Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos (Including A Guy!!)

In a surprise to many probably, Ainsley Harriott gets the top spot. Judging by his ratings I gather I was the only one to watch his show, but I really miss seeing him on television everyday.
Does Montel even have a show anymore? I guess that shows you how much I care.
Britney shopping again in Australia.
Channing Tatum and leftover wardrobe from his last waiting tables gig.
So, over the weekend, Slade and Gretchen appeared at LAVO in Las Vegas. I am assuming he got paid to be there. Did he send any of the money to his dying kid?
Erik Estrada is just happy to be photographed anywhere on a red carpet.
Gossip - London
Kingston sprays his dad with Thanksgiving cheer.
You know it could be my imagination but Haylie Duff looks pretty good here.
The looks like really cheap gay S&M porn photo of the day.
The looks like Santa copping a feel of Kimberly Locke photo of the day.
Some Melrose Place love. Heather Locklear and Thomas Calabro.
My favorite celebrity baby, Honor. Oh, and her mom Jessica Alba.
Jedward really do have that Beatles meets Vanilla Ice look down pat don't they?
I guess it has been so long since I have seen Jennifer Garner not carrying a kid with her that I didn't realize how skinny she is.
Katie Holmes looking a little frazzled.
Did Lance Bass get some work done?
Long time no see Louis Gossett Jr.
Lorenzo Lamas and a whole stable of future VH-1 reality stars.
"Can't believe she is making me walk her damn dog."
The hey we are celebrities so I guess we have to stand next to each other photo of the day.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Michelle Ryan looks great until you get to the shoes. They don't match right?
I usually stay away from the whole fur coat arguments but this just seems like the biggest waste ever.
I stand corrected. This is the biggest waste ever.
Thomas Kretschmann pays homage to Joe Simpson. Only this isn't his daughter.
A long overdue first time appearance for Will Mellor. You have to see Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps.


Anonymous said...

who is the dogwalker?

Amit! said...

Michelle Ryan's shoes would have been fine had she not gone with the black tights.

I REALLY hope Lance Bass hasn't gotten work done. He was getting to that SERIOUSLY CUTE stage [finally] and in that looks like he's lost it. Maybe it's the camera angle? I hope? Jen Garner anorexic or something? She looks WAY slimmer than she ever has before - and not in an attractive way.

whole lotto luv said...

Cali Girl, maybe Michael Douglas?

clatie said...

I thought ainsley harriott was that blonde girl from West Wing.

lutefisk said...

Jennifer Garner looks awful--I wonder if she finally caught on that Ben is the answer to EVERY blind item!

Shara said...

LOVE Ainsley!!! Thanks for the pic. I met him once and he seemed to be just as nice as he appears on TV, but surprisingly short. :)

Andrea said...

Reader 1 - what is breed of dog is that?? So freakin' adorable!!!!

Unknown said...

I agree, Garner hasn't looked this thin before. Hope she's doing ok.

califblondy said...

Who is Ainsley?

Michael Douglas is walking the dog.

Speaking of dogs, I love it when Beth and Dwayne dress-up.

Damn, Mrs. Cruise looks beat down.

sunnyside1213 said...

I thought Michael Douglas too, but not sure. I often don't recognize people in photos. Who is standing with Matthew Mondine?

Jennifer, eat something.

Pookie said...

ainsley harriot has a GREAT smile.

go montel. he may be a little too much, but he's doing a great work via his ms foundaiton so i can't hate.

kingston is too cute! *melts*

eeek. wth is going on w/ jen garner? it looks like stress weight loss...hmmm. what's going on in that marriage?

oh sure, give us katie but no SURI?! WTH.

LOVE louis gossett, jr.!

awwww...cutie readers! 1-love the doggie, 2-beautiful eyes.

paloma faith is all over the place and all sorts of glamour don't.

cute pic of will mellor...usually he looks like he needs crest white strips so i'm digging the closed simle.

Melanie said...

That's my Chow Chow, Calliope. I threw a birthday party for her when she turned one this year. Kind of silly, but she is my baby!

Thanks for posting my picture Enty!

ms snarky said...

Lance looks like he got his eyes crossed. nice work!

When did Montel Williams start to look like a gay biker?

damn, Michael Douglas looks seriously old.

and the shoes are definitely a mistake.

ms snarky said...

@ sunnyside -
it's Ray Romano with Matthew.

Anonymous said...

Channing looks weird.

Enty, you are imaging Haylie doesn't look pretty LOL.


Probably Garner is having the Ben diet LOL.

Lorenzo looks ridiculous the way he is dressed up and if that blondie is his wife she looks like another hooker.

Reader #1 your chow chow looks so cute and cuddly :D.

Reader #2 you have pretty eyes :D.

Who is the unibrow in the green dress LOLOL?

Eeewww at the Dog and trashy wife.

CDAN Mod said...

love louis gossett jr's audiobook on the holy bible with other black celebs.

i wonder if dog 'don't bring home a black girl' bounty hunter is back on meth. sure looks like it!

FrenchGirl said...

what is this doodad with fur on the green dress' girl?
what are "indian " blond people? even Mickey Rourke wears better

FrenchGirl said...

oh! jennifer garner without kids!!!

kimmypie1 said...

Katie Holmes has bad legs...there I said it.

*Miss_P* said...

Love Will Mellor!

Majik said...

KatE looks like someone has just bashed her over the head...maybe that's what Tom needs to do in order to keep her from running for her life? Maybe THAT'S why they make Suri wear those ridiculous heels--she can't RUN AWAY!!!!

Ryan said...


Reader number 2 here.

Thank you.

jax said...

enty, Dog is Native American..i think he gets a he got that mofo Luster off the streets..eternal pass.

Two Pints is freaking hilarious! i love that you watch that too!

figgy said...

@Kimmypie, I actually like Katie's legs a lot. I think fit muscular thighs look a whole lot better than the sticks so many celebrities are stumbling around on.

mooshki said...

Melanie, what an adorable puppy!!!

libby said...

The last pics I saw of Jen Garner were from several months ago. The story was she dropped everything and dashed to meet Ben wherever he was filming, because he was having an affair w a young blonde co-star. At that time, JG was her normal size.

Maybe 3 months after that story, she pops up again, super-skinny? Being cheated on can make eating disorders flare up.

I love Gwen and Gavin as parents, I hope they get a girl eventually. They make some very cute kids.

I wish Britney would get away to someplace like Australia, and stay away. No offense to Australia, but she needs to get far away from the L.A. thing, but in a place that still speaks English. She does have her limitations, you know.
I just think she'll never get less crazy in L.A.

Melody the First said...

Melanie, I had a red Chow for many years who was a big sweetie pie. Everyone loved him (even dog groomers). We finally had to put him down when he was 13. I sobbed like a baby. Your Chow looks a lot like my sweet Teddy Bear. Thanks for sharing the pic through Enty.

Melanie said...

Melody, I am so sorry about you losing your Chow. We had a black male previously, and he unfortunately passed away 2 years ago. I also sobbed like a baby! Having him made me want another one, they can be the sweetest dogs. Everyone also loves Callie, thinks she's a big teddy bear who loves to give kisses. I'm glad you also got to experience what wonderful dogs Chows are!

Unknown said...

I think Jen Garner is prepping for a role as a dying mother, "Be With You."

peawry said...

I have a half Chow/Golden Retriever named Chewy. I rescued him 3 years ago. Still a bit of a handful but I love him and Chow Chows now!

Oh, and boo to fur! Shame on all those people posted.

Anonymous said...

hi Ryan :D.

intheglow said...

Montel Williams has a infomercial hawking a juicer. His co-host is Sylvia Brown. Why would the indorsement of Slyvia Brown, the psychic make anyone want to buy a juicer?

kimmypie1 said...

Figgy I totally agree with you on the muscular vs twiggy thing. I was referring to the shape of her legs, not the size of them, which is why I said 'bad legs' as opposed to 'fat' or 'skinny' etc.

Another site has front on pics and they just look like they don't match the rest of her. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Melody the First said...

Chows are a lot like pit bulls in that a minority of dogs gave the breed a bad name. In fact, the only negative aspect of the breed I noticed was their propensity for leaping over fences and walking themselves.

lmnop123 said...

Lou Gossett looks unkempt.

lmnop123 said...

He needs to get rid of that beard.

Princess Shyness said...

Two Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps is comedy gold! Am a huge fan of Will Mellor! Thanks, Enty.

sunnyside1213 said...

LOL @ Melody re self walking dogs. I used to do pet adoptions at Pet Smart and when ever we had breeds that like to jump the fence, we required a picture of the yard with at least an 8 foot fence.

Anonymous said...

@whole_lotto_luv - I would never have guessed MD - dang, he's changed! thanks!

RocketQueen said...

If Enty's staying out of the fur coat argument - I'll be the one to speak up - people who wear fur have no souls. I do not even understand how the world allows us to raise and kill animals for their fur. There, rant over.

Great smile, Melody!

Ugh @ Lorenzo Llamas' hair. Ugh.

Lance Bass definitely looks like he's had a little work around the eyes?

Aww...Heather and Thomas makes me nostalgic for the old Melrose. I refused to check out the new one.

Andrea said...

Melanie - thanks! I've seen them before but couldn't remember the breed. Yours is a beauty!!

HannahPalindrome said...

Thomas Kretschmann is HOT!

Reader #1's dog is so CUTE & fluffy!

RJ said...

Jen Garner is seriously skinny! I, too, think Ben is a strayer. Maybe she needs to take a golf club and get his attention!! I had a much beloved Westie, and they too must be kept on a leash while out. They can't jump over most fences, but they can tunnel out in a matter of minutes, you have to bury the fence or bury some chicken wire in front of the fence.

chestnut-red said...

Melanie and Ryan, great pics!

I think Michelle Ryan's shoes go with her outfit, but you can't really tell with the black hose/tights. Nude hose might have been a better choice.

Lorenzo Lamas looks a little like Alice Cooper in that picture. I think it would be strange to wear his shades and see the world in a bluish haze.

Is that animal attacking the woman in the green dress or just the dress itself? Eeeek!

The lady in the next-to-last picture seems to be somewhat enhanced.

lanasyogamama said...

Why am I not seeing Jen G's skinnyness? I love her and hope everything is ok regardless.

Cute readers!

I agree that Katie doesn't have good legs. I also think Tom makes her run all the time in an effort to improve them.

Jessica said...

Is Jennifer Gardner ok? I mean seriously...Is she ok?

Leah said...

I KNEW reader #2 was George Wendt!!!

Oh, and I thought Jen G was Angelina. WAY too thin. She looked really thin in the movie with Matthew M Ghosts of Girlfriends Past or something ( I told my husband it was a ghost story, so he watched it with me).

Ice Angel said...

Here is the website for Slade's beautiful son, if anyone is interested or wants to help (since this selfish egomaniac won't)

sassyfrassy said...

Beth Ditto and Gwen. Love them!!!

I really wish the whole Lamas crew would just go away. The father is such a creepster!

Tatyana said...

From a moral standpoint, I don't see a big difference between wearing fur and leather and eating meat. Anyway, that thing looked hideous enough to be a fake fur (or one off a Chinese dog whose meat didn't go to waste so it's OK ;-)

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