Thursday, September 04, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Bill Melendez - RIP

"Ooooh. You do it even better than Daddy."
I don't care what event Carla Gugino shows up at I am going to put her in here.
Just because you are Danish royalty, doesn't mean you won't pick your kid up off the ground by their clothes.

Or take a cheesy tourist shot in Sydney.
So apparently "Stella" dude with the head nod is just mowing his way through the Hills women. This is Heidi's sister. He also of course dated Lauren, and even went out with Spencer's sister.
Love Cloris Leachman. Glad to see people are inviting her to bigger events. She deserves it.
It is a sad, sad day in the world when genies stop taking their dress code seriously.
"We just had some great sexy time."

As much as I trash Fergie, she did some good work yesterday and the MAC AIDS FUND is a really good group. I actually think she is a great spokesperson for them.
And speaking of good works, Joel and Nicole lent some support to The Sephora Project which is another great cause.
Rex Lee is the best looking. Who you got?
I don't know Jeremy Renner. Never met him, but does anyone else think this tux looks like a rental?

I haven't seen Julia Ormond at an event in a long time. She looks good.
Who knew Jennifer Hudson was so damn tall?
Figure the two a-holes would find each other.
I think this is what some would call "acting."
Liv Tyler looking glamorous. She can dress up so well.

Haven't seen Leona Lewis in awhile. She is in the US to do the huge cancer charity event tomorrow.
Now, I'm guessing Kelly Osbourne isn't looking for a car date, but do we really know for sure?
So, then these are Tom's shoes too right?
Wow. Even Kathy Griffin looks good. Everyone looks good on Wednesday nights.
My favorite name of the week. Nic Srews. Seriously. Say that ten times fast and tell me she wasn't abused by her parents when they gave her that name.

Apparently Natasha Lyonne is still alive.
My first Serbian. Sounds more perv than it is. I just don't think I have had a Serbian actress in the photos before. So, here is Maria Karan.
It's what everyone is wearing to garden these days. Hell, you should see mine. Although mine is in red, and has grass stains.
Apparently boxers are the cool thing to wear in public this year as well. I've been telling my neighbors that for years.
Terrence Howard - New York

Wow, Tyra is really bleached out. Whoops. Oh, that might be Rachel Zoe.
Robert Downey Jr is Robert Goulet
Robert Downey Jr is Gallagher.
Perrey Reeves is spectacular.
So, sometimes I'm thinking the height thing might work out to Verne Troyer's advantage.

How trashy do you have to be, to look sluttier than Tila Tequila?
I've been looking at David Letterman photos for a long time and this is a first.
And a second. Way to go Tilda.
Tricky looks well, uh, tricky?


mooshki said...

Bye, Snoopy. :(

Eh, I'm not feeling Liv's poofy dress. She can do better.

TRICKY!!! Ent, I don't think I've told you lately how much I love you.

Unknown said...

Yay Tricky. I remember dropping my jaw the first time I saw him in 5th Element, going WTF.

Julie said...

high society circles are so small, just like royal circles.
surprised theres inbreeding...
unless they leave those products in the basement and use them to scare Speidi.
Thats comic humor.
The Hills needs a "Sloth"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tilda pics, Enty! She's been my favorite actress for ages.

How appropriate that the picture of Joe Francis and Mario Lopez came precaptioned: Facebreak! just what I'd like to do to the smug asses.

Cloris is being photographed because she's the only star worth watching on Dancing with the Stars.

lutefisk said...

Brooke looks like she is having anal bleaching done.

Love the 2 wild & crazy guys--who are they?

Jennifer Aniston should lay off the
Botox. I don't think she can moe her face anymore.

lutefisk said...

"move"--sorry, my v is sticking.

Maja With a J said...

Yeah! I love Mrs. Ari!!!

PunkiMeowMeow said...

Brooke - That's hella funny Ent!

Cloris Leachman - Long live Frau Blucher!! Love her! She was great guest on the roast for Bob Saget.

Joe & Mario Lo the Hos - Birds of a feather

Tilda Swinton - She's fab. Who could forget her in Orlando (1992). I'm glad she in more movies shown stateside.

Ms. said...

Natasha Lyonne....oooooohhhh her face is totally bloated...

CB said...

I'm just throwing this out there...what about the unnamed HIV+ singer from the Blind Items? Is the Fergie reference a pointer?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Ugh. Brooke is just horrifying. Is that some sort of anal exorcism being performed?

I LOVE Carla Gugino's dress. Yay to women ballsy enough to wear lime green AND pair that color with RED in a non-Christmassy way. Plus, she was in the legendary Pauly Shore flick Son in Law. Thus, I love her.

c -- the HIV+ singer is totally Amy Wino. Enty's all but revealed it.

Perry Reeves looks like a goddess.

I don't think that Aniston is going to age well at ALL. Women who tan often and diet obsessively nearly always look haggard once they hit fifty or so. She needs to gain some weight and embrace the pale or something. I just think she's beginning to look kinda haggard. But hey, I don't really like her, so whatever.

I also don't like those stupid wraparound headband thingies that Tila Tequila is wearing. Lourdes Leon was wearing those things every freaking day last summer, seemingly. What's the POINT of those things?! I don't understand fashion, I guess.

chickenrotini said...

J.Hud's dress looks 2 sizes too small.

Dick Insideu said...

You're a sick motherfucker for implying that Hulk Hogan fucks his daughter.

Unknown said...

Loved Bob Melendez. The Charlie Brown specials were such a part of my childhood that I soon as I hear the theme song I am taken right back there. RIP Bob.

I love Jennifer Aniston's hair.

bionic bunny! said...

cloris was the ONLY thing good about the bob saget roast.
and she rocks the hell out of everything she does!

sorry. early muscle relaxer today.

Linus. said...

i think that's James Ransone with Natasha Lyonne. He played Tate in Harmony Korine and Larry Clark's "Ken Park."
I saw him ar McCarren Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn and wanted to scream
"Sipi? Sipi's not a word! You're disqualified!"
(from my favourite scene in Ken Park.)

c17 said...

Cloris Leachman is AWESOME!

RDJ is...well, he's a man of many personas. And totally HAWT at all of them!

Was Tricky always this skinny? I remember him being "larger" when he was with Bjork.

Love Jen & Tilda's look. Fierce!

c17 said...

Oh yeah, and if you could refrain from posting any pics/info of Terrence "Baby Wipes" Howard it would be greatly appreciated. He's a total misogynistic douchetard asshat.

Molto apprezzi.

Anonymous said...

Great, great, great randoms today!! What did we do to get such a treat? Or is this your way of saying "I love you, too" Ent??

P.S. Love Cloris Leachman!
I may actually be able to watch DWTS this season, just to see her.

Tania said...

RDJ really needs to shave that thing off! It's doing him no favours. (I know it's for a part, but they couldn't just give him a fake?)

sandman said...

more perry reeves please, love that chick.

ElsieFire said...

Oh Tania, RDJ couldn't wear a fake 'stache, because we're all such caustic bitches we'd be all "couldn't they make him grow a real 'stache??"

Never winnable. Is that a word?

JessieE said...

Julia Ormond looks JUST like Lauren Graham in that picture. I'd rather see Lauren Graham.

Ship said...

That's definitely James Ransone with Natasha. We called him PJ in high school. Cool dude.

Unknown said...

Jeremy Renner is a really good actor, he's been in all kinds of stuff, just not full leading man style yet.

And yes Tricky is that skinny, moreso in real life, I have a friend that dated him after meeting him at a CD release party in LA.

RaininMyst said...

c17 Agree 100%

Anonymous said...

Hey! Isn't the guy in picture number 8 (with the Guinness Hat and the bottle) the rapping man in the old Blu Blocker commercials????

It sure looks like him!


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