Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

The top spot today goes to the new girlfriend of Anthony Michael Hall who was spotted kissing him last night at the Knicks game. Your boyfriend was in court the day before, where it was alleged he bit his ex-girlfriend on the forehead and pushed her up against the wall presumably while he was dating you. When you look into his eyes do you think I'm next? Of course not. Wait until that 3am knock pounding on your door though and see how you feel.
Alicia Keys & Jay Z - New York
It's like 80's television again. Annie Potts and Jimmy Smits.
Meanwhile Brittany Murphy emerged from her home alone and went to a premiere.
Christine Lahti is way toooooooooo skinny.
If one Masterson isn't enough for you then by all means
have two.
I think Jon Bon Jovi is taller than Dule Hill literally by the hair on his head.
Derek Jeter is your Sportsman of the year. It has been Tiger before. Can you imagine if he had won this year?
And in case you wanted to know how Cal Ripken Jr looked after being retired for a few years.
Granted Ellen Pompeo looks like she is about to go work out, but she doesn't look that great at all.
However, the Stefani/Rossdale clan always looks good. It is like they are always in a f**king catalog they look so damn good.
Hugh Jackman and Ava.
Jennifer Garner doesn't look as scary skinny from this angle as she did the other day.
Kelly Clarkson - Fresno
The lovely Kyra Sedgwick.
Lady GaGa on Elle.
Liam Gallagher working a red carpet like only he can.
Remember that Lindsay Lohan is barely out of her teens. Can you imagine what she is going to look like in ten years?
They don't really look like the strip club type of couple do they? It is always the quiet ones.
The Mayor of New York is just like every other guy who goes to a basketball game. He is with his somewhat disinterested girlfriend. By the way you can notice another disinterested girlfriend right behind the mayor. So, the Mayor has some beer.
Shoves in some popcorn.
Some more beer.
Finishes off the popcorn.
And washes it down with more beer.
Million Dollar Baby reunion.
Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon at a World AIDS Day event.
I like Ozwald Boateng's suit. If I wore it though I would like a walking sofa.
First time appearances for Jeremy Renner, Nick Roldan and Jeffrey Donovan.
Tony Shaloub gets a drawing.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2

World AIDS Day tributes.

San Francisco

Los Angeles


chopchop said...

Liam Gallagher looks like a Cro-Magnon.

Look at poor Bloomberg's girlfriend: she has barely any leg room b/c the two douches next to her have their legs all spread out. Guys, your twig & berries ain't that big that you need to sit practically spread eagle.

chopchop said...

And does the sign behind Liam say "Pretty Peen"? What is that??

Unknown said...

I would do so many dirty things to Tony Shaloub. I love that man

FrenchGirl said...

Chicago AIDS day is great!

why isn't Ava Jackman more popular than Violet Affleck? she has better funny faces i dislike paps pix with famous people's children.Children aren't famous only their parents!

i like the quote on Damon couple

Sporky said...

Reader #1: is that your Courtney Love impression? ;)

Reader #2: beautiful wedding couple! :)

Ava and Hugh's picture is adorable.

Too many too-skinnies these days. Kelly C. looks so normal compared to them...

MISCH said...


lutefisk said...

Elle magazine--photoshop much? Lady GaGa looks like Madonna there.

Pookie said...

alicia/jpee...we get it, you heart go away.

come on brittany m., pull it together. i wanna see you do great things.

mayor bloomberg, too cute. lol @ bored gfs. basketball does that to me too.

yay readers! (wedding dress is the gorge!)

budford said...

the new girlfriend has a nice big forehead. LOL

Cindy said...

I hate that the angle of the pic of Damon makes him look so dumpy :(

And Pookie -- I'm with you on the AK/JZ thingy -- go away, please.

Karmen said...

Congrats to Reader #2 for getting hitched!

I'm bummed I missed the AIDS tribute in Baltimore.

Nichole Fisher said...

the bored GF behind Mayor Bloomberg is one of his daughters. Yeah for Providence on World AIDS Day. I heart my hometown. Can't stand the state politics which is why I won't live there again, but PVD is a great city.

Tara said...

I ♥ Kelly Clarkson.

Anonymous said...

Reader #1 I didnt want to insult you saying you look like Courtney Love :).

Reader #2 you guys look so cute and your dress is very niceeeee :D.

libby said...

I am in love w the Stefani/Rossdales too. It's heartwarming how they're always so engaged w the kiddies.

Is Zuma wearing a bib b/c he's teething and drooly?

Seraphina Affleck is at the stage where she's finally got enough hair to have a pretty lil' hairdo. Cute.

Brittany looks like she's on her way to a trick. And she's all greasy.

nancer said...

so reader number one is courtney love?


christine lahti has always had a body i envy---very tall and curvy. what the hell happened?

shakey said...

Ava Jackman knows how to handle the paparazzi.

Both Christine Lahti and Jennifer Garner **must** eat. Hate that sunken cheek look on Jen. I remember a time when Kyra Sedgwick looked super skinny compared to everyone else. She looks downright healthy now.

Love the reader photos. No. 1 is a scream!

Tenley said...

I honestly do not recognize Lady Ga Ga from one photo to another. Ever. Her wild outfits are the only clue that it might be her but I swear, as for her herself -- utterly forgettable. Wouldn't know her in a million years if she were in plain clothes right in front of me.

ItsJustMe said...

Jeebus - hasn't been that long since Cal Ripken retired!

libby said...

nichole, what's wrong w RI? It's one of my dream locales. All that beautiful water, and medical mary-jane. I'm actually interested.

Thisisridiculous said...

I like Matt and his wife.

That looks more like Britney Murphy than lady caca.

Jen. Garner needs smaller jeans those are falling off of her.

Ava is adorable!

Ahh the Stephani is nice to look at aren't they?

sunnyside1213 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sunnyside1213 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Annie Potts looks marvelous. She was my favorite Designing Woman. And she was in Ghostbusters, best movie of the 80s.

Cute readers as always.

LOL Ava Jackman. Hugh is such a great dad, and that only adds to my crush/lust.

Chris Masterson must be straight, no gay man would wear those shoes with a black and white outfit.

Danny looks like a hobo with style.

I saw Cal Ripken's autobiography in the $5 bin at Barnes & Noble the other day. I honestly thought it was a cookbook by the guy from Top Chef.

2nd the cro-magnon comment for Liam

amazonblue said...

Christine Lahti has also messed up her face with bad plastic surgery. She was on L&O SVU earlier this season for several episodes and she played the most unsympathetic character.

Jennifer Garner is starting to worry me... please EAT.

Brittany Murphy looks like she raided Angelina's closet.

Wow, next to Morgan Freeman and Clint, Hilary is teeney weeney.
You just don't see it in stand alone pics.

I missed the Matt Damon & wife strip club story. Somebody do tell...

Elizabeth Peregrina said...

Nice reader photos...#2 awesome wedding pic!
Enjoy the mastersons
Ellen p looks very blue and just down
Love the rossdale clan!
I would marry monk! Thx for the pic of shaloub!
Awesome tribute to W.A.D!

lanasyogamama said...

Christine does look scary skinny. Boo.

Cal still has the nice eyes!

I'm so glad Kelly doesn't get too bothered about her weight.

Love Lady Gaga! She is HOT!

That's a pretty good pic for Lilo!

Matt Damon IS dumpy. I don't get him at all.

Ozwald has some tights pants with that suit!

Rock on reader 1!

Congrats reader 2!

emma yardy said...

Yay Enty!! I AM READER 1, though not Courtney Love lol, I am in fact a teacher who had a few too many vodka cocktails the night that pic was taken! Feel free to add me on facebook, Emma Yardy, have been a fan of Enty since he started up!

ardleighstreet said...

Ava Jackman is too cute and quite funny. I agree with DNfromMN it only adds to Hugh's charm that he is such a great Dad.

classalpha said...

... Britt's taking the COKE-aine Train to Gloria Swanson-ville.

Sporky said...

Emma, I was totally kidding when I posted that comment, I know if you're reading CDAN you're way better than Crazy Court!! ;)

juicy said...

Reader 2 here =)

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Yipes. I thought Cal Ripken was Tom Colicchio for a sec there.

Totally love the Rossdales! I really hope they stay together as a couple and family!

That Ava Jackman is too cute!

Jen, you were looking GREAT! Please, have a cheeseburger, or something. You're waaaay too thin.

Kelly looks fantastic in that photo!

Hey ELLE, photoshop much? I love Gaga's music, but at first glance, I really thought that was an old photo of Madonna.

Awesome reader photos!

Caroline said...

Lady Gaga looks FANTASTIC.

Is Jeter wearing bronzer? His face looks weird and blotchy.

Liz said...

Cal!! I love Cal no matter how big he gets. Thanks for posting his picture.

Jasmine said...

I am ASTONISHED that the handlers of Kelly Clarkson (they are the Ameican Idol people still, right?) are allowing her to actually look like a normal woman with a little extra weight on her. I am really glad but I gotta admit, its still a little jolting everything i see her just because its not the normal celeb size we are so used to seeing. Its a jolt, but a good jolt~ good for her for not looking crazy emaciated like 99% of celebs!

Jasmine said...

* i meant everytime I see her> duh sorry

Jasmine said...

One more thing~ Its awesome that these 3 cities chose to honor World AIDS day but what about every major city? I hope they also did something similiar to this,this is something that affects us all~ we are all one big family here

warmislandsun said...

mmmmm Love me some Jimmy Smits.... I will still want him when he's 80.

Mango said...

Anthony Michael Hall - The BEST thing about "Sixteen Candles" (one of the best teen flicks EVER!)

Annie Potts - Pffft! I *loathed* "Designing Women" and all its pontificating and contrived dialogue ... and didn't like her on "Joan of Arcadia" either (which was an EXCELLENT show, and I'm an atheist!"

Brittany Murphy and Christine Lahti: I suggest that each of you eat a sandwich post haste!

Jennifer Garner's adorable older daughter looks just like her! A "Mini me"!

Kelly Clarkson - Wow! She has added quite a bit of weight but it's strange that a singing star would do so; I hope she isn't ill or something... She was nicely filled out before but not to this extent. I'm not calling her out or calling her fat... just saying I hope she is okay. :)

Kyra: Waiting for the new Closer ep on... December 7th is it?

I *LOVE* Morgan Freeman !!!

Dang! Tony Shaloub's head looks HUGE in that pic! Like it was photoshopped onto another body!

Cool reader photos!

trashtalker said...

I think Tony Shalhoub is pointing out that his last name is spelled incorrectly.

Unknown said...

Tenley said...

"I honestly do not recognize Lady Ga Ga from one photo to another. Ever. Her wild outfits are the only clue that it might be her but I swear, as for her herself -- utterly forgettable. Wouldn't know her in a million years if she were in plain clothes right in front of me."

That is very likely her exact plan.

Jerry said...

Maybe it's just me or maybe you had to be watching but Dulé Hill's character on Psych got the line of the year when, after eating too much very spicy food he was practically crying and said, "I see dead people." I laughed for two months after that.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

"And in case you wanted to know how Cal Ripken Jr looked after being retired for a few years."

... better than Kelly Clarkson.

Alice D Millionaire said...

Thank you Pimp. Everyone was raking Jessica Simpson over the coals yesterday for being a fat a** but no one wants to call Kelly Clarkson fat? Come on people.

Jerry said...

Kelly Clarkson isn't fat. She has a broad background. And the primary reason everyone goes after Jessica Simpson is her father.

mooshki said...

At least Ellen P. doesn't have the fake orange spray-tan. I hate that stuff.

Hugh Jackman's family is amazing. Their family is their #1 priority, and it has made for some obviously very happy kids.

Are the Gallagher bros still fighting?

Do you think Lindsay is going to be alive in 10 years?

I hate that I can't like Morgan Freeman any more. :(

Why did Jeffrey Donovan get all puffy?

I'm going to miss Monk.

AmazonBlue, I hated her character on SVU! I could barely stand to watch those episodes.

Jerry, that killed me too. Man, do I love Psych.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I am sorry Jerry but that is a terrible reason to go after her. Go after all means...he deserves it.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the Annie Potts, Enty! I love her and she looks so great!! Her and Lorraine Toussaint(sp?) were in my favorite show together (Any Day Now) they were awesome together!

Patti said...

Love the pic of Hugh and Ava.

RocketQueen said...

Ellen Pompeo looks like Fergie in that pic!

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