Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Johnny Depp is your sexiest man alive for 2009 and gets the top spot.
Meanwhile last year's winner Hugh Jackman seems to be taking it all in stride. Ha, I crack myself up.
Long time no see in the photos for Billy Crudup.
Is Baz Luhrman looking at the floor or down the dress?
Someone linked to these pictures in the comments yesterday and I just couldn't resist posting them. Who would you rather kiss? Brittany Murphy's husband or Verne Troyer? It kind of looks like she is expecting tongue which makes this even worse.

I didn't even recognize Christina Aguilera who is filming scenes from her new movie.
Looks a little windy in the UK for Claire Danes, but the hair isn't being affected.
Scratch that.
Danny Devito introducing Tim Burton at the MOMA.

Helena Bonham Carter was not trying to reenact Sweeney Todd.
Johnny Depp was there with that guy from Fiddler On The Roof. Oh wait that is Patti Smith.
Mary Kate & Ashley have been trying to duplicate but never succeeding in pulling off the Helena Bonham Carter look.
Ed Westwick, Blake Lively & Chace Crawford.
And one more of Johnny Depp for good measure.


sunnyside1213 said...

That is an ugly picture of the SMA. Couldn't they find one that actually looked like him? Johnny Depp is a good looking guy. Now I am just mad.

RocketQueen said...

I just cannot take anything the Olsons produce as 'fashion' seriously when they dress like that.

Helena Bonham Carter is so wonderfully wacky.

I didn't need to see those photos of BM's husband again - did anyone else see the one of his ass crack coming out of his jeans - shudder.

Hooray for Johnny forever.

MontanaMarriott said...

I don't believe wardrobe ever has to dress HBC for her period pieces, she just wears what she has at home.

Patti Smith is JUST Pattie Smith

Xtina is in a movie?!?! Who knew she could act?!?!

Poor Britney Murphy, if only she would just pay him the hush money, make him sign a confidentiality agreement and get the incriminating evidence he has on her she would be free from that horrific relationship

CDAN Mod said...

you guys are so wrong for criticizing bm's hubby.

.robert said...

Spencer Pratt was robbed for SMA.


Pookie said...

meh johnny depp.

yum hugh jackman!

wth happened to billy c.?

eep britney. love really is blind.

wow christina!

lol @ olsens channeling hbc.

West End Girl said...

Yeah, it's hella windy here at the moment, Enty.

Sadly, Depp does nothing for me but well done him.

Brittany - yuck.

CDAN Mod said...

pretty please...can i get some dave keuning pics sometimes? add don cheadle to the list too.

Ms Cool said...

Johnny Depp is beautiful. Doesn't do it for me but I sure do like to watch him act.

Karmen said...

Love Johnny Depp! Thanks for the double posting, Enty! I heard "Black Betty" at the bar the other night and I've been DYING to watch "Blow". Seriously watched that movie every day for the first two months of senior year of high school. Truth.

Sporky said...

Thank Xenu Rob Pattinson didn't win SMA. Yeesh, Twihards everywhere must be pissed off beyond belief!

And what the holy HELL happened to Billy Crudup? Looking like that, they need to shorten his name to just CRUD.

LottaColada said...

1st time poster here

I feel more sorry for the dog than I do for Brittany

Johnny is sooo sexy its ridiuclous.

Since when does Christina act?

Thisisridiculous said...

I love me some Johnny D.

For a second I thought Christina was Christina Applegate.

figgy said...

Someone needs to call an animal rescue place for that poor little white dog.

Why the same guys for SMA? Come ON, like there's no one else? Do. Not. Get it.

Patti said...

Johnny Depp is my all time favorite actor. Very talented.
Very sexy!!

nancer said...

johnny can get that title every year as far as i'm concerned.

i just have to believe that if brittany murphy ever sobers up, she won't be able to believe she let this big bag of pus touch her.

selenakyle said...

Pattinson is one of the least attractive males I have ever seen.

I find him repulsive.

Sorry, JMO!

Marna Palmer said...

What in god's name did Miss Aguiliera do to her face?!?!? I thought it was a mini version of Nicolette Sheridan. Frightening!

sassyfrassy said...

Thought the same thing when 1st seeing it.. SMA picture is terrible! His face is "I drank a lot last night"-puffy.

Unknown said...

Johnny Depp, so hot.

Billy Crudup(?) is not aging well.

Melody the First said...

Johnny Depp is a very nice man but any "sexiest list" that doesn't include Karl Urban ... Well, what can I say?

Good for Brit the Murph! She clearly looks beyond the surface. Clearly. Besides, put him up for grabbies next to Chris Brown and I'd take her hubby any day.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Thanks, Sporky, for your comments. I am now wiping beer off my keyboard!

Brittany Murphy's husband looks sweaty and perhaps a bit ripe. Maybe he's a 'nice guy' but ICK NAST is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Johnny's SMA cover shot is awful, but he's still hotness.

I'm certainly making a trip to the MOMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit ~ so freakin awesome!

I don't know what to make of Xtina. I think I like her sans 20lbs of makeup, but I honestly never would've guessed it was her. The FACE, something is

ItsJustMe said...

From the photos of Brittany Murphy, I can totally see that she's the blind about the actress who basically had to have her face reconstructed due to massive drug use. She is almost unrecognizable!

I do hope she and her hubby are off the bad stuff.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Billy Screwedup has a bad case of karma face.

trashtalker said...

And Claire's nips indicate that it's chilly, too.

Billy's looking haggard.

Johnny's yummy, but I'd be afraid to get too close to him. I think he might smell a la RPattz. (Well, maybe not that bad.)

RocketQueen said...

lol @ Melody's comment about Chris Brown. That really puts it in perspective!

FrenchGirl said...

Depp looks younger than the last time i saw in pix and where is Vanessa Paradis?


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