Jennifer, the 34th runner up on American Idol from 2005. Oh, you probably didn't know that Kevin Huvane is Jennifer Aniston's agent, and he just happened to recommend his brother Stephen to be her publicist.


Unknown said...

hey Enty, why so down on Jennfier Anniston and her publicist all the time? All celebs have all sorts of fkae relationships, but it never bothers you that much. George Clooney and a woman dating....hello....the general consensus is he's gay, but you never whined about his 'relationship' with Sarah Larson.

classalpha said...

... in late 2001 Huvane Baume Halls FIRED Brittany Murphy because while "Em"terviewing on David Letterman's show, She "Em"DMITTED to WH0RE-ing HerSelf OUT to *that white cRapper aka "Emma-ANU$"* on the "set" of *that "Em"NEMA Mile flick*. I suppose that according to HBH... Britt's "fling with" *that cRapper* was supposed to be kept *a WH0RE-ible secret*... due to *him* still being 'MARRIED' to Kim M. at the time... but Britt was likely *on DRUGS* then (as She *is* "now") so She 'JUST' blurted OUT *the truth* to Dave...

yellow said...

The difference being that Clooney can act,and Ent keeps is barbs for the talentless half wits that still have have a career because their publicists work overtime like, for example, Anniston, or Simpson.

Totally fair, IMHO.

mooshki said...

" never whined about his 'relationship' with Sarah Larson."

Ha, I think Clooney just has a good lawyer and will sue, so Enty kept all his bitching about them in the form of blinds. :)

Aniston does push the publicity game a bit farther than most. I think she works on the level of the celebutards. The fact is, a whole bunch of people really like her, and she has no trouble getting hired for movies, so I don't think it's necessary for her to do so much self-promotion.

Ms. said...

TOO, whose "general consensus" regarding Clooney being gay?

I know plenty of Hollywood insiders who think he's straight.Including an Oscar-winning director for Best Director and Best Film.

Those who think he's gay have never offered up any specific details other than vague statements like "everyone knows", "worst-kept secret" etc.

Personally, I believe he's straight or bi. Not gay.

lutefisk said...

"He is going to keep setting Anne up on all of these dates, and then Raffaello is going to get out of jail, and get back together with Anne again and Huvane is going to look foolish."

Very interesting comment.

Charlie Trainer said...

Hathaway & Lucas are perfect together!
They're both gay & Lucas has his own money

Uber*nought said...

"The definitely looked like a couple" is 300% publicist speak.

Re: George Clooney:

Those who think he's gay have never offered up any specific details other than vague statements like "everyone knows", "worst-kept secret" etc.

It's a little hard to present "evidence" of gayness in Hollywood, which goes out of its way to try stop things like that seeing the light o' day to start with.

wood1107 said...

Sadly, the only thing that's keeping Aniston's name in the papers is who she's dating, not her career (30 Rock guest spot aside). Huvane is very transparent and predictable.

jlb said...

What makes me think George plays for both teams are the pictures of him and his "friends" when he's in Lake Como - all male and all pretty - women seem to be only for the red carpet and photo ops.

As for Jennifer - well, she's allowing this to happen & it's slowly ebbing away at her fan base. She does not come off as a strong woman - rich/beautiful etc yes - but strong - nope.

Ms. said...

Uber Nought, With other actors though to be gay, or accused of being gay, there are rumours floating around of things they did or are doing. For instance, Will Smith, Matthew Broderick and so forth.

I've never heard or read anything about Clooney. Maybe he is gay and is expert at pulling off the double life, but I find it odd there's nothing except "everyone know".

redgurl72 said...

The Clooney rumours came out of nowhere years ago with the old "He's going to come out on the Oprah show" story. I agree there has been nothing to suggest he's gay but I also have no trouble believing that he and Brad Pitt will spend their golden years together drinking martinis on the porch and admiring each others slacks.

Dead Angel said...

Hollywood was built on nepotism, and it's still that way now. Jennifer A gets Stephen's full attention, 24/7 if needed. Kevin made a fortune having the ex Mrs Pitt as a client, so of course Kevin is good to her.

I am going to hazard a guess that in a couple of years Jen is going to marry some attorney or business man, and do a rom com every few years, then ensemble movies and finally retire. For someone with very marginal talent she's one lucky bitch!

Unknown said...

The 'general consensus of Clooney being gay' comes from his holidays in Italy with pretty boy-friends, that really don't look like hetero guys hanging out....(yeah, I know that's not proof!).

Plus, critics in Europe have been referring to his home in Lake Como as 'Lake Homo' for years.

Then, there are his (what appear to be) fake relationships with women:

1. Fist wife, some unknown actress who he buys off when they divorce.

2. Dates a waitress and buys her off when they break up.

3. Dates Renee Zellwegger when she's not a household name giving her a tonne of exposure.

4. Dates Lisa Snowdon, and eventually offers to marry her and she turns him down (probably because she didn't want to be stuck as his beard).

5. Dates paid escort Sarah Larson.

Remember, when that site came out that was going to list where celebs were and track them. Clooney was the only celeb up in arms. The guy went beserk over it. Why? Because he has something to hide.....and that's why he likes to spend lots of time in Lake Como, away from the paparazzi.

I just think a lot more people than Anniston play the press game, so why does Enty only call her and certain others on it?


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