Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kite Surfers Jump A Pier

For three years, a pair of kite surfers have wanted to jump Worthing Pier in the UK. Well, they finally pulled it off. The amazing video is below.


lanasyogamama said...

I wish I did fun stuff like that!

Tania said...

Impressive! And daft. But hell, there's really not much else to do in Worthing. I should know, I've got family there.... ;-)

Ms Cool said...

Looks really fun. Not as underwhelming as the newscaster made it sound.

Pookie said...

wow! how cool is that?!

Aimée said...

I've been on holiday there a few times, i love it :D

If you liked this, they have a similar annual event called Worthing Birdman, where people build "flying machines" and the like, and jump off the end of the pier.


KLM said...



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