Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Anniversaries make the top spot today. Last night was a party celebrating the 20th anniversary of Do The Right Thing.
And the 25th anniversary of Stay Hungry.
Shiloh at 3 and Angelina Jolie at 7.
Bruce Willis and his doubles on the set of his new movie.
Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson taking a break from filming their new movie.
It's Fashion Week time. Uh huh. Then he showed the other eunuchs to their quarters.
While this one started singing, "Do you really want to hurt me?"
Gossip Girl started filming again yesterday.
Halle Berry at Seaworld.
Hayden P doing press for her new movie. It looks like a drivers license photo.
Yes, this is from the same event as yesterday, but are you going to complain?
Long time no see for Keira Knightly and Rupert Friend.
Kathie Lee Gifford hosted an event last night which is pretty cool.
The first ever High School National Theatre Awards. Great idea.
Lady Gaga actually makes sense with this wig and what she is doing.
The first photo of Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker and the twins.
Mariah Carey taking a dig at Eminem on her new video.
An all day tribute to Michael Jackson at The Apollo.
Pabst. The winner of this year's ugliest dog contest.
Pink riding a bike in Australia. It seems like she has been there forever.
I think this might be a first time appearance for Pharell Williams.
Rachel McAdams gets into character in her new movie.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4


Emobacca said...

Please go the fuck away Lady Gaga

Pookie said...

awww...little shiloh...*melts*

eep, men's fashion week sucks.

yay rachel mcadams. *like her*

eep mariah. =O

yay readers!

ItsJustMe said...

I've always loved Pharrel, even after his little dance in the McDonald's in Paris. LOL.

Mariah ... looks convincingly male.

Sweet photo of the Parker/Broderick family.

Great reader pics!

Cooper's Mom said...

Shiloh is very sweet!

Mariah's appearance disturbs me somewhat though...

The parker/broderick picture is really lovley - but that couch they're sitting on is hideous!

Reader photos are awesome! Reader #1 is a real cutie!

Nadel said...

shiloh is going to be the most gorgeous thing ever when she grows up. brad is going to want to lock her away.

WednesdayFriday said...

And for the only time in my life, in comparison, I look better than Rachel McAdams!

Thank you Enty!

Ms Cool said...

Great reader photos.

Sporky said...

Excellent reader photos! :))

Haha, "Pabst". Love it.

katespades said...

yay reader photo #4- boxers forever!!!

califblondy said...

Do The Right Thing is one of my all-time faves. I haven't seen Spike's sister, Joie, in years. She still looks the same. Where's Rosie Perez? At my house we play Robin Harris' stand-up and I still laugh every time I hear him.

Great readers' pix!

MISCH said...


lutefisk said...

Do I "know" you reader 2??

Beautiful photos once again of everyone.

jax said...


Elle said...

I think Shiloh is prettier than the young Angelina (is that even possible).... she has a different nose and face shape and her features are more delicate.

Lovin' all the doggie photos :-)

Anonymous said...

Shiloh is cute. So Angie is a blonde??

Fashion week for men is ridiculous.

The baby twins look cute.

Mariah as a guy looks weird.

Readers look nice :D.

nancer said...

shiloh is a combination of brad and angelina. she's precious.

angie was blonde as a child---lots of us were. my hair was almost white until i was 5 and then it gradually turned black. it happens.

mariah's an uglier man than she is a woman but not by much.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Pabst isn't ugly, he's adorable!

I see both parents in Shiloh.

RocketQueen said...

Wow - I can't believe how alike Shiloh is to Jolie as a child. That kid's gonna be off the charts gorgeous.

DAMN I love me some Chuck Bass!

califblondy said...

The Bruce Willis picture would have been complete with Paul Schaffer. Years ago I would have never thought Bruce and Paul would resemble each other.

RocketQueen said...

Ugh - anyone else seen this yet? David Gest becomes more scarily hideous by the moment:

Caroline said...

Shiloh looks like an old soul...

MnGddess said...


Many children are born blonde and then "turn". I, a brunette, have a husband who was shockingly white blonde as a toddler, and my children inherited the blonde gene. They also have blue and hazel-green eyes (one color for each lol). My kids never looked liked me!!

callie3 said...

yeah- both Angie & Brad had blond hair that got more "dirty blonde" as they got older- fr that japan airport pic where we saw the twins, it looks like Knox has the the same hair color as Shi...Viv was too covered to tell...just for "accuracy", SHi is just over 2 1/2 in that pic & Angie is 5 or 6 (the movie came out in 1982, so it was prob shot 1 or 2 yrs before then)

~BellaBellaBoo~ said...

Shiloh is such a doll!

Hayden looks like Sarah Michelle Geller in that pic.

Sinjin said...

Pabst is cute; not ugly at all!

shakey said...

Shiloh resembles Sofia ... Vasselova? Your fashion commentary is perfect, Ent.

Did Halle do to the whale what she did to Jamie Foxx? Keira and Rupert are absolutely scary looking. Give an award to Matthew Broderick for Best Acting in a Picture. Their son has a nice haircut. Mariah kind of looks like Enrique Iglesias's younger brother.

Maja With a J said...

*LOL* @ reader #3 - gee, thanks for letting us see what you look like!

Bxrlvr said...

Thanks for the compliments on my boxer! That's Jake, and he's a sweetie!

Mother Campfire said...

Doesn't anybody else get the Chastity Bono babyface from little Shiloh?

Unplugged said...

Reader #1 is gorgeous. Single?

WednesdayFriday said...

Awww Djork, thats the nicest compliment ever, thank you! I am engaged, and (very) soon to be wed, but that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me all week!

Fabulous! said...

LOL @ "fashion week" photos. so ugly!

i can't decide whether i like lady gaga or just appreciate her attempts at origonality, but ent's comment made me LOL!

am i the only one that thinks mariah is just flat-out unattractive in every way? not even her music is redeeming to me now.

ia about reader #1- beautiful girl!

the ugliest dog looks like a lil old lady, i want it!

warmislandsun said...

Awww, Pabst is so cute! I just want to give him a big squishy hug!

Dick Insideu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PJ Nelson said...

Shiloh is her daddy from the nose up and her mamma down from there

Hurt myself laughing at the fashion commentary, thanks for that

Broderick looks really happy there - I like him muches

Hmmm, Mariah and Pabst have alot in common the way she is posed...

libby said...

On a lighter note, I think Shi looks like Brad w/ Angie's lips.
Even the adopted kids are gorgeous in that family, though.

As far as the loony posts above me-- I wonder how awful someone's life must be for them to invest this kind of time into spamming this site.
I am sad for him. He needs a cheerier hobby.

gay tallywacker said...

Mariah looks like she's gonna start baying at the moon.

Linnea said...

yeah libby, how did that happen? is there some kind of atmosphere of gorgeous in the household?

Thisisridiculous said...

Shilo is 2! ofcourse her features are going to be soft and round, her features will keep changning 'till she reaches adult hood. I think she's adorable.

Oh and take a look at Robert Pattison childhood pictures, the guy was a total "whitehead" LOL

Saoirse said...

Does anyone else think that Mariah's drag makes her look a bit like Adam Goldberg?

Leah said...

I guess you never really know how unfortunate looking you are until you dress up like a man.

Woman can use makeup and extensions and whatnot, where as men *(typically) are exactly as ugly or good looking as they were born.


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