Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That's Not A Tell All Book

In Touch Magazine says that Janet Jackson is planning on writing a tell all book. When I read a headline like that it gets me all warm and fuzzy. It turns out though there isn't going to be much telling and it certainly won't be all. Practically nothing if you ask me. If there was ever a tell all book from a Jackson that I would actually read it would be from Janet. I want to hear all of her stories all the way from Good Times to now. She is an extremely secretive person and I know it would be a page turner. Plus she is about the only Jackson who actually seemed to talk to Michael on a regular basis so there would be that as well.

Unfortunately though, what In Touch calls a tell all book sounds more to me like a weight loss guide and how she copes with her weight battles on a daily basis and life lessons she has picked up along the way. Think GOOP but with a $35 hardcover price.

"She is going to talk about Michael's death and how it's affected her and his children and the rest of the family.

"A lot of it will focus on her battle with self-esteem and weight. But that's not always what she has seen when she looks in the mirror. The source added: "So the book will talk about how she has coped, and about her family relationships. She wants to help other young women out there."

While I am sure there will be helpful lessons and I only wish her the best, I want her to know that if she ever writes a true tell all I will be the first in line to read it at Borders. They have good pastries.


kimi said...

I am curious how she drops weight so quickly.

lmnop123 said...

Well I can guarantee the book won't tell the honest truth about Janet and or her weight but she's very popular so it will probably be a best seller.

RocketQueen said...

She looks fabulous in that dress.

lmnop123 said...

When she was married to her second husband they were both known for getting multiple weight loss prescriptions from doctors under different names.

Now her family wants to blame Mike's death on a doctor and put him in jail for the multiple doses which lead to his death. Did that doctor force feed Mike those drugs?

Just saying.

sunnyside1213 said...


Pookie said...

i have to disagree, enty...the good pastries are at barnes & noble.

MnGddess said...

Janet could write a page-turner if she really wanted to, but she's gotten way off course with her shows and music. It's more of a sex show that a music/dance show anymore.

ElsieFire said...

Kimi, it's the LA Doctor weight loss plan:

Check into private clinic.
Hop into a bed.
Shove an IV needle into your veins and pump liquid vitamins and minerals into your body.
Lay still for 5 days, drop 20 pounds.

Voila! Instant size 2!

Anonymous said...


Jessica Simpson also going to write a Tell-All on her Ex's. This was on Star Magazine.

Unknown said...

With all her problems I would bet she was molested as a child. Long ago there were rumors that Joe molested the girls in the family, and Katherine knew it too. Kudos to her makeup artist because she looks like an entirely different person when she is in full warpaint.


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