Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard. You get the top spot.
If not for Alexander's birthday, Mila Kunis would have got the top spot. No, it isn't her birthday, but I like her. She works hard, stays out of trouble, has been in a relationship forever, and has never been on the bad end of a blind item. Plus, she is going to star in a new movie with Natalie Portman where they are going to spend much of the movie naked together.
Alice In Chains - Pomona, CA
When Artie Lange sees a policeman he has an automatic reflex now.
The ridiculously good looking couple of the day award goes to Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.
Dare I say it? Anna Wintour was actually funny and charming on Letterman last night.
"Yeah, it's gum ya'll."
So, Larry Rudolph goes over to Britney to take it out.
Daryl Hannah created a board game. She looks fabulous too. How old is she?
This is what happens when you try and pose for too many photographers at once. You get wonky eyes.
Your fully clothed looks like porn photo of the day.
The Simmons family.
Jason Bateman and his wife.
Of course you can't have a picture of Jason without also having one of Will. Oh, and Amy and Simon Pegg.
Hilary Duff getting off work at the Paris Hilton animal rescue shelter.
Johnny Knoxville auditioning for March Of The Penguins 2.
Johnathon Schaech with the worst shirt of the day award.
Kellan Lutz with the weekly obligatory airport shot.
Katie Price with the weekly obligatory selling something photo.
Lady Gaga with the weekly obligatory "woe is me photo."
It's brother and sister Meester.
Linkin Park - Pomona, CA
Mew - New York
Bridget Marquardt and her boyfriend Nick Carpenter.
Rocky Horror Picture Show auditions.
I know I had Rob Zombie in the photos recently but I saw the preview for Halloween 2. Scariest. Movie. Ever.
I can't get used to Samaire Armstrong's new hair color.
Shannon Elizabeth is single and looking for love. I heard that she hooked up with Benji Madden.
Not hooking up with Benji Madden is Shania Twain.


Anonymous said...

I have a birthday present I would like to give ASkars, but this is a family-friendly site so it will have to be delivered in person.

I've seen Jonathan Schaech's shirt on the $5 rack at Burlington Coat Factory. Or maybe it was TJ Maxx.

Brother Meester is kind of unfortunate looking.

Kellan looks like he's about to pull a gun out of his coat

blog hopper said...

That is NOT Daryl Hannah! Is it? She actually looks pretty!

RocketQueen said...

Daryl Hannah looks amazing!

Well well, Shania - good for you!

Leighton always looks great - that dress! (thought I'm not sure about with that necklace)

Katie Price go away. Please.

I'm not crazy about Anna P's dress. A little 90s, methinks.

ElsieFire said...

TMZ has some wicked side by sides of Ms Hannah. NOT.PRETTY.

But, Mr Skarsgard is. Yes, very, very pretty....

Unknown said...

I can finally comment...YAY!!! Though right now I am seeing if this works :)

Unknown said...

It worked..it takes so little to make me happy

JudyPatooty said...

Oh! ASkars... the Swedish Giant of Deliciousness!

Pookie said...

wth is wrong w/ me...i don't like that alexander skarsgard pic.

mila is the gorge! i remember when she was 16 and doing that 70s show...she'd just bought her first ford explorer and thought she was the stuff...teehee. so glad she outgrew the rebel stage. is her mgr still nuts? nice lady, but loopy.

there's just something funny about "alice in chains" and "pomona" being in the same sentence.

oh britney.

does lady gaga ever tire of being "on" all the time?

mooshki said...

Welcome, Patty. :)

Green Wave Gal said...

I still don't get the Lady GaGa thing...

redhotpepper said...

Alexander can be on top of me anytime! Or Stephen Moyer for that matter.

adore said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to ASkars indeed :P. Aww, Enty no pics of Tool at Epicenter? There should have been some pics of Maynard with his crutches!

Karmen said...

Is it me or does that picture of BritBrit look like she has ringworm on her wrist?

Hooray Bateman, Will and Amy!

Johnathon Schaech is wearing a shirt by Affliction, which is a brand started by someone with MMA. They're not too far off from being Ed Hardy shirts. Blegh.

Maja With a J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maja With a J said...

It's strange how playing a vampire instantly turns a man attractive. I never really cared for Alexander Skarsgård looks-wise before (but I always thought he was a good actor. BTW, look for him in Zoolander! Not for his acting skills but for the trivia), but since True Blood...oh, boy. Same with Stephen Moyer. I mean, who even knew who he was before TB? And he's good looking in pictures as himself, but as Bill Compton...man! The way he says "Sookie" ("SOOKEH!") makes me ...wish...my name was...Sookie

CDAN Mod said...

nick simmons is YUMMY in that photo.

sunnyside1213 said...

Glad Mila is getting some recognition. Always liked her.

Did anyone see Anna Wintour on David Letterman. She was rather funny.

I am a new True Blood fan. I think they are all amazing and HOT!

whole lotto luv said...

Karmen - I thought ringworm, too - blecch!

Artie Lange sure got old.

Lady Gaga's getup still doesn't hide her ugly.

Hope Shannon Elizabeth has her precription for valtrex handy, if she's doing a Paris-ite ex.

figgy said...

Oooh, both Meesters SO adorable!

CHIHUAHUAS!!! I have a chihuahua from a shelter, Benicio del Toro, Best Dog Ever! Their reputation for being obnoxious is NOT true. Benny loves everybody!

Wow, those Rocky Horror Picture show auditioners are all SO gorgeous! I'm serious. phew.

That's painful, the gorgeousness of Gene Simmons son AND Jason Bateman right next to each other, OW! My inner cougar is salivating over Simmons Jr, but Jason Bateman is one of my top 5 celebrities ever. And look, he even has a lovely and normal-looking wife. Respect just increased even further.

figgy said...

Just read my own post...I'm on a week-long staycation, and all this napping and pear vodka w/ limeade has made me Suzy Sunshine, hasn't it?! hee hee

Lil said...

Bless you Enty for the Alexander Skarsgard photo. May your kitchen cabinets be filled with Chicken in a Biskit.

juicy said...

leighton's brother looks like a grown-up prince michael.

and DNfromMN - i saw it at Marshall's at an outlet mall.

lanasyogamama said...

Mila, I'm jealous of your pretty.

Artie, I wish you were still on free radio.

Anna Paquin's hair is mullety.

How many zillion times is Jen Aniston going to wear that outfit?

Lady Gaga, please tell me when you're done with that YSL bag.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Damn, I thought Johnathon Schaech's shirt said "Afflecktion"...I thought he was showing some solidarity with us CDAN-ites.

Tenley said...

RocketQueen thought Anna P's dress looked a little 1990s -- and honestly, I looked at the photo a long time because it's like not one but TWO dressy dresses I had more than a decade ago sewn together. (A short one with the see-through second skin on top and a full-length gown with the rest).

Jen Aniston -- my God I'm already sick of that movie, just seeing that same damn outfit every day.

gralismom said...

Hello all, this is my first post (except for a recipe!) but I've enjoyed reading your banter for ages.

Figgy - I just have to agree with you, I think Simmons Jr is a total hottie too! Please tell me that he's not putting on too much of an act on his show - just love him! (Of course he'd think I was an old lady, lol)

ecrivaillon said...

Why. Does. Everyone. Write. Sentences. Like. This. For. Maximum. Emphasis.? Is. There. Some. Verbal. Intonation. It's. Attempting. To. Convey. That. I'm. Not. Aware. Of.? Just. Curious.

ardleighstreet said...

I love True Blood. I am addicted ---see why?

I thought maybe Artie Lange just had his nails done and was waiting for them to dry. ;)

As much as you hate J.Aniston's dress, I hate that shirt of Gerry's. It offends the eyes.

lutefisk said...

lol @ Brendalove!---Afflecktion is priceless.

gay tallywacker said...

Anna Wintour - great silhouette (did I spell that correctly?)

Johnny K....uhm.....awkward.

Sister Meester - sounds funny if you say it out loud - try it.

J-Mo said...

Yes, I thought ringworm too.

J-Mo said...

Yes, I thought ringworm too.

J-Mo said...

Yes, I thought ringworm too.

Sinjin said...

ecrivaillon: I've never noticed it before. Perhaps it's the new people? We just tend to watch our grammer and spelling around here. And we don't attack other's comments, unless it's an unusual circumstance :-)

Regarding Brit's wrist. Don't you guys remember when she went off her rocker and went and got that tatoo of that "lipstick kiss" on her wrist? It may have been the same night she shaved her head with that loopy expression.

I don't get the attraction for the guy in the top pic (I won't mangle his name), he's too Nordic (for me), I mean, where's the flavor? I find him as interesting a piece of wet toast. I'm glad some of you ladies are happy for the pic though ;-D

Tatyana said...

Hmm, wasn't Mila mentioned is the most recent mass reveal as the answer to a pretty unflattering blind?

Jerry said...

Does that mean Bridget WASN'T the lesbian?

Leah said...

I really like Alexander, but I wish they would portray him more like the books, he needs increase his mischievousness.

I've always liked Mila, she seems so likable and cute.

I thought the Britney wrist tattoo was the gum, but then I saw the wad in her mouth.

Is Halloween 2 scarier than Rob Zombie's outfit. YEESH!

I kind of like Samaire "No Pants" Armstrong's hair, but it is the same shade as her skin.

karen said...

Does brother Meester have moobs?

Stacy said...

More ASkars, please EL. Lots and lots more.

Tara said...

Loves me some Mila. It's nice to see a younger Hollywood chick that isn't in the tabloids all the time.

I don't really get the whole Anna Paquin thing. I find her incredibly unattractive and her acting is just...eh. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on her appeal?

Aimée said...

As Figgy said, not ALL Chihuahuas are obnoxious. I've had 3 Chihuahuas (Technically)...2 of them were...ahem, slightly mental and chased people out of rooms lol. I once saw a 6 foot man run away from them...pretty scary little shits. One of them died a few months ago at 14 years old, and his brother is too old to be bothered to nip ankles without him now. I now have a 9 month old chihuahua/jack russell...he's an interesting specimen...he's a soft git, all he wants to do is play.

I love Mila :D I can't help but smile when i hear her voice.

I love that i started listening to Linkin Park in 2001 and the band isn't deaded yet.


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