Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Photos Part One

When Mackenzie Phillips is your Facebook friend you get gems like this from a couple of days ago. It's hard to believe the show One Day At A Time was so long ago.
Which is whiter? Anne Hathaway's legs or her boyfriend's pants?
Alexisonfire - Reading, UK
Andy Roddick and Rachael Ray
Arnold & Sly eating lunch together. Lots of grunting.
First time appearances for Bobby Campo and
I think also for Nick Zano, and definitely for,
Brandon Barash.
Britney Spears leaving Shrek. Her kids kept saying, "Look it's daddy."
Carrie Underwood might not be smarter than a 5th grader but here she is singing with one.
Pictures from New Moon.
I believe that is Michael Sheen on the far left.
Geri Halliwell abandoning ship.
First day of school.
Haylie Duff and her new breasts.
And then after school, the kid tried to brush the teeth of a real bear.
Congratulations to John Krasinski and Emily Blunt on their engagement.
The Kardashian's find another store they haven't hit up for free stuff.
Kelly Osbourne looks great.
Matt Damon as well.
Megan Fox gets a parking ticket.
In case you wanted to see her shoes from a different angle.
Madina Lake - Reading, UK
I guess Mark Wahlberg just always walks around with cash.
Best wax likeness ever.
Thomas Dekker at the Final Destination premiere.
Thomas Jane might want to think about a bigger size for his shirts.


M. said...

Or maybe, Thomas Jane might just want to keep buttoning the buttons on his shirt once he puts it on...

RocketQueen said...

Kelly looks awesome!

Hooray for Blunt/Krasinski! I like them apart and together.

I'm getting a gay vibe from Hathaway's bf - anyone else?

Sinjin said...

I like Ann H. kudos to her for not wanting to look like an old, ill used leather handbag when she ages.

Kelly O. look adorable and healthy. That cut and color totally suits her. :-)

.robert said...

Asking here, can fox drive safely with those shoes?

I didn't get the Mark Wahlberg comment.

amazonblue said...

Please tell me all those pictures on the walls aren't actually in someones' home. That's gotta be a restaurant or someplace else. Anyway, MacKenzie and Valerie both look fabulous.

Rocket Queen, yeah, I'll second you. The pants are featuring that package a little too much.

What is Rachael Ray wearing??? Her grandmother's tennis outfit from 1978?

Love the side by side of Arnold and Sly, good for comparing face work.

Yum, Yum, Yum for all the first time boys.

Britney must have cleaned out her closet, those boots are back.

Love it how Geri holds her nose, that's a scary leap.

Would have never recognized Kelly, she looks wonderful.

Hmmmm... Matt Damon for Friday afternoon.

amazonblue said...

.robert, check out his shorts, they're pulled awfully tight.

Seattle_Strips said...

Enty, that isn't Brandon Barash. Go to the General Hospital me, I watch him almost daily. He is the hotness though, and deserves a spot in the photos.

FrenchGirl said...

LOL for Anne Hathaway!
Hello Matt Damon!
Hello Thomas Jane's navel!

henny said...

Wax likeness? Ohhh....I thought that was a cakewreck!

tina said...

.robert- he has $ wrapped around his finger (the hand carrying the doll)

captivagrl said...

megan fox is an asshole, and looks like one with the stupid hat.

Abby said...

But, enty, you didn't even mention that Anne Hathaway forgot her pants altogether!

And wtf is up with Megan Fox's shoes. She probably saw the meter maid from 100 yards but still got the ticket because she couldn't run to stop it. LOL

blog hopper said...

Megan Fox just oozes skankiness.

Maja With a J said...

OK, that toothy teddy bear is possibly the most frightening thing I have ever seen.

whole lotto luv said...

Arnie definitely has the better plastic surgeon. Die cho booie!

I didn't even recognize Dakota Fanning. That is her in the New Moon picture, right?

Kelly Osborne looks so much better than in that photo the other day.

Apparently, the look-how-sexy-I-am-with-my-mouth-hanging-open look did nothing for the meter maid. Yay, meter maid!

kimmypie1 said...

looks like Mark Walberg is just getting ready to tip the valet or something.

Anonymous said...

It's Brandon BEEMER, not Barash. He's pretty.

Megan's shoes look like high-end stripper/call-girl wear. How appropriate.

Has Andy Roddick always had a receding hairline, or is marriage getting to him already?

lanasyogamama said...

Geri Halliwell looks she's on a super fab vaca.

John Krasinski grew up going to my church, I wonder if there is any chance he'll marry there.

Who sponsored the first day of school?

Megan's shoes are stupid.

Dick Insideu said...

Stallone and ARNOLD suck eachother's cocks and fuck eachother up the ass. I should know - I've seen it. Yuck!~

Anonymous said...

If I were Roddick, I would've hit her with the racket. Then I would be King of the World!!!!

Those shoes are hard to drive in. I always wear heels but wedge heels are more difficult because there's no give. I don't hate them but they are not "errand running" shoes.

Green Wave Gal said...

sad...just read that DJ AM was found dead in his NYC apartment...drug paraphenalia found at the scene. :( After being sober for so long and surviving a plane crash...sad.

As the others mentioned...that's not Brandon Barash...Brandon Barish is HOT...this Brandon is pretty...

lmnop123 said...

You're right Green Wave Gal. I just read it on DListed.

So Sad.

lmnop123 said...

One more thing, I believe this was Nicole Richie's ex so I'm glad she got clean and stayed away from him.

Momster said...

I loved One Day at a Time. I used to pretend I was Valerie.

Love me some Michael Sheen. Might have to see the movie just to see him.

Megan looks so tiny next to the parking lot attendant.

Anonymous said...

Kelly can be so beautiful when she wants to be. The weight loss does help though.

Unknown said...

I saw Letterman last night. Rachel Ray played the ball girl when that tennis player was playing with Dave. It was funny.

Julie said...

i was named after julie cooper on one day at a time. lol
my brother made fun of me for being named after "the ugly sister"

Mags said...

I think Brandon Barash is really Brandon Beemer:

I'm sad for myself that I know this.

lanac said...

the girl in the background of anne hathaway's pic is totally thinking where are your pants?

Unknown said...

I am so happy that Emily Blunt found a nice man, who seems to be very smart and very normal. I hope they are both happy for a long time, she deserves it.

Pookie said...

is rachael ray wearing culottes? omg, hello 1982!

the little gosselin sextuplets are really cute.

shakey said...

"Who sponsored the first day of school?" Great comment, Lana.

If Ent hadn't mentioned that was Kelly Osbourne, I would not have recognized her. She looks fresh faced enough to not believe she's on the Coke diet.

Thomas Jane looks like someone just cut one.

Aimée said...

Britney's hair looks better than usual, looks really good.

Kelly Osbourne also looks really good, i've always liked her, she seems to be going in the right direction to sorting herself out now.

figgy said...

Kudos to Anne Hathaway, another member of the Pale Pride movement. :-D I too have legs that glow.

Blondie said...

think we need a replay and the REAL brandon barasch picture posted. he was at emmys, let's see him!!!


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