Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Edward Woodward - RIP
A real laugh from Angelina Jolie. That is rare.
What is not rare is Alicia Silverstone biting her lip in a photo.
Quite the collection here. Keanu Reeves, Julianne Moore, Blake Lively and her breasts, Robin Wright, Rebecca Miller & Zoe Kazan.
Christina Aguilera and DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.
I almost didn't recognize Chace Crawford.
The dorkiest picture of Chris Klein ever.
I'm not sure what to think of Christina Ricci here. Do I hate the dress?
David Beckham and his new hairstyle.
The one and only Daniel Day Lewis.
Some randomness. Dakota Fanning and Ludacris.
Gerard Butler in a kilt.
Zuma has quite a lot of padding going on in this picture.
Hayden P at some event and
she brought her younger brother who brought a date who I suspect is about 13 and looks about 30.
Jennifer Aniston being guarded while in a bikini on the beach.
Also being guarded and in a bikini is Britney Spears.
Jessica Alba who was not spanked at any point on the red carpet and the world is a better place for it.


MontanaMarriott said...

Keanu cannot be bothered in that pic, he looks really bored to be there, lol

Chace Crawford can't even stand
STR8, lol

Either Dakota is a tall girl or Ludacris is a short guy

Awww Gerard, my Scorpio freak, yummmm, lol

blog hopper said...

I'm convinced Chris Klein is Katie Holmes' baby daddy. Suri has the exact same eyes. Case closed.

Pinky said...

Holy crap. Beck's is one hot piece.

Kingrey said...

Edward Woodward died?! I grew up watching him as The Equalizer. Sad news

littleoleme said...

Yes, you should hate Christina Ricci's dress. We all should. Or at the very least the way it doesn't' fit or flatter her.

Pookie said...

enough already w/ the disgusting beard, brad. (no, not you angelina).

i so have to have blake lively's outfit in all black. awe.some.

cristina and little max look mondo-fab....awww...super cute.

re christina ricci, yes, enty, you hate the dress.

wow, gwen, zuma and those fabulous boots!

Sinjin said...

Agree w/ Pookie, love Gwen's boots (& those leggings which I'm too short to pull off without lauging at MYSELF!)

Cheryl said...

More men in kilts please!

califblondy said...

Yes, Ent. we hate the dress.

Did Chace have a sex change?

Julianne Moore looks so teeny in the group shot.

Keanu is looking for the bar.

Daniel Day Lewis... anyone see the beautifully filmed preview for "Nine"?? Penelope looks awesome.

nancer said...

horrible dress on ricci. it wouldn't be pretty if it fit, which it doesn't.

keanu looks like the 'thing that doesn't belong' in that picture.

chace crawford looks ill.

sunnyside1213 said...

Gerard in a kilt = heaven.

RocketQueen said...

Ok, Brad's beard is starting to make me laugh the longer he keeps it. It's like he's hanging on to it to say "World's sexiest man, who?!"

Wow, Blake Lively is really tall if she makes Robin Wright (Penn - not for long?!) look short.

That dress just makes Christina R look STRANGE and larger, when we all know she's just itty bitty.

lutefisk said...

yeah, Blake needs to cover up her new breasts every now & then--they are starting to get boring.

Sporky said...

Lainey seems to think Blake's tits are real...either that, or her sarcasm went WAY over my head this time...

Genesis said...

caption for angelinas laugh, "Do you really think I would buy this junk, hahahaha"


TinselSass said...

Blake is not as far from being the next blond joke a la Jessica Simpson as she thinks. SAD.

libby said...

Gwen looks like such a natural and happy mom. I can't get enough of her with Zuma. It's so cute how his platinum baby hair makes him look even more like mommy.

Sorry, I'm a mushy one.

mygeorgie said...

Jesus, Becks either has the fastest growing hair in Hollywood or I haven't given a shit for the last 8 months.

Gwen is so hot. Are her leggings 2 different colors? Only she could pull that off & not be called a Harlequin.

bandy said...

agree with blog hopper, the more pictures I see of Suri along with that picture of Chris Klein give me more evidence that Chris is her biological father.

that dress does not flatter Christina Ricci at all.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

That's a real laugh from St. Angie? Looks smug and insincere to me. "Muah ha ha, you simpering fools...I can't be bothered with the likes of you!". Brad looks like shit.

Keanu wants the hell outta there - fast!

Xtina's kid is awfully cute!

That dress on Christina Ricci is a million ways of wrong!

Love the random of Dakota and Luda. Great pic!

ITA that Gwen seems to be a loving, doting mother. She and the kids look truly happy. I am thankful too, that she's back in her red lipstick...the pale look wasn't right on her - at all.

I actually think Jessica Alba looks fan-fricking-tastic! And she also appears to be wearing a hint of a smile, too!

ellapetal said...

Now, I loves me some Christina, but her hair and her waist-boobs are KILLING me.

CDAN Mod said...

aww...i got a keanu visual.

B626 said...

Are you SURE that's Robin Wright?
Keanu is in a galaxy, far far away.

whole lotto luv said...

RIP Edward Woodward.

Angelina is looking more plastic than Nicole Kidman lately. I HATE Brad's facial hair.

I hope Robin Wright goes back to blonde, soon. She's a beautiful blonde.

Don't normally care for Aguilera, but the haircut is cute on her.

Chace Crawford, Zac Efron, I can't tell the two apart.

I HATE Christina Ricci's dress. The angle the photo was taken from probably doesn't help.

I HATE Beckham's hair. I think by age 22, men should not do stupid shit with their hair.

For some reason I can't stand Dakota Fanning.

Hayden looks like Olivia Newton-John in that photo.

Lila said...

Chace Crawford looks like shit! I wonder if he's in a blind...looks like he's been doing SOMETHING.

Gemini850 said...

I think that Chance Crawford is looking more and more gay everyday.

Unknown said...

I am totally bummed about Edward Woodward. I loved the Equalizer and then found his work in movies. Breaker Morant was one fantastic movie that he did with Brian Brown. He also did a nice small arc at the late great show La Femme Nikita as her father. I will miss him.

Momster said...

RIP Mr. Woodward.

Was there a blind possibly about Robin Wright and Rebecca Miller? Or am I dreaming?

Can't wait for Nine.

CarolMR said...

RIP, Edward.

sara said...

I was about to mention the Robin Wright / Rebecca Miller blind, too.

Amit! said...

Uh. I thought that Hayden P. was Kate Hudson for a second. WTF?

MAC said...

Funny, I also looked at that picture of Chris Klein and immediately thought his eyes looked just like Suri's...

PJ Nelson said...

I'm not too impressed with Gerald Butler - that is I wasn't until I saw him in a kilt. Nothing beats a hot scot.

Linnea said...

Hayden's starting to look ooooold!

wow, i had the exact same though about chris klein...

Mango said...

Re Brad Pitt and the raggedy-ass beard (no, not Angelia, the beard on his chin)... he looks as if he is preparing to star in Colonel Sanders: The Early Years

Dakota Fanning: She goes to a regular school, is a cheerleader and seems refreshingly normal. And smart. I hope she stays that way and doesn't take the path that LiLo, Mischa and many others have chosen. *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Hayden's shoes?


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