Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

I think this is a first time appearance for Luke Evans.
Laura Prepon looks thrilled to be spotted.
Do you think anything permanently disfiguring would happen to you if you saw Latoya Jackson without her makeup and wig on?
I really didn't want to include the picture of Mel B and her husband but it looks like he is wearing velvet so I have to stick to the rules.
I think they should make a new version of Grumpy Old Men starring this pair.
So, was this a sleepover or something because it looks like the kid in front is wearing pajamas.
Nic Cage in Kenya. Did you know Nic is the UN representative for drugs and crime. Yeah, so anyway, as part of his duties he went and spoke with Somali pirates who had been captured. He probably wants a piece of the action because he has his eye on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was once touched by Elvis and will only cost him $250,000.
Does Neil Patrick Harris ever take a bad picture?
Monaco Day. Princess Stephanie on the far left has changed a great deal. Before the internet she sold a whole lot of tabloids.
I think Russell reminds Quentin that he is sleeping with Katy Perry.
Meanwhile over on the other side of town, Katy prepared to perform for a cell phone company.
Robert Pattinson at some morning show program today.
Has anyone seen Reese with Jake in awhile? I guess the bag belongs to Reese huh?
Shakira - New York City
Shakira's parents - New York City.
Tom Cruise in Vienna. Lots of creepy looking bodyguards.
The always impeccable Tom Ford.
Contrast Tom with Levi Johnston who was a pariah last night. It was a tossup who was ignored more he or Lindsay Lohan.


GladysKravitz said...

Enty doesn't even tag Levi Johnson. As it should be: the guy is "famous" for knocking up the daughter of a losing candidate for vice president. Yeah, it's pretty hard to be a 17 year old guy and get a girl pregnant. How much more F List can you get?

GladysKravitz said...
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lutefisk said...

That's the 1st time I have seen Nic Cage without all that fake hair glued on.
How can we make Levi Johnston go away? Or at lease hook him up with someone deserving like Paris or Lindsay?

GladysKravitz said...

I'd like to believe that the tote bag that Reese is carrying is just like the one I own, from Land's End, with monogramming and all (though mine doesn't have her initials, natch).

I'm afraid, though, that some other reader will tell me that it's actually from some hoity designer and didn't cost $31 (like the Land's End bag) but $31,000.

Oh well. The truth will set me free, right?

MISCH said...



MontanaMarriott said...

Wooooww Stephanie has aged overnight, poor girl.

Mmmmm Tom Ford

jw12 said...

Gladys- I always give those Land's End bags as a baby shower gifts.

jw12 said...

^^oops gift

audrey said...

MontanaMarriott...It was hardly overnight. It has been a good 15 years since Princess Stephanie graced the front covers of every tabloid ever printed.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie was another Parasite. This is how she will probably look when she reaches Stephanie's age.

Pookie said...

eeek, detective latoya. wth happened to the jacksons that they hate their race so much?

lol @ sticking to velvet rules.

wow, nic cage went w/o a hairpiece! i'm in shock.

aww...nph...such a cutie.

that dress is all over the place. stop it katy perry.

i love you shakira but i still don't kow wth you're saying when you sing in english.

Sporky said...

Holy Grey Pubes, Batman! I did NOT recognize Nicolas Cage...

kit said...

Tom F looks amazing. Beautiful suit.

nancer said...

geez, give them a break. princess stephanie is about 45 years old. it's been a long time since she was fucking everyone in sight and embarrassing her family.

sunnyside1213 said...

Katy Perry - not in childrens clothes. Amazing.

RocketQueen said...

@GladysKravitz - I'm pretty sure the bag is from RW & Co. (but I could be wrong) - great store and thrifty considering what Reese makes!

I have to admit I like seeing Levi whoring himself all over the place because I know it just pisses Sarah P off. And that's good enough for me.

Saw some pics of Katy Perry close up on another site today - she looked freaky!

WTH is going on on Nic's head?

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

That picture of Princess Stephanie makes me feel bad not because she looks aged but because she looks sad.

Anonymous said...

if I send enty a picture of me wearing nothing but velvet, does this mean he HAS to post it?

@Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors - I agree, she looks like she was just daydreaming about doing something really nice and woke up to THIS :(

Mango said...

I love me some Morgan Freeman! Pound for pound, my favorite actor. I was gonna egg your office, Enty, but you redeemed yourself with your Nic Cage PB&J sandwich comments! Nice save!

Leah said...

To answer your question- No NPH never takes a bad picture.


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