Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Placido Domingo conducting Yo-Yo-Ma has to go on top.
As much as I love America Ferrera, I would rather this be a picture of Michael Cera standing in front of a frozen banana stand for day one of the Arrested Development movie.
When you forget about all of Anne Heche's history and just look at a picture of her she looks pretty and seems nice. Unfortunately it is tough to forget it all.
David Blaine along side Alizee Guinochet. She is named after cheap booze? Oh, wait that would be Alize. My bad.
The couple most likely to take mushrooms award of the day goes to Dave Stewart and Rosanna Arquette.
I hate to admit it, but Eva Longoria looks great here.
And honestly, for Helena Bonham Carter this is extremely normal. Take away the neck up and her tribute to the 60's and she looks incredible for her. I love how she never compromises though.
Johnny Depp in Nice.
Jessica Szohr on the set of Gossip Girl looking incredible.
Judging by the look on Kevin's face he is missing a meal. Umm, dude. You are famous for marrying someone, pretend you like it. And ladies, really? If any of you told him he is cute your friends should mock you for the next 16 days.
Apparently there were actual fans lined up on the streets of LA yesterday for Kate's appearance at the CNN building. I am hoping they were all tourists or people who have Larry King in their death pool.
So, Funny People has sucked at the box office, but I heard it was really good. I am on a Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen one year ban though so I don't know if I will see it or not.
Nice to know that Mel Gibson enjoys lighting up around his pregnant girlfriend who is suing a photographer for releasing pictures of her in lingerie. I bet if he did it a year ago when no one knew her she would have loved it.
Martina Hingis is on Strictly Come Dancing which is DWTS in the UK. Apparently some people there want her kicked off because she was banned from tennis for drug use. Umm, have you seen the washed up celebrities they put on these shows? If they gave them all a drug test it would be a very empty program.
The Olsen's plugging by far the best celebrity line of clothes. Elizabeth & James.
Matthew M. looks pissed. Someone must have stolen his bongos.
A MAD Tv reunion. Mo Collins, Jill-Michele Melean and Debra Skelton.
Happy Birthday Blake Lively. How about you and Maria Sharapova coming over to the basement and we can all share that cake.
Peter Andre owns one set of clothing. This is it.
Pixie Geldof was doing so well fashion wise and then this.
Paula Patton, Queen Latifah and the Thicke who doesn't suck, Robin Thicke.
Serena Williams and Common.
Whitney Houston on the set of her music video.


Pookie said...

yo-yo ma!!! I LOVE YOU FOR THAT, ENTY!!!

lol @ rosanna a./david s. true...

johnny depp gone trailer park. eww.

kfat surrounded by chubbies...oh the irony.

LOVE the mad tv girls!

blog hopper said...

Wow...I wouldn't call those girls chubbies. That's pretty harsh.

Whitney looks great!!

CDAN Mod said...

i could be wrong, but can adam sandler open a movie to save his life? have other people figured out that he is not funny?

we have to give johnny depp and keanu a free pass on looking unkempt. although my baby keanu does it better.

CDAN Mod said...

now adam was good in that film with don cheadle. the name escapes me.

ali said...

Why the negative Anne Heche comment?

mooshki said...

I saw Yo-Yo-Ma live once. It blew my mind.

Did David Blaine use his magic to make her thighs disappear?

Jessica Szohr is gorgeous. Too bad her character is more boring than cardboard.

Serena & Common are way up there on my favorite celeb couples list.

Anonymous said...

Quint Southerner - Reign Over Me

Did I miss a blind item on Alan Thicke? ("Thicke who doesn't suck")

I'm okay with Helena's unusual fashion sense, but platform flip-flops sound like an accident waiting to happen.

I read something about a month ago about how Anne Heche's mother wrote a memoir and how Anne refused to read it.

GladysKravitz said...

YoYo Ma. Heard him live once, too, in SF. Made me cry and I'm not a classical music kinda gal. You rock, Enty, for putting him and Placido on top.

LOL @ the couple most likely to take mushrooms. How about the couple most likely to have ALREADY taken mushrooms, based on the picture?

Eva L. DOES look great there. Bummer.

What the hell kind of string instrument is Johnny D. carrying? is that a dobro??

Kate G. looks scary in that picture. OK. She always looks scary. But she looks SUPER scary in that photo.

Mel's starting to look pretty long in the tooth--and pale. Is he planning a guest appearance on True Blood? Oh. Just a womanizing drinker paying the price.

LOL at Matthew's bongos getting stolen. One "o" too many in that word, Enty. And he looks as if his face has been plasticized.

Dear Mo Collins: I love you and think you're hilarious. However, you should have listened to your mother and always kept your knees touching each other when wearing a dress.

Dear Pixie Geldof: You, on the other hand, should find a skirt to wear over your denim belt.

Pookie said...

eep! i'm sorry blog hopper...i didn't mean that in a jerky way, i truly didn't. :(

i live in one of the most shallow and superficial cities in the country and i guess it rubs off...

Karmen said...

Why are you on a Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen ban?

selenakyle said...

Wow, look at Whitney!

Gosh I really hope she makes it stick.

Sinjin said...

The Trollsons look like they need to tinkle before they practice wearing their mommy's shoes.

RocketQueen said...

I hope Enty's not suggesting Alan Thicke sucks - he's not GREAT, granted, but he's Canadian and I think he's a nice man ;)

Whitney looks great and I admit, crazy aside, Anne Heche is quite lovely.

Johnny! What happened? For the first time I look at you and think Ick! Nast! Please be dressed that way for a movie?

I've also heard great thinks about the Olson's clothing line - so why do THEY always look like their clothes are sloppy and ill-fitting?

Agree that Mooshki re: Szohr - gorgeous but kind of annoyingly boring on GG.

Love Helena too and she clearly doesn't employ a stylist. I really don't care for those pink sandals though. Ugh.

Of course Eva looks great, Ent - weren't you or another blind suggesting she has sex often with men who aren't her husband? Great exercise and great for the skin! ;)

jenna said...

not that it matters, cause they are both a waste of web space, but that's Peaches Geldof, not Pixie.

lanasyogamama said...

I think Matthew is mad someone made him wear a shirt.

Rosie said...

That dress is hands down my favorite Reem Acra design ever- just love it! Jessica Szohr on the other hand... not so much.

Judi said...

^^ Yes, Rosie! Isn't it the same one that Olivia Wilde wore to the GGlobes (or was it the Emmys) last year? My fave dress at that event. Spectacular. Found Reem 7 years ago when searching for a wedding dress and was very happy to see that celebrities found her.

And how long has Rosanna been with Dave Stewart?! Where the H have I been ?!

Unknown said...

Oh Mel, you and your whore mail order bride make me sick. Your hypocritical crazy ass church that is headed by your bat shit crazy father, who annulled your nearly 20 year marriage to the mother of all of your children, making them illegitimate. Oh wait, that annulment never happened except in your crazy mind. So you and the whore will not be recognized as married, and her child will be the illegitimate bastard! Ha.

I hope you don't beat the hell out the your new whore bride when you are really drunk, or injure her when you are driving drunk, which you still do. Creep.

henny said...

Quick. Go see Funny People before they make another pile of crap. It was really a good movie.

blog hopper said...

Pookie- I just think they look natural! Not thin, but I guess I saw your comment and was like, "My arms don't look thin either!"

amanda rae said...

I knew a girl in high school who named her baby Alize. Yes, after the alcohol. But she was like, 16 when she had her baby, so it's not like she was classy, responsible, or very intelligent, so I wasn't too shocked. Par for the course, ya know.

Forgive me for defending Mel, but so what if he's smoking OUTSIDE around his girlfriend? There are way worse pollutants being pumped into the air, especially in smog-filled LA. I don't think one cigarette outside is going to do a damn thing. This anti-tobacco thing has gotten WAY out of control. Gain some freaking perspective, for God's sake!

I hate the Olsen twins and their freakish, misshapen smiles. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEIR MOUTHS? Freaks.

If those chicks with K-Fed are not "chubby", then I want to know what "chubby" means. Some of them are downright HUGE...but so is he. Yes, I am a shallow, judgmental bitch (and I'm OK with that!)

Alice D Millionaire said...

Matthew M. looks terrible in that photo. He almost looks like he had bad work done.

warmislandsun said...

Robin Thicke has that Screech/Justin Timberlake thing going on.

Linnea said...

why the comment about heche? see yesterdays letterman. :)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing Serena and Common together.


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