Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ryan Seacrest Gets A Restraining Order - Good Luck With That

I understand the whole going through the motions thing and Ryan Seacrest needed to get the permanent restraining order against his stalker Chidi Uzomah. He got that order today from a judge. This is one of those times though where it really won't do any good. I get this image in my head of Ryan running down the street waving a piece of paper while this huge guy is chasing him and the entire time Ryan is yelling, "you need to stay away I have this restraining order." The guy can't catch him until he shouts out to Ryan that Ryan's hair is messed up from running. Ryan immediately stops, checks a mirror and gets caught.

This is one of those times where I don't think a piece of paper is going to do anything at all. Chidi has been charged with a felony and some misdemeanors and I think Ryan's best hope is that this guy will get some jail time and find a new person to focus his attention on. This is not just a harmless person who jumps a fence and says they are married and have kids together. This is a guy who has been in the Army and appears to be serious in attempting to hurt Ryan.


Ice Angel said...

What a scary looking dude...I hope they are able to do something about this guy and put him away. As much as we make fun of our celebrities, fame shouldn't cost you your life. Stay safe Ryan!

.robert said...

A seriously stupid guy to walk up to building security and say "I have an appointment with Mr. Seacrest, an appointment for MURDER, muhahaha, while waiving a knife around.

Or at least I like to think that is how things went down.

Sporky said...

"This is a guy who has been in the Army and appears to be serious in attempting to hurt Ryan."

I'm not as outraged by this as I thought I would be...hmm...

nancer said...

there's something wrong when people have to put up with stalking, and nothing is done until they're hurt or killed.
everyone---including ryan seacrest---should be able to live without being in fear of a crazy person who's targeting them.
there need to be much stiffer penalties for stalking with REAL time. shit, let the people doing time for residue on a crack pipe, or simple possession out----lock up THIS dude. he's far more dangerous.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Aren't the penalties in California stiffer for stalking than anywhere else, especially after that incident where the stalker killed Rebecca Schaeffer back in the 80's?
That being said, has there been anything said or released as to exactly *why* this (presumed) wackjob is targeting Seacrest?
I mean seriously, the majority of stalkers have some sort of romantic fantasy about their victim - and I just don't see this one in that light.
Was he a failed Idol tryout?
What triggered him to (allegedly) do this?

Merlin D. Bear said...

Well, God bless Google.
This, I believe, begins to answer my question -
It's the entry on a networking site for a person by the same name, who lists his profession as "Independent Broadcast Media Professional".
Could it be jealousy?

shelly_bean said...

I've had a stalker (another girl actually, who started on me once I started dating her original stalk-ee) and it's the creepiest, scariest thing I can imagine. And yeah, a piece of paper does nothing. I finally decided the guy was nowhere near worth it, but not before this chick was following me everywhere, talking to my exes trying to dig up dirt on me, cornering me with large groups of her friends, etc. bad times.

Unknown said...

Well I'm guessing Ryan has security 24-7 if he doesn't hes a fool!!!

Unknown said...

He's been trained to be on the front lines of a US Ranger unit as back up assault, in other words this man is trained to be a killing machine. The Army went so far as to apologized to Ryan and the worst part is the man may be schizophrenic so that means he really doesn't understand right from wrong on any given day.

Crazy killer US Army Ranger trained stalker is the worse kind of stalker.

RocketQueen said...

This guy is giving Dave Chappelle look-alikes a bad name.

Pookie said...


be safe, ryan.

Judi said...

He'll have the order in his back pocket as he's beating Seacrest to death. This guy needs to be put AWAY.


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