Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Bob Keane - RIP
Tied for the top spot is the always lovely and charming Lisa Loeb who gave birth on Sunday to Lyla Rose Loeb Hershkovitz. Congratulations to Lisa & Roey.
Brad Pitt dragging Angelina Jolie to a George Clooney party.
Put Ben McKenzie in a suit in front of a car ad and he looks like a salesperson.
Brian Setzer - New York
Cindy Crawford is a very attractive woman.
"Camilla 5'5", 5'9" with the afro reviews the troops."
For as much money David Beckham makes you rarely see him take a private plane. I guess he doesn't need that ego boost like his buddy Tom.
Depeche Mode - Rotterdam
This is Fettuchini. Yes, she spells it like that. She hosted some Ray-J party with her friends Spagetti and Makarone.
Everyone has the George Clooney and girlfriend and mom photo. I like ones where people are happy. Look how excited he is to see Cheech.
The I need some money for Christmas shopping because all I do is host a show on E! so let me pose in tennis shoes photo of the day.
Speaking of shoes. Harrods has some big ones in their Christmas window display.
Howie Mandel wants to meet you, just not have you breathe on him.
Jaden Smith. Hey, he is flexible I will give him that.
Jessica Simpson on Broadway for Chicago. How come she has never done Broadway?
Joss Stone. Is it sad that when I hear her name I remember she is Tom Cruise's favorite so I immediately dislike her.
Old school Justin for that Facebook movie because everyone wants to know how a website was invented.
Kellan Lutz with a tire track tie. Fitting.
Kate Walsh on the set of her show.
Some randomness. Lucy Liu and a very good looking Christina Ricci.
Independent Spirit Award nominations were announced and Matt Dillon & Taraji P. Henson did the announcing.
Morgan Spurlock, Derick martini and Alec Baldwin, your 2012 retiree.
Not retiring anytime soon, Natalie Portman.
Probably wishing people would retire so he could get some work, Rupert Everett.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
It's men with beards. Ryan Reynolds.
Ben Foster
and Jason Bateman.
Guess who?
Susan Boyle!
Just come to her house and knock on the door and she will pose with anything, including the Scottish flag. Happy St. Andrew's Day everyone over there.
Sam Rockwell and Oliver Platt. I love Oliver.
Stabley Tucci loving on Brooke Shields.
Wolfmother - Sydney


lutefisk said...

Natalie looks great--Jessica, Please hire a stylist.

WednesdayFriday said...

Our readers are too cute. :)

Ms Cool said...

Gorgeous reader photos!

ali said...

I loved Oliver Platt in Huff, he was hilarious! Gorgeous reader photos. I can't tell if Reader #2 is exercising or if the wall is holding her up? Exercising while drinking can be dangerous :)

RocketQueen said...

Does that mean you DON'T like Sam Rockwell, Ent?

Love Ben Foster - whether or not you liked Alpha Dog - that movie had some hotties in it including Justin T, who was miles hotter than he is in today's photo ;)

Okay, not to be mean, but Guiliana Rancic has one of the most creepy faces in Hollywood - I can't believe she's a show HOST.

David Beckham - yep, still hot, though his face seems to finally be showing signs of aging.

Thisisridiculous said...

What the hell is Angelina wearing? good grief someone get her a stylist STAT!

I love me some Jason Bateman.

cageykiwi said...


Pookie said...

go lisa loeb, you cougar you.

give us decent royals, enty, not that skank camila.

fettuchini is such a skank...but i'm kinda liking her corset top. i'm so embarrassed to admit that.

giuliana so needs to start using the correct bronzer shade.

jaden smith is creeping me out.

yay readers! too cute.

love bateman wife's dress.

.robert said...

Poor Howie.

Ice Angel said...

Was Jessica ruled out as MV? Is this a hint?

whole lotto luv said...

Beautiful readers.

Angelina's pants - hahahaha!

In Italian, I imagine "Fettuchini" would be pronounced, "fettukeenee" and "Spagetti" would be "spajetti." However, I don't speak/read italiano molto bene, so I could be wrong. And I'm sure totally irrelevant.

Jessica needs to find someone else to pick out her clothes, at least when she's gonna leave the house.

I understand the Joss Stone dislike; I've disliked Dakota Fanning ever since Tom Cruise bought her her first cell phone and blah blah blah else she said about him.

Christina Ricci is adorable with bangs.

Matt Dillon totally zinged Regis the other day, which surprised me, because for some reason I thought he was a little on the dumb side.

I still get emotional seeing the commercial for SB's album, at her shocking Cowell and the audience that first time.

FrenchGirl said...

i just discovered Sam Rockwell's acting this week in "frost/nixon" and "moon".I believe i saw him in many movies but i didn't remember his face and name!

"Facebook" movie looks over bored even made by David Fincher

CDAN readers look happy!

whole lotto luv said...

Ice Angel, Jessica has no children.

whole lotto luv said...

Ice Angel, on 11/11 the clue said MV had at least one child.

sunnyside1213 said...

Jason Bateman is married? That must be why he wasn't tied to Jennifer A. while making The Baster.

Our readers are so lovely.

"Christina Ricci is adorable with bangs." Why didn't she do that years ago?

cist said...

Enty, do you mean men with "beards"? Although I guess I've only heard rumors about Ryan Reynold's beard?

nancer said...

jessica simpson needs to stop pouring herself into these tight, too-short dresses. they make her look dumpy and fat. either that or she's dumpy and fat.
cindy crawford looks great. i just can't wait for those ass ugly shoes to go out of style.

Majik said...

Vulfmuzzaaaah....I can't help myself. It inspires a bad Hogan's Heroes accent, just try it.

Tax Attorney said...

Based on the pictures above, 44-year-old Brooke Shields is kicking 34-year-old Angelina Jolie's butt in the looks department.

mooshki said...

Time to watch 'The Imposters' again!

ClaireFrasier said...

Lisa Loeb: you are so cute! Congrats on the baby girl!

Brian Setzer! love him!

Christina Ricci: you are so cute, too! The bangs really work for you.

Natalie: you are such a pretty girl, but, hon, that dress? Everything looks a little ... droopy.. not good.

Reader 1, Reader 2: Y'all are so cute, too!

Unknown said...

Love Wolfmother! I just saw them in Detroit on 11/12.

Love Jason Bateman!

lanasyogamama said...


Yeah, Cindy looks good, I'll admit it.

And David Beckham ALWAYS looks good!

Guiliana's tweets are soooo focused on what she eats and how much she exercises. Yawn.

I feel embarrassed seeing Jayden's package, he's like 10.

I love Jessica and I wish everyone would leave her alone. She's gorge.

Kate Walsh has never looked worse.

Yay pretty readers!

fireflies said...

I thought the Jessica comment was a hint on MV too, but doesn't MV have children?

Interplanet Janet said...

You guys are all so sweet. Thanks for the kind words! :) And thanks Enty!

chucky-baby said...

I know people don't like Ashlee Simpson but maybe the comment was the reference to the blind about the sister singing for the other sister, which would be Jessica, since Ashlee is now singing on broadway and Jessica is not. Just a thought :)

Ells said...

Love Lisa Loeb!

Is Howie wearing latex gloves or are his hands really that white?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tucci, Ent. He's a favorite of mine.

Pamela S. said...

Lots of thoughts tonite while looking at these photos.

-Is Angelina Jolie wearing pj's?
-Love the Stray Cat strut.
-Glad to see Depeche Mode playing. I was really worried about the singer.
-Is it just me or does Jessica Simpson look fat?
-Is reader #2 levitating or doing wall squats with a beer?

That's more thought than I've put into anything in quite awhile :)

nancer said...

hey, we've been ordered not to pick on jessica because 'she's gorge.'

i'd say 'gorged' is more like it.

nancykate said...

woo! crazy to be scrolling down my google reader and see a picture of...ME! thanks enty!

just to clarify, I was doing a wall sit as punishment for knocking over the tower during "drinking jenga" - college roommate reunion style :)

Judi said...

Enty, I love Oliver, too. A real favorite.
Really impressed with Jaden - even more so because the photo was taken atop one of the towers of the Great Wall.

Clair said...

More Ben McKenzie please. Even if he looks like a salesmen. God I hope I don't have a thing for salesmen!

Felly said...

Is Jessica Simpson MV?

Felly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
City Councilman Doug said...

I know, nancykate, isn't it fun? Reminds me that I need to get mine in!

Alice D Millionaire said...

Cindy looks beautiful. You hear stories about her husband being unfaithful. It just goes to show you that spouses cheat no matter how gorgeous you are. I don't get it...

Jessica looks bad in that photo but she is probably not as fat as looks. The camera ads on weight and we are so used to seeing size zero that she looks huge in comparison. She has no waist...I can totally relate...and she has a big chest. Not that many people can pull off full sequins and girls with Jessica's body type should NEVER try.

Alice D Millionaire said...

Nancer...totally agree about the shoes. You really have to have tiny ankles to pull them off and even then they are so ugly.

Unknown said...

love love love Lisa Loeb. Also, Ben McKenzie can sell me anything he wants, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. :D

Sporky said...

Yay, more cute readers!

Yay, Brian Setzer!

RIP Bob Keane...hope you're hanging out with Richie V. and the Big Bopper somewhere. :(

Aimée said...

I live in the same town Joss Stone was born in (Dover, Kent, where she did her recent hometown gig), and there isn't any bad rumors around here about her (I've only heard 1 weird one from a friend of mine). Her grandparents still live locally, her grandfather talks about her any chance he gets to anyone, he's so proud of her, it's so sweet.

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