Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I'm not usually a wedding picture kind of guy, but I really like this one of Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich and so they get the top spot.
Alice Cooper - Sydney
Cheech Marin and his new wife had a reception to celebrate their wedding. For some reason the celebration was in their hotel room.
Hopefully Cheech's new wife can show him the error of his ways when it comes to fashion choices.
Or else there might not be any of this.
The kids are really getting cuter.
From his pitching form, it appears DJ AM should stick with his day job. Is it considered a day job though if you work exclusively at night? After an unassisted triple play to end the game for only the 2nd time in history is DJ Am to the Mets what Jessica was to the Cowboys?
It's amazing that as big as Fergie's glasses are that you can still see her eyebrows.
Happy Birthday Zuma.
Halle's hat says she is brokedown. I would have to disagree.
There must be no curtains left in Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter's hotel room.
Apparently there is a celebrity triathlon this year. I am using the word celebrity very loosely here, but hey it is half naked bodies so thought you would enjoy.
One more of Andy Baldwin for good measure.
The lovely Jennifer Connelly who was doing some press for 9 with
Elijah Wood.
A first time appearance for Johnny Lewis promoting Sons Of Anarchy with
Katey Sagal and Charlie Hunnam.
James Morrison - Stafford, UK
Jenny McCarthy on the Rachael Ray show. So, if they are both in the Harpo family does that make them kind of like step-sisters and Dr. Phil the mean older brother?
Kevin Federline in his quest to eat at every restaurant in the world seems to be going well. I think Victoria should dress like him one day and see if he gets the message about what an idiot he looks like.
Out for a walk with Uncle Alex. Not to be confused with Uncle Lance or any of the other uncles.
Kerry Katona on her way into a police station where she was warned to not use drugs again. Or at least to not get caught using them on video.
Kourtney Kardashian making out with some random woman she met a nightclub. She blamed it on being drunk. I believe she was pregnant at the time.
Tell me again why Prince William hasn't married Kate Middleton yet.
"Can you believe all this attention I am getting just for being a homewrecker."
Razorlight - Stafford, UK
Bradley Cooper on his way out of LA, and to hook up with Renee Z.
I love when Omega decides to have one of their athletes, in this case, Sergio Garcia (2nd from right) dress up like they are doctors.
Taylor Swift - Stafford, UK
In his homage to the acting career of Demi Moore, Zac Efron has a scarlet A on his chest.


ItsJustMe said...

Zuma is one? Time flies! He is the cutest little Kewpie Doll baby ever!

RocketQueen said...

I love Milla - I think she's just gorgeous. Apparently her first husband (Shawn Andrews) and co-star and Dazed and Confused lives here in Vancouver - anyone?

Cheech's new wife is...shiny.

On POINT comment about Fergie's eyebrows. She's just so fug to me.

Can't decide if I love Jennifer Connelly's dress or if it's too tight. Maybe both.

I honestly think Bradley Cooper becomes less attractive the more I see him.

mooshki said...

Milla Jovovich rocks my world. SO glad they're doing another Resident Evil! (Although, they'd better bring back Oded Fehr, possibly as an Evil Clone. :) )


Jennifer Connelly looks like she's eating again, thank goodness!

I actually almost liked Kourtney for saying "I did it because I wanted some attention." At least she was honest about it...

Re: LeAnn - remember when people used to at least pretend to be ashamed when they did asshat things? Jeez.

AvaMore said...

Milla is so beautiful~ and a triple threat girl..

~Singer...oh wait

I need to do more on the weekends then drink myself into oblivion and watch HBO.....;)

Jillian S. said...

Whoa Charlie Hunnam looks like shit compared to his Undeclared days. I wonder why Judd Apatow doesn't use him anymore?

Anonymous said...

Milla looks very nice and I love her on Resident Evil. This is her 3rd or 4th marriage?

Cheech looks like her grandpa lol.

Charlie Hunnam looks kinda of weird. Who is he?

Kevin F. looks gross.

Kourtney so you are blaming your drinking for making out with a girl. Yeah Right.

LeAnn why the smiles for what you did??

Bradley C. really don't see the attraction at all. Always thought of him as a perv or something.

Zac looks weird in that pic and also can't see why anyone would find him attractive.

Jillian S. said...

How short is Zac or is the person behind him a freaking giant?

FrenchGirl said...

Jennifer Connelly looks great when she eats again!
and congratulations for Milla and Paul!

Lolita Breckenridge said...

"There must be no curtains left in Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter's hotel room."

This statement

Thank you Enty.

Cancan said...

I used to work as a cashier in a store that Milla frequented and let me say, she was always incredibly gracious and pleasant to everyone. (And it was not a "beautiful people" store -- think more run-of-the-mill.) And of course freaking gorgeous.

Maja With a J said...

I kind of want to make out with Elijah Wood a little. Is that wrong?

sunnyside1213 said...

Kate Hudson cut her sons hair???

I like Bradley Cooper, but he looks like he is wound a little bit tight.

strawberrygirl said...

Thank you, Kate for cutting your son's hair. Now if only Celine will follow suit.

Jillian S. said...

Who is that on the far left of the triathlon pic next to Jeremy Jackson?

Unknown said...

HELLO Zac Efron.

He's growing up nicely.

What is that mark all about?

Tenley said...

OMG I truly did not recognize that as Kate Hudson and even with Enty's prompting I guess I'm tired today, it took reading her name in the comments here to realize it was indeed her and her son! My God she looks awful.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

Harriet, yes, yes it is a little bit wrong. But I mean, somebody's got to want to or the poor thing would have no shot at actual sex with anyone, right?

Pookie said...

oooooooh....milla's bouquet is the gorge!

katy sagal looks fab. go her!

eep. i thought jenny mcarthy was heidi montag at first glance...

kfat and the gf always wear gym clothes. can't they ever dress cute? eww already.

Unknown said...

And Milla is stunning. I love her!

Karmen said...

"There must be no curtains left in Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter's hotel room." BAHAHA

I don't care for Taylor Swift, but that is a sweet picture of her.

califblondy said...

I didn't realize Kate finally cut Rider's hair. He really is a cute, little boy. I never thought so before. I guess Kate doesn't own an iron?

Rufus II said...

The Mets are to the Mets what Jessica Simpson was to the Dallas Cowboys.

Anonymous said...

Jerr - it's a scar for the character he's playing.

So many delicious chests, thanks Ent!

Jenny Mc - Your girls need some support, hon.

Jennifer C is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Even though Cheech wore Ed Hardy on his wedding day, he wins just for that pose. LOL

Tara said...

Katey Sagal - she's fabulous! I can't get enough of her.

I had Milla's first cd "The Divine Comedy" way back in the day and I listened to it all the time. I really enjoyed her voice and the entire cd was just like poetry set to music (some of the music was...not so good, though). She's freaking gorge!

ecrivaillon said...

Why does it look like KFed bought pants at the Big & Tall Shop and had them hemmed up like shorts? Any bigger and the crotch would be dragging on the ground! Maybe he decided to buy a larger size and grow into them? And what the hell is it with HBC and her bag-lady chic? Doesn't she even own a comb? And I didn't even recognize Hate Kudson--buy an iron!

dmd77 said...

Jennifer Connelly is so gorgeous and looks so much better now that she's back to a more healthy weight. Love her!

Milla looks beautiful too, but it does look like she's lost a little too much weight...I saw some other wedding pics and her arms look scary skinny.

shakey said...

Eggs eggs eggs. Mmmm.

Saw a movie review show very late last night. Talked about Yes Man. Interview with Bradley Cooper. The host mentioned his character was the grounding force for Jim Carrey's and wanted to know what it was like working with someone who has such comedic presence and improv skills. Right away he got in a snit. Talked about the films he did and name dropped on Wedding Crashers. (Yeah, it was such a comedic role for him, and a stretch too, I bet.) He wants to direct.

Caroline - my husband has a theory re CĂ©line: if they have a girl, they'll keep the hair short.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Cheech's wife minds Ed Hardy clothes, she just gives me that impression. That said, I love her shoes.

Yes, K-Fed's shorts bug me too. Does he not realize they make him look fatter?

Liz said...

Is it just me or does Zac look like his abs are painted on. Something in that picture doesn't look right.

MISCH said...


lanasyogamama said...

Milla is gorgeous, I'm jealous.

I've never found Britey's kids to be super cute.

Will always love Gwen. Happy bday lil cutie! My 3 yo even knows she has 2 boys.

Jennifer C. always seems bitchy to me.

K Fat's gf looks embarrased.

Kate Hudson is a ho.

Price William should marry her.

Leanne is a ho.

Love Taylor Swift.

Zac - who knew!?!

lmnop123 said...

I hope Kate cut Ryder's hair instead of just pulling it back into a ponytail. It's way overdue.

Now if Cindy C. and Sarah J.P. would just follow suit.

That's an annoying picture of Jenny Mc.

I'm glad Jennifer Connelly gained weight. She's too pretty to be so unhealthy.

Cheech's pose is too funny!

Unknown said...

"The lovely Jennifer Connelly"

haha yeah right, I happen to know she's a bitch, I worked at a ski resort in the states in the 07/08 season as a daycare supervisor, my boss the daycare manager, told me she had an encounter with Jennifer Connelly a couple of season prior to when I worked there.
Anyway when she tried to book her kids into the daycare she was told it was all booked and she threw a mega hissy fit and demanded to know what she should to with her kids. From now on when ever she goes there she only deals with the guy in charge of the ski school/daycare.

Funny thing is my boss had no idea who she was, still doesn't really, she had to be told by her boss who she was. She's had to deal with some rude nasty parents sometimes and Jennifer stuck out as one of the worst.

It'sMe said...

Tell me again why Prince William hasn't married Kate Middleton yet.

Because she's a lazy social climber only good for one thing and it ain't marriage?

Little Baby Jade said...

Thanks for the picture of Sergio! Love, love love him.

Unknown said...

Liz - Based on other pictures Zac's abs don't run when he's on the beach playing in the water so I think they are real. They might have some makeup on if they are actually filming him like that.

Halle's family is cute, as is Tim and Helena's even if they are mismatched.

I forgot about Razorlight.

ardleighstreet said...

Milla is great, especially in R.E. and if they don't bring back Oded Fehr I will pout like a two yr old.

Who cares what Halle's hat says,
her man is gorgeous.

Is Elijah wearing a wedding ring?

K-Fed seems to be dining on the meal caught in his teeth in that pict.

Maybe Uncle Alex is a good influence if it made her cut Ryder's hair.

Sorka8 said...

Whats with the Elijah Wood pic? Is he finally doing another movie?

K-Fed is a buffoon in that clown suit.

B626 said...

Jennifer C. has put on a few 'grams' of weight!
Weigh to go!!
Kate Hudson's kid finally got a
2 for 2!

Beensie said...

Does K-Fed's g-friend have a Merlotte's t-shirt on?

Beensie said...

Does K-Fed's g-friend have a Merlotte's t-shirt on?

Linnea said...

That would be awesome, beensie.

Am I the only one who thinks Eggs arms make him look like that guy who eats spinache - whats his name, pop-eye?

Jen Con is so beautiful, i loved her in requiem for a dream.

Brad Cooper always seemed like a douche to me, but that could also be cause i associate him with his character in wedding crashers! :)

And yes, Harriet. A little bit wrong. But maybe its something swedish, cause i do too...

Mexi said...

Beensie, I thought exactly the same thing! He loves food so much he makes the g/f dress as a waitress for the hell of it. Nice!

Unknown said...

Its about time Enty finally some pics featuring the cast from Sons of Anarchy - best show on TV at present. Charlie Hunnam is unbelievably gorgeous in it and Katy Segal is awesome.It is just a bad photo of CH although did guess hm for the actor who pissed in the car.

Leah said...

I like what I see of ol' Zac, the hours in the gym are paying off!

karen said...

Isn't there a rumor about Zac being the answer to a BI in which a young actor is bulimic and therefore has bad breath all the time and nobody wants to kiss him or something like that?

I also wonder why Kate's and Celine's sons are not allowed to have long hair? I think they look like cute little hippie boys.
Why should little kids already have to adapt themselves to the gender role society chooses for them?

Shoeaddict said...

I love, love, love Sons Of Anarchy and Charlie.

warmislandsun said...

When I saw that pic of Kfed, the first thing that popped into my head was, "Fat guy in a little suit.."


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