Thursday, July 02, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Harve Presnell - RIP
Anne Hathaway walking the streets of New York. Looks like she left her wig at home. I think she should have done the same with the jeans.
Congratulations to Beth Ditto on her new fashion line.
Kate Moss was also there to see the launch, but looks like she got upset at a pap. Or maybe this is just her natural expression.
A first time appearance for Aaron Paul.
Seriously? Bethenny Frankel has a book?
I'm no expert on kids, but isn't 3 1/2 a little old for a pacifier?
Bubbles at 26.
Donatella Versace doing some charity work for kids.
It has been a little while since we have seen Nahla. She is all ready for bed as they set to board a flight.
Hilary Swank on the set of her new movie.
This is Italian Olympic swimmer Flavia Zoccari who got disqualified because of this wardrobe malfunction.
Kuroma - New York
The gorgeous Kate Winslet at Wimbledon.
Two of my favorite people in one photo. Mena Suvari and Rosario Dawson.
Long time no see for Natasha Henstridge.
It has also been awhile since I had Nicole Richie and Joel Madden in the photos.
It needs to be a very long while to see Rosanna Arquette if she is going to keep wearing those kinds of shirts.
Some artists get to perform on the Today Show. Ryan Cabrera got to perform at the NBC Experience Store. That is like getting a national commercial but it being the spots.
Rihanna getting a tattoo lesson. It is always nice to have a fall back career.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Always need to have a Twilight photo.
Ryan Reynolds is a very good looking guy and I love this suit. Love it.
The Sears Tower now has glass balconies almost a quarter mile high in the sky. I'm not going out there.
Stone Temple Pilots - West Hollywood
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Seriously, Dean. You just lost your man card. Oh, and any self respect you may have had.


mooshki said...

Mollie Sugden of "Are You Being Served" died too. :(

Aw, does that mean when we hit Vegas together someday I won't be able to drag you along on the Stratosphere rides? :( The Insanity is FUN!

That Dean pic has left me speechless.

nancer said...

thanks for aaron paul. a wonderful actor and a cutie pie. he's so good on 'breaking bad.'

dean, are you kidding? tori doesn't look much better but DUDE! uggs????

i think bethenny's book is on the NYtimes bestseller list. not like that means it's good, of course. there's always schlock on that list.

the sears tower thing makes me woozy just looking at pictures. i bet they go through the windex cleaning puke off the glass.

califblondy said...

UGGS and shorts are so Malibu, but I've never seen it on a MAN! He just never can quite pull it together, can he? The Missus isn't doing much better.

Love the reader's pictures. Who's the sexy lady with the feathers?

Unknown said...

Good to see that Scott Weiland hasn't OD'ed yet.

selenakyle said...

Gyahh, I hate skinny jeans on men (a la Jamie Hince, ick).

But RR's slender suit trousers are sexy as hell!

bflogurl said...

Reader #2.... GORGEOUS!!

Where are the walls on that Sears photo?? Seriously, it looks like that person is lying on a platform with nothing surrounding her??

MontanaMarriott said...

Dean, woooowww you will do absolutely anything for that Spelling money, huh?

Yeah, RR does look sharp, wow!

Nahla is sooo freakin cute!

I thought the swimmer's suit was SUPPOSED to be like that.

If she wants to do charity for kids, perhaps Donatella should start by staying as far away from them as possible? lol

Who or what is a Beth Ditto?

And sorry I agree with you Enty, there is no reason why a child of 3.5 should have a pacifier. It will only make them buck tooth.

Maja With a J said...

Reader #2, we've seen you before, haven't we? You kind of look like Mya. It's a beautiful picture. Actually, I think all our readers and totally hot and cute.

Maja With a J said...

Oh, and also - I love Beth Ditto.

cajun cutie said...

Enty why did you post Hilliary Swank from the movie and not Jeffrey D Morgan. Nobody wants to see her.

*side eye*

Still love ya though.

Anonymous said...

I know I've seen Harve Presnell in a show or something but can't remember in what.

Anne should have worn sandle's not heels.

Donatella, it doesn't matter how much plastic u use u still look horrible.

Nahla looks cute.

Natasha saw her in the TV movie "Impact", thought it was pretty good mini-series.

#2 Your outfit is soooooo beautiful.

Didn't know Uugs were for men too.

bionic bunny! said...

harriet, you're right, we have seen #2, but for the life of me i can't remember who she is!!

that swim wear is, um, interesting. somehow i doubt it was designed by either speedo or tyr! spackle that thing up!

Unknown said...

K, I never realized Donatella had such a huge pair of kankles...

Isn't reader #2 the gorgeous Broadway baby from last year? So purdy!

And you're right Ent, that suit on RR is very nice. Would look nicer on the floor mind you...

Anonymous said...

Great reader pics! Daring, #2, nice!

ADORE RR's suit.

Dean Dean Dean....If you get a thrill wearing your wife's footwear, great, but I think you'll find the thrill wanes when done (and mocked) in public.

Sinjin said...

Bionic Bunny and Harriet, If we've seen her before, think she wore a vintage-type hat with a veil over her face, 20's era, I think. It was pretty.

Reader 2. Love the current photo! Singer for Goldfrappe has a photo with a similar peacock outfit on, however, she wore gold platform stripper shoes, I prefer yours MUCH better. Let us know if we've seen you before :-)

Sporky said...

Reader #2 - GORGEOUS! :))) Love it!

lanasyogamama said...

Yay Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad is a great show.

Yes Enty, 3 and a half is too old for that paci. MAYBE at night, but definitely not out and about.

ItsJustMe said...

Harve Presnell, too? He was a very prolific actor. Mr. Parker in "Pretender".

Reader #2 I remember from the Xmas reader photos. Fierce!

Dean, Dean,Dean. Why, why, why? I don't care how comfortable they are, they're called UGGS, because they're UGGLY.

ItsJustMe said...

I don't think that's the older Spears-Federline child -- it looks like Jayden, which means he's 2 1/2, which is still not THAT old for a pacifier. Maybe 3 at the latest, IMO.

My son's cousin has been told that when he's 3, the pacifier fairy is going to come and take away his last pacifier. LOL.

stiffkittens said...

Kate looks like a typical British hag. DNW

the.princess.leia said...

Reader #2, please out yourself, so that we can all know who send the "DAMN! That is a smoking pic!" comments to. :)

Reader #4, I love your dog. He looks exactly like my neighbor's dog that recently passed.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan! (Ryan Reynolds, not that other Ryan) Another DAMN! Enty could you get us a Random Photos of Ryan Reynolds as a Christmas present this year, but maybe make it like a Christmas in July pressy instead!

Beth Ditto has chutzpah, so I give her some props, but she's friends with the blogger aka he who must not be named, so I have to deduct some points for that.

Kate Winslet looks so classic. She's reminding more and more of Princess Grace Kelly. Oh, and if any producers read this blog and the comments, can we do something about the amount of money that she makes per flick ($2 mil). I mean Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, even ScarJo are making anywhere from two to 12 times more than Kate.

ardleighstreet said...

Kate M. always looks like she smelled something bad.

Bubbles and Donatella have the same look on their faces.

Ryan R. looks good.Very Bond,James Bond.

Love the balcony but would you let your child lay down on it?!!?

STP I always enjoy them.

Dean HAHAHAHA! You just proved you are truly tasteless.

Yessica M. Muñoz V. said...

ent, didnt know that rosario dawson was one of your favorite people'll be happy to know she did some amazing backing vocals on a new kasabian track ...west rider silver bullet ... suggest you have a listen ... :)

B626 said...

I'd sell my mom's engagement ring to see an intact Scott Weiland and STP perform their hits from the
90's at a concert in Iowa. Don't think a trip to pawn shop anywhere in my future.

The angry dad from Fargo is dead?

My little one sucked a binkie till age 3 at bedtime only. Out in public?
No way.

Bubbles stuck in a cage at age 26 could be the least abused of the minors MJ came into contact with.

Babs said...

RIP - Harve Presnell. Great actor.

Thank you for Aaron Paul, Enty. Breaking Bad is one kickass show. I've seen every episode, and Aaron and Bryan Cranston have incredible chemistry.

Nice readers' photos, gang. Happy to be involved with such a good looking group of people!

CDAN Mod said...

i wonder if dean has a nice sized peen? gotta be.

Goodgrief said...

R.I.P Harve
I am getting real tired of saying that. Would you all just quit dying for awhile.

LOL for the swimmer

As for Dean, there just are no words.

Linnea said...

WOW WOW WOW Ryan Reynolds looks... just amazing. Jeeez.

mygeorgie said...

Is Anne wearing LUCITE shoes? She always reminds me of a church lady trying to be edgy.

Linnea said...

Also, Jen, if you are here - dont you think Nahla is one of those kids too?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Enty, love the Scrubs reference!

And honestly, didn't think Dean had any man cards left.

warmislandsun said...

Beth Ditto looks like a cool geisha. And I like the outfit, too. I would never have the balls to wear it, but I like it.

The olympics should make all the suits with a back peep hole - it's a good look.

Donatella looks like a cryptkeeper. She's got grandma legs and one of the scariest faces out there.

Nahla is so pretty. I don't think she will ever have an awkward or ugly preteen phase. Pure beauty.

Chicago looks grey and miserable. Where is the green?

Natahs Henstridge looks nice. I really liked her on Eli Stone - why was it cancelled????????

K said...

Re Mr. and Mrs. Tori Spelling:
Every time I see photos of celebrities wandering the streets of sunny, warm Southern California (particularly in the summer) in Uggs, I wonder how horrific their feet and/or the insides of those boots must smell.

Caroline said...

Poor Bubbles : (
Wish he could have lived a happy chimp life climbing trees.

gay tallywacker said...

Love Beth Ditto, Anne Hathaway was never a stylish lady, aaawww Bubbles!, Donatella - scary face! Ooops, major wardrobe malfunction Flavia, ouch. So over Rihanna. OMG, Mya is an enty fan (hehe reader photo #2)

Unknown said...

RIP Harve. I really liked him!

Aaron Paul rocks! He is great as Jesse on Breaking Bad. That show is the best show on television. It is on break right now, but I recommend everyone watching both Seasons 1 and 2. You can probably watch online at the site.

Happydog said...

Reader #4, that's the most soulful pic of both of you. Love it.

Reader #1, you look like a young Kyra Sedgewick.

hotchacha said...

Aw, Harve. Seems like dropping dead has become the new black.

I am reader #2.

trashtalker said...

Harve was an AWESOME badass in "Andy Barker, P.I." Shit. I was really hoping to see him in another TV show someday.

Dick Insideu said...

We are The Professionals, and we wage a subversive compaign to bring wit, wisdom, and good cheer to various national and international media. We are occupying this blog. Martial law has been imposed. Habeus corpus has been suspended. Civil rights have been abolished. The brothels are open. You cannot win; you can only submit.

shakey said...

You too, Ror.

Love the Kate Moss photo. That guy has pinwheels sprouting from his head. My son had his pacifiers until about that time. Very stubborn. Never had it at the garderie, but as soon as we got home, he had to have it. Drove us nuts.

Donatella teaching the kids how to sew for sweatshops? I kid, I kid.

Nahla is beautiful. Species was an awesome movie, wasn't it?

#2 - canadachick? I'm trying to remember ... who is the reader in #3, the man, the woman, or both?

Hey, good thing it wasn't windy in Chicago that day.

c17 said...

Sorry, but B.D. is not attractive in the least. "Curvy" is one thing, "obese" is another. She's obese - which is more than Rubenesque (curvy).

Not to mention her clothes are heinous - dominoes? Really? That's the best she could come up with? It's kind of original, for the first 5 pieces. After that, she should come up with something else. Or get some new minions to do her creative thinking for her.

I'm saying this as someone who's more than a size 4 - we need a better representative of the "NORMAL" size of the American woman. Not anorexic, not obese. NORMAL.

c17 said...

Oh yeah, I wear a size 8 to 12 Gap jean (depending on the cut). And I'm 5'7 - feel free to snark as long as you provide your height, weight, & clothing size. Pics are welcome as well! :-D

GladysKravitz said...

As for Beth Ditto, there is no one in this country who is more despised or ridiculed than a fat woman, unless it's a fat gay woman.

I think she has balls, even though she has tiles in this photo. I admire her for being willing to expose herself to the many jabs she gets. It cannot be an easy path for her to walk.

I wear a size 16 pair of jeans, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm with c17--if you're going to talk about other people's bodies, then tell us what size YOU are. Oh, and my mother always taught me that it is very impolite to discuss any body parts of anybody else.

Well, except the no no parts of Parasite Hilton. But those are a public health hazard so different rules apply.

JoAnn said...

Ryan Reynolds is gorgeous in that picture. Is he really a prick in real life?

hotchacha said...

Shakey, Reader #2 is not canadachick.

It's me. Though I am Canadian.

Leah said...

I really want Tori and Dean to switch boots.

I didn't know Mya read the site!!! (Reader #2)

Jerry said...

Reader #2 {gulp}...Hi. My name is Jerry. Come here often?

hotchacha said...

Yes, I come here so often in fact that when I'm working from home I usually just leave the page open all day.

I'm cuckoo bananas for the blinds so I'm counting down the hours until the BIG REVEAL!

leeloodallas said...

that glass floor is creepy, possibly creepier than the glass floor at the CN Tower.... but not as creepy as boots in summer in LA, wtf?

hotchacha - great pic! i am loving all the reader pics too!

libby said...

That peacock costume is amazing....a lot of work, and probably pretty expensive.

Nahla is a knockout!

I have loved Kate since "Sense and Sensibility" (my favorite movie), and I honestly think she has only gotten more beautiful as she ages. I hope she stays true to her principles and NEVER gets any surgery or botox.

Linnea said...

libby, i love that movie too! :)

figgy said...

Wow, reader #2 looks FABulous!!

Unknown said...

Bethenny Frankel's book is very good and more than worth picking up on, it's common sense but just applying a few things I dropped that last 10 lbs! I think if you look at it the right way, even if you aren't vegetarian you can lose and maintain your weight. It's defo worth the read, and not anywhere near as restrictive as most "diet" books, it's more of a lifestyle book, and a good one. Just an fyi from someone who had success with the book.


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