Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travis Barker Says The Child Molester Is Still In Shanna Moakler's Life

TMZ has the latest about the argument that happened on Monday in Rhode Island when the police were called to the place Shanna Moakler was staying. Apparently Travis Barker was dropping off the kids with their mom when he noticed a car down the street which belongs to a convicted child molester. According to court records this convicted child molester is supposed to stay away from the kids and is not allowed to be anywhere near them. Seems sane enough.

So, Travis called the cops. When the police came they looked through the house. They didn't see the molester so Travis left the kids with Shanna. He then went and Tweeted to the whole world that the mother of his kids is a big piece of s**t. Lovely.

Shanna called her rep who released a statement saying "It is really sad at this point that Shanna can't enjoy her children with her family in peace. Why would police let the kids stay if this apparent "uncle" was actually there. Shanna and Travis need to work this out without the media being involved. There are young children involved and its just not fair."

Umm, the police did let the kids stay there, but only because the child molester wasn't there at that time. For someone who Shanna claims was not involved in her life he sure does seem to come around frequently. That really scares me. It is kind of strange also that he apparently travels with Shanna as well. I wonder if he is her boyfriend and that is what the term uncle comes from.


selenakyle said...


I used to really love Travis but this tweeting and dirty-laundry-airing shit is off the hook wrong.

They have more white trash oozing off them than LiLo does, and that's really sayin' sumthin'

Pookie said...

i lost any respect i might have had for either of them long ago...all that public bashing they do of each other needs to stay within the confines of their trailerpark, not online.

ThoughtElf said...
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ThoughtElf said...

I will never understand why any female would allow a convicted child molester near their children. Stupid? Selfish?

Any Mom who knowingly puts their children in the path of potential abuse of this sort should be criminally charged, too.

Sorry - Travis is right - she is a piece of s#it for doing this - and screaming it from the roof-tops is not a bad thing. He's still acting like the more responsible parent trying to protect his kids from harm. And honouring the terms of the custody agreement, yes?

There are so many active cases right now with kids missing &/or found murdered by convicted child molesters that the mother's are 'in love' with.

Sick. It's just sick. The irony in her rep's statement is appalling. "It is really sad at this point that Shanna can't enjoy her children with her family in peace."

Reads more like: " "It is really sad at this point that Shanna can't enjoy her children with her family AND THE PEDOPHILE in peace."

Travis for the win on this one.

Sinjin said...

I agree with Pandora wholeheartedly! I have never understood why a woman would choose a man over her kids. My mom did, and I never forgave her or forgot it.

RocketQueen said...

I'm Team Travis. Better safe than sorry. Shanna seems incredibly self-absorbed to me.

lanasyogamama said...

I loved him on that tv show, but the twitter thing is out of control.

Judi said...

Why, in the name of all that is holy, is Shanna referring to this guy as an "uncle"?
This just gives me a really sick feeling.

Katja said...

It seems like he is trying to notify CPS but without a direct call. Travis call your lawyer!

Can't the cops just ask the kids if they know him?

What a dangerous person to have as a mother.

jax said...

from what i read.. the 'molester' was convicted of stat rape with his younger gf from years ago...not exactly touching toddlers on the sly.

fuck off Travis, you're a disgrace to fatherhood. all your tweets do more harm than Shanna would let happen to her kids.


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