Friday, December 04, 2009

Khloe & Lamar - Already Ignoring Each Other

RADAR has a story up today about how Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are already fighting and when I read it I didn't really get the sense they were fighting. What I did get the sense of is two people that don't particularly care for one another. To me that is a whole lot worse. Yelling and arguing doesn't mean you don't care about someone. Eating out at dinner and ignoring your significant other for the entire meal so you can text is much worse. What you are saying by your actions is the person on the other end of the phone is more important than your significant other. Here is what happened.

"Lamar caused a huge scene. He got jealous because Khloe was texting at the table and he yelled at her to quit it. She refused, so he stormed off and sat alone at the bar. Khloe just ignored him."

"He went and sat at the bar and watched TV by himself. Khloe was with her best friend [Malika Hagg] and the poor girl was totally stuck in the middle."

"She was running back and forth between the bar and the table trying to make peace but Lamar kept just saying 'I'm not talking to her. Let her talk to her phone. She can be alone with her phone.' It was bad."

So, not only was she ignoring Lamar but also her friend? Should you really be at that level of disinterest already? I think it is really disrespectful to text like crazy while you are with someone else. I don't care if it is a friend or girlfriend or boyfriend or a co-worker or whatever. I have to support Lamar on this one which is tough considering how much I loathe the Lakers..


Alice D Millionaire said...

It is disrespectful. I don't text at all because I don't want to be bothered 24/7 with important messages like "what RU doing?" but that is just me.

Maybe they don't care about each other. Maybe their marriage won't last longer than a month but sometimes people argue with each other and don't handle it well. I am thinking of the last time my boyfriend really pissed me off when we were out and I walked away and essentially ignored him for a while because I was too mad at the time. Our relationship recovered.

Maybe we are reading into this too much? But hey, that is what we do ;)

sunnyside1213 said...

I am sure the clock is ticking on this marriage. They should have just gone with the fake wedding and not really gotten married.

Pookie said...

why haven't we started a pool for the (inevitable) marriage demise countdown? we could so have fun w/ this.

Alli G. said...

Eh, I'm smelling the stench of a cheap publicity stunt.

whole lotto luv said...

Obviously, this girl can't live her life without feeling she has a constant audience. This reminds me of all the pictures we've seen of Parisite, when she's out on a date, there's always someone she needs to be talking to on the phone.

yolknkl; said...

why anyone cares about khloe kardashian is beyond me. her only claims to fame are, her sister was in a sex tape, her bio dad was friends w/oj simpson and her step dad is whatshisname. she's a big fat bore. thinner now, but still boring. you know things are bad when someone makes paris hilton look like she actually does stuff.

Judi said...

Agreed, Abby; there's no reason anyone should even know who this girl is. And how juvenile and stupid she is. Team Lamar on this one.

RocketQueen said...

I'd choose texting over dinner with these two any day.

figgy said...

I love the fact that her pose is showing her leg cellulite.

Does he have any facial expression besides sneering?

Unknown said...

I think texting in general is stupid. What the hell could people be texting about? OMG! He HAWT! I LOL'D! What a ridiculous bunch of shit.

Anonymous said...

Abby said: "things are bad when someone makes paris hilton look like she actually does stuff".

Ha, ha!! And oh so true. Why are the sisters of a sex tape wannabe celebrity famous? Boys and girls, it takes NOTHING to become famous these days.

Dr Spaceman said...

He really needs to quit it with that sneer. To say he is unattractive is an understatement.

Genesis said...

its just texting....z.o.m.g. r.o.f.l.


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