Thursday, September 04, 2008

"He Doesn't Know Her"

Far be it from me to ever think a publicist got it wrong, but when a publicist comes out and says, "he doesn't know her," then hopefully in fact he doesn't know her.

The subject of the quote is Hugh Grant, who is always shy about entangling himself in any couple issues because it would affect his friends with benefits relationship with Elizabeth Hurley. Sure, she allowed Hugh to have Jemima Khan, but I think that is his one freebie.

Anyway, Hugh was spotted in the Hamptons this weekend with an ex-model named Catherine Fulmer. In case you were wondering, the age difference is about 20 years. So, the couple were spotted walking on the beach together, holding hands before attending a party together. Later, they went out drinking, and Hugh is attending her show at Fashion Week in New York this week.

When asked about the budding romance, Hugh's publicist gave the quote.

So, what does the guy say when they get married? "Oh, they met at church and exchanged some words. It was nothing really."


mooshki said...

Blatantly lying is the new black. "Truthiness" is the theme of the new millenium.

Little Blue Pill said...

Pathological liar + Gainful Employment = Publicist

Binky Melnik said...

So, what does the guy say when they get married?

Huh? Who got married?

featherbell said...

Maybe he meant "know" her "in the Biblical sense"?

trashtalker said...

Featherbell, I thought that, too!

Of course, I also thought, "Just because he doesn't know her doesn't mean he didn't bang her."

allthesun said...

Loves her top. Is Hugh Grant even relevant anymore?

Anonymous said...

He strikes me as being very "shifty." I imagine his publicists are constantly covering his ass from the crazy things he chooses to do a 1/2 step away from the paparazzi cameras.


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