Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Jeanne-Claude - RIP
Bono and Wycleaf then started singing Endless Love.
The whole skanky goatee thing is really starting to annoy me.
Chris O' Donnell and Elizabeth Banks.
Did Eliza Dushku go prematurely gray overnight or is that the lighting?
Emile Hirsch kind of went from superstar to super quiet after Speed Racer bombed.
Giada de Laurentiis in 944 Magazine.
Holly Madison earning a buck with a Lucille Ball look-a-like.
Ice-T seems to be a very happy man.
Speaking of happy men. I have never had a customs guy smile at me like that ever. I guarantee you if she keeps flirting with him, he will be volunteering to perform a full body cavity search on Angelina or Brad when they come through the next time.
Smile Jenna Fischer. Do you think maybe she sees the mystery hand out of the corner of her eye?
January Jones is certainly smiling. Maybe not eating, but definitely smiling along side Jennifer Carpenter.
John Mayer on his way into Letterman and
playing Santa for Pete Wentz.
Jamie Pressly getting fondled by her new husband.
Kate Hudson kind of looks like Kid Rock here right?
Meanwhile Kate Middleton has no problems taking the stairs. I would love to have seen how Beyonce or Mariah Carey would have reacted to the same situation. Stairs or just not attending?


Anonymous said...

Eeek! Giada looks like Elvira.

Jamie P -- having all the bones in your sternum show is not a very good look. Cover the bubbies up or gain a few pounds.

Karmen said...

Eliza Dushku - lighting. My hair looks blonde (and it's far from it) in a picture or two where there's a weirdly strong light.

Ugh. Pete Wentz and John Mayer in one picture. Douche overload.

Anonymous said...

Brad looks nasty with that goatee.

Chris and Elizabeth look nice.

Didn't recognize Eliza.

Giada looks very nice.

Coco, don't know what to say about her except she dresses trashy LOL.

Didn't recognize Angelina since she is always wearing black.

Can't stand Pete W.

Jamie looks pretty except for her chest.

jw12 said...

I love JA's shoes.

Summer said...

Is the Giada photo a hint to the "chef" blind?

MontanaMarriott said...

You have had Giada and RR both in the pics since that BI, u r a crafy one Enty, lol

Christine65 said...

Pete Wentz kind looks like the Piv there! If the douche fits wear it I guess :)

Pookie said...

i'm really starting to dislike rasta brad.

eeek giada. =O

love ja's wedges!

kate middleton looks fab. go her.

sunnyside1213 said...

Jean Claude and Christo were an amazing couple Their art defied explanation. My ex, the alien, was a bureaucrat and always swore the "art' was in the manipulation of the bureaucracy through myriad piles of red tape to create such bizarre creations on public land.

Sporky said...

Jennifer's even skinnier than January! And more praying mantis-like than ever...

VD said...

I like Giada. Every recipe of hers I've tried has been fabulous. Her Chocolate Tiramisu is awseome!!!!

But that picture scares me. I might have bad dreams. I watched her show on Food Network this past weekend. She looked like she had a reduction. I'm sure you all wanted to know that. :P

What Chef blind?? I missed that one.

Sporky said...

And Billy Goat Brad, PLEASE! That goatee looks like a paper towel a goat THREW UP on your face. Shave it.

Whatever2008 said...

How did Brad Pitt go from cute hunk to pompous, self-conscious asshole with an acting side-job? Is it Angelina, who has herself become a hilarious caricature during this time...? Both are such tiresome morons, the Heidi & Spencers for the so-called upper-crust. Sad.

Cancan said...

Jean Claude hit on my mom about 25 years ago. My mom didn't take her up on the offer, but she was absolutely delighted and never stopped telling the story.

RJ said...

You bet Jen A was flirting with the custom's agent. There's no telling how much sweet herb she brought back from Mexico. While her ex is looking like something that snuck across the border disguised as a goat's ass.

Man, all the women on Part 2 sure are super-emaciated today. How about Giada fixes everyone a meal, and everyone, including Giada, eats the whole thing? I still think she's a likely winner for our oversexed blind vice.

Patty said...

Brad looks very gross lately. Is that thing on his face for a role, are is that his new style? Yuck.

RocketQueen said...

I'm with Sporky - January Jones looks positively meaty next to Jennifer.

Giada looks creepy. How that woman is a chef and is so thin is a mystery to me.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I saw Christo's Umbrellas exhibit back in the day. So sorry about his wife.

Agree with RQ and Sporky - I'd hardly pick January Jones out as the skinny one in that picture. I've drawn stick-figures on a hangman board bigger than Mrs. Dexter.

GladysKravitz said...

I wouldn't give Brad $1 if he asked me for spare change, which, judging from the way he looks, doesn't seem all that unlikely.

Not an attractive look.

Mango said...

Pete Wentz is looking a bit chunky lately...maybe he hasn't lost the baby weight? And Holly Madison looks like a Gwen Stefani wanna be. I like Giada. I still think RR is "chef" from the BI.

Pamela S. said...

OK, so the blind from the other day is Giada and John Mayer. Damn, I had my money on Paula Deen and Harry Connick Jr. That is an awful pic of her BTW. John Mayer is nothing but a low class, low rent star f*cker.

Don't know about the premature gray but I have them same boots and damn it I look better in them and I am not gray...yet.

mikey said...

Am I the only one that immediately thought Giada was channeling Jackie O?

Babs said...

Just in time for Christmas - the new GIADA BOBBLEHEAD BARBIE!

Unknown said...

okay BABS....I was just thinking she looked like a bobble head and I got to that soup was almost all over the screen from laughing....

MnGddess said...

Ladies (and gents) - Isn't it sad and just a little bit pathetic how emaciated some of these actresses (January and Jennifer photo) plus Giada are? I mean, it looks like they eat once a WEEK.


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