Monday, November 30, 2009

Tom Arnold Gives The Whole Marriage Thing Another Try

I don't usually write about marriages because they dredge up bad feelings for me and lots of mailed alimony checks. However, I think an exception can be made for Tom Arnold. He is on a one man crusade to be married as many times as humanly possible. He is becoming the OctoMom of weddings. Over the weekend Tom got married for the fourth time. Now you are probably saying to yourself, well four is a lot, but is it really venturing into record territory. I hear what you are saying but Tom is just 50 and he is on number four. I think by the time he hits 60 we could see him hitting #6 and then if he can somehow keep it together long enough to hit 70 I think he has a good shot at 7 or 8 before he finally can't summon the energy for another wedding and divorce. Tom married Ashley Groussman who called herself the luckiest woman in the world. If she is saying that he must have more of that Roseanne money left than I thought.

Somehow the couple managed to turn out 75 people for the wedding. They all had to be from her side because at this point don't you think Tom feels a little funny sending out invitations and asking people to cough up another gift. Dax Shepard was Tom's best man. I think the next time he gets married he should have a reality show picking his best man. People might actually start paying attention to him again.


Cheryl said...

He's not in Larry King territory yet.

Pookie said...

eeeep. if that pic is anything to go by, he's actually the better-looking of the two.

Rickatoo said...

that woman needs bangs

sunnyside1213 said...

She needs a lot more than bangs. She is what my mother called horse faced.

califblondy said...

I don't know why, but I've felt sorry for him. I hope he makes it work this time.

whole lotto luv said...

I think he's so thrilled when a woman agrees to go out with him, he instantly falls in love and asks her to marry him. He doesn't seem to spend much time being single between marriages. And he apparently works pretty steadily if his imdb is any indication. "True Lies" is probably what gets his foot in the door with the women; I know that's the last thing I recall seeing him in.

selenakyle said...

She could use some wispy bangs.

selenakyle said...

Haaa! @Rickatoo--we're on the same wave.

libby said...

I do wonder about the dynamics of the Tom & Rosanne thing, especially during the time when she made TA a producer on her show, changed her last name, did the People cover about her sexual abuse. Those two were all kinds of crazy, and especially together.

Rosanne must have paid him not to write a tell-all. Or maybe he can't tell because he's the bad guy. the world may never know.

B626 said...

Wasn't Chris Farley best man at wedding No.2?
Doesn't bode well for Dax.
Tom needs to marry a lady with children. He's obsessed about his infertility, the wife goes along for the many trips to the clinics and then gets out when she can't take it no more.
Curious as to whether this one has kids already.

Rufus II said...

I remember reading a blind (on this site, I believe) about a year ago about a celebrity who tries to help stars who are on drugs and acts as a sponsor? It was a very positive blind and I believe the reveal said it was Tom Arnold. For that reason, I will cut him some slack. After all, everyone needs to feel loved. Hope it works for him.

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