Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That Divas Show Just Got Worse

About a month ago I posted a little something about how VH-1 was bringing back their Divas franchise and was going to host a new edition of the concert with people who are most definitely not Divas. Well, if you are going to have crappy divas you might as well add Paula Abdul to the mix. Oh no, Paula isn't going to sing, although that would kind of be the topper to a night of performances that probably won't be that great.

Paula is going to be the host of the show. Yep. Taking a page out of the Ryan Seacrest manual, Paula has signed on to be the host of the event. I am hoping for her sake that it is taped well in advance and that she gets as many takes as needed to get it right. If this thing is live I am going to be glued to my set. The show is set to air on September 17th.


mooshki said...

HOST?! Wow, someone in casting was on some serious crack.

Merlin D. Bear said...

I'm more concerned with how they're defining "Diva" these days.

Once upon a time I thought it meant someone who actually *had* either an active career or a historic career in music -
But I mean Scar-Jo? Seriously???
... Scar-Jo? Is this a joke?

On the bright side, none of the Simpson clan made the cut.

RocketQueen said...

please be live please be live please be live

Poodle Bitch said...

Poodle Bitch believes the producers needed to do something to generate interest in this "event."

jax said...

warm pile of oatmeal lightly flavored with desperation.

sunnyside1213 said...

There seems to be some serious erosion in the term Diva. I can't name one of these women, except for the ScarJo hint.

Pookie said...

ditto merlin and lol jax!

ardleighstreet said...

What they pass off as entertainment on VH1 these days is just pitiful!

Please if I have hear The Climb again I'll go bezerk. GirlChild wouldn't know struggle if it bit her in her---icecream cart.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Please tell me Miley isn't one of the "Divas" either.
Please. Lie if you have to.


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