Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Michael Jackson's last show rehearsal, June 23, 2009.
Alicia Keys looking really nice last night at the BET Awards.
Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha walking the streets of Paris which is better than walking the streets with Paris because then shots would be needed.
I'm really tiring of Beyonce. Is it just me?
Britney Spears and her new brunette hair color.
The one and only Chaka Khan. Sing it. You know you are.
I love the concentration on Lola's face.
Gabrielle Reece is very, very tall. She must have 18 inches on Sheryl Crow.
I have not seen Olive in a long time. She is getting so big.
Johnny Depp in London.
And so is Marion Cotillard.
Jamie Foxx - Los Angeles
A really good picture of James Marsden.
Lily Allen - Glastonbury Festival
I love this photo. I imagine Mercy making Madonna do this for about an hour in front of the cameras and love it.
Mariah Carey on the set of her new video.
This almost made the top because I can't remember the last photo I saw of Natalie Portman where she wasn't accompanied by her dog.
Run for your lives.
It's still Fashion Week in Paris and I'm still laughing.

Real Housewives New York and New Jersey. Love it.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 (with Billy Black from Twilight)
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Ray - J on the red carpet last night.
People in Sydney having some fun with the Bruno poster.

Have you ever heard the expression pole stuck up your ass. Notice where Tyra is standing.
Right now I would say it's a tossup as to who weighs more. Tori or Stella.


Jenny S said...

I love how Danielle is separate from all the other housewives. Did she get her bubby fixed yet?

lmnop123 said...

No Enty it isn't just you, I'm tired of Beyonce too.

Chaka looks like she's lost a lot of weight (ONLY on the bottom).

Johnny Depp looks very dapper. LOL!

That's a cute picture of Mercy. Much better than the previous ones that we saw. Maybe it's pretty nice living with Madonna.

Reader photo #1 is that a whale in the picture?

So Ray J does have ... big feet.

I can't believe Tyra wore that to the BET awards.

figgy said...

I've been tired of Beyonce for a long time. She's second only to Paris in how pose-y she looks in pictures.

califblondy said...

I had to laugh at the caption for Paula Abdul's picture.

Chaka is looking good. I'll be singing I'm Every Woman in my head for the rest of the day.

I guess the other ladies wouldn't let Danielle sit with the adults? I'd like to see Ramona and Danielle go at it' they're both psycho.

ItsJustMe said...

I think that's a sting ray in reader photo #1! How cute! Love the other reader pics as well.

What's with all that Pinkberry in the celeb photos today?

Men's fashion week ... erm ... yeah.

Tell me something good, Chaka.

FrenchGirl said...

Gabrielle Reece is very tall but sheryl crow is very tiny!
i love french fashion for men:very Bruno LOL

lutefisk said...

I think we are ALL tired of Beyonce.

By the way, I think Ashley & Justin are cute together. She actually smiles every so often.

RocketQueen said...

Ugh - fashion week is making fashion look like a joke.

I can't believe Ray J is allowed on any red carpet. He's right up there with Speidi for me.

I've heard bits and pieces about Lily Allen being a TRAIN WRECK at Glastonbury, but haven't found any real reports - anyone? anyone? Denise Richards really *does* go out for ice cream with her kids...

procrastination101 said...

love how danielle is separate from the other housewives!!!

beyonce does get old very fast. she needs to take more breaks.

Anonymous said...

Alicia Keys looks very nice.

Ashley looks cute.

Beyonce find her very annoying. Also think she is a bad wanabe actress.

Like Britney as a brunette.

Chaka Khan Hmm looks weird.

For some reason didn't think Mercy was that big of a girl.

Another annoying person MooMoo.

lol@paula abdul

Men's fashion week don't see anything there that I would buy for my husband.

lol@bruno poses.

Last annoying person Tyra. LOL@enty's comment.

fairylights said...

I'm tired of Beyonce.

I don't blame those models for not smiling on the runway, if I had to wear those things in public I'd be frowning too!

Haven't seen Chaka in AGES, thanks ENT!

GladysKravitz said...

I love all the reader photos. You look beautiful.

selenakyle said...

Reader #1--are you in Grand Cayman swimming with the stingrays?!

audrey said...

And I can hear all those very confused people watching those 'fashion' delights walking by telling the designer that he is simply brilliant and has a pulse for what men want to perk up their winter wardrobe.

nancer said...

that's some shirt, beeyotche.....where are your pants?

TV said...

boobies, not bubby.

Ms Cool said...

Reader photos are beautiful! Reader #4 - I have that same cup from our honeymoon in Paris. Paris Hotel, Las Vegas that is.

Mercy is darling.

MJ is scary skinny.

GladysKravitz said...

You mean men DON'T want to wear orange garbage bags this season? Oh, yeah, it's so last year. said...

Okay, so what exactly is wrong with Tori Spelling? Is she having drug issues or an eating disorder or what?

~BellaBellaBoo~ said...

Yes I am tired of BeYAWNce! Please go on a vacay and take Paris, Diddy, and Speidi with ya! Over saturation.

Mariah, please dress age appropriate. At least, sometimes, damn.

LOL @ Paula Abdul caption, it's perfect.

Wil said...

"I'm really tiring of Beyonce. Is it just me?"

Uh .. allow me to say Hell to the NO!!! Ugh .. I hope she goes away. What a **nt.

Sporky said...

GladysKravitz said...
I love all the reader photos. You look beautiful.
Thank you Ms. Kravitz. Apparently I look fat.

And people wonder why we women seem to have dwindling confidence these days. :/

Sporky said...

P.S. Had to comment on the RHoNY/NJ picture, I wonder if all that drama is staged or not? How funny Danielle is sitting away from everyone!

GladysKravitz said...


1. There are far worse things to look than fat---check out that photo of Tori S. or any recent ones of Courtney Love.

2. And all four of you look beautiful. Healthy, beautiful skin, happy.

3. Pay no attention to the psychologically unbalanced person who has been awakened from his troll sleep.

ItsJustMe said...

Sporky - please don't take the words of that psycho too seriously. You're lovely.

Sporky said...

Thank you Gladys and AnonMom....I had been feeling "brave" enough to send a picture in since I've lost close to 20 lbs. in the last few months....maybe I should have waited.

Oh well! At least I have big, real boobs. :)

warmislandsun said...

I am tired of Beyonce and Tyra.

lmnop123 said...

Sporky are you the one who knows the guy from Twilight? If so what do you care if someone who doesn't know you calls you names.

YOU KNOW AN ACTOR FROM TWILIGHT > anonymous psycho poster


sassafrass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sporky said...

notonmydollar: yeah that's me with Gil Birmingham, I was co-hosting an event at Saints and Sinners (a bar here in L.A.) and started chatting with a female friend of his who casually mentioned he was there, so I had to make a beeline for him and get his picture. He was so very nice!

sassafrass: I think that comment was taken down so whoever deleted him (Enty?) thank you! Mean-spirited comments on the way people look (if they're not a celebrity, of course!) is just so unnecessary.

ardleighstreet said...

I see Beyonce's mama is still dressing her funny.

Very nice suit Mr. Depp.

Mercy is a cutie.

Portman wasn't accompanied by her dog. Do you mean a dog named Sean Penn? ;)

Since when did then start wearing shorts at correctional prisons?

Great reader photos!

sassafrass said...

Sporky, is that you rockin' the Betty Page doo? Nice. I tried it and failed. You win! Only so many people can do bangs. I am not one.

I am out of the loop on what you do to co-host an event for stars. what do you do?

ardleighstreet said...

Can we give the co-star a standing ovation because the foreign born movie actor deserved it.

Sporky said...

sassafrass: yep, that's me with the Betty bangs....thank you! I have a hard time growing bangs out so I just keep them short.

That evening I was helping host an event on Yelp (a foodie/social networking site) to meet the other people on the L.A. Yelp site in person (we'd all been chatting online for months). That night, I learned we all love to drink. A LOT. lol

ItsJustMe said...

Sporky - I love Yelp. Do you have Yelp functions often?

Sporky said...

AnonMom: Me too!

That was my first event, but there are events going on constantly, pretty much every day of the week. I've met a lot of really nice, cool people on there. :)

lutefisk said...

Sporky, you & all of the other reader photos are lovely.

sassafrass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sassafrass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pookie said...

lol @ "walking the streets of Paris which is better than walking the streets with Paris"!

chaka khan! *totally singing the song* lovely lady, ms. chaka. have run into her repeatedly in several AA's Admiral's clubs, i swear she's stalking me. teehee. classy lady.

eep, gabrielle reese is TALL! great body tho.

lilly allen, pls go away. kthxbye.

danielle from RHoNJ looks like she cut you.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Alicia Keys looks gorgeous!

Brit looks better in blonde, I think... but good god girl.. run a brush thru that mess! I'd like to see what her natural hair length is too, no wigs or extensions.

Chaka's lost some lbs for sure, but not in the boobage! DAMN! The girls are HUGE!

Mercy is absolutely adorable, I thought she was smaller/younger though.

LMAO @ Paula behind the wheel!

Awww, poor Danielle, she doesn't play well with others, I guess? Her face is saying "BITCHES"!

Awesome reader photos as always! Reader #1 looks like a good friend of mine... uncanny!

whogivesaFwhatIdo said...

Nice blog! I stumbled across it a couple of weeks ago.

And no, you are not the only one, Beyonce needs to take a very long vacation somewhere she cannot be photographed, and where she can have the time to study the fine art of being mysterious. She's over-stayed her welcome.

Johnny Depp however, is always welcome at my house.

Idontwantaf*ckingblog said...

MJ looks so thin there, but definitely not lethargic.

Totally sick of Beyonce.

Judi said...

Been sick of Beyonce for several years now. Remember when all we saw was her - before Dreamgirls? That's when I was done.
Yes, she has a good voice but she's nowhere near mega-level talent.

libby said...

The squint threw me off at first, but when I enlarged her pic, Olive Baron Cohen is super cute! As a female, thankfully she looks just like mommy!

SOOOOOOOOOOO tired of Beyonce. Shifting from boredom to total hatred as we speak.

Janelle said...

Ms Cool, yes, that's exactly where I got that Paris mug!

Boy, it's freaky seeing your picture on a gossip blog!

parissucksliterally said...

Sporky, you look great! Fuck whoever says you don't.....miserable people want everyone else to be miserable too.

Linnea said...

I didnt see the mean comment, but Sporky - you look great!

Sierraton said...

Sporky's cute - somebody actually insulted her? What the Hell?

Actually, all the reader photos are pretty cool. And then I keep looking at that one male model's spindle legs - ugh.

Sporky said...

lutefisk, PSL (love!), linnea and Sierraton, thank you so much for the kind words! A comment (now deleted) from some troll indicated that me and Reader #4 were "fat chicks".

Hey I know I'm not skinny, but there's no need to be such a dickhead to the regular folks on here....especially under anonymity. It's such a pussy-ass move.

Kait said...

I love how all the other housewives are looking at the models and Danielle is looking at the other housewives. She's fucking crazy.

Sporky, I think you're beautiful and way to go on losing twenty pounds!

City Councilman Doug said...

I'm #3!! Wow! C'mon Reveal Day!!

gay tallywacker said...

Does anyone know what ethnic background Paula Abdul is?


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