Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random Photos Part Four

Hilary Duff at some event celebrating her return to pop music.
Jason Biggs has no fear of heights.
A Jeep owner gets revenge on a Corvette for taking two parking spaces.
Jake Gyllenhaal looking good filming his new movie.
Josh Lucas out promoting his new show.
Hello Jessica Simpson.
Justin Timberlake in Australia.
Kelly Bensimon got invited to a UN event.
Kelsey Grammer and his wife and two youngest kids.


sandybrook said...

Kelsey needs to shave his beard, isn't flattering.
who in the world invited Bensimon to a UN function?
I thought I read somewhere that Hilarys record was a top seller in Australia.

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Kelsey looks like he's with his "3" kids.

JT is sooo over rated IMHO

Duff - not so hot in that outfit

Jake. How UUUUUU doin?!

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

As a fellow JEEP owner, I approve.

Kno Won said...

Jessica - the Scottish Referendum was *last* week & why are you wearing multiple clan tartans?
How much did Jason Biggs pay for the photo spot? Whatever it was, it wasn't enough. Total. Loser.

Kno Won said...

I have a Jake Gyllenhaal problem. I think he's a douche and I also find him very attractive.

Sarah said...

The Jeep owner is a driver after my own (small, black) heart

auntliddy said...

I hate assholes who park like that! And its always my fantasy to have me and another car hem them in. Douchbags.

FearN said...

Josh Lucas? What happened???

JT is lame. Yall can have him.

Ew JGyllenahll. Ew Jbiggs.

The parked cars are the best photo in here.

Tricia13 said...

Kelsey for the homeless man accoster!!

Unknown said...

Yay Jeep Owner! Seems to me any fancy expensive car that takes up two spaces like that is just asking to get keyed.

Last week I parked in a space in a Home Depot parking lot and when I came back someonet had pulled in to the next space over so close to me that I couldn't get into my car from the driver's side. And I was perfectly centered in my space. I had to climb in through the passenger side and since I drive a stick I narrowly avoided having sex with my car.

I think I showed remarkable self-restraint in not keying the shit out of that car.

I actually sat there thinking about it though.

PghGirl said...

love Britney's haircut

rolotomassi said...

@Prunella,hah & I thought you lived in England.(unless Home Depot's in England too).
-I usually don't comment@what people wear unless it's spectacular but seriously,Hillary Duff needs a different stylist STAT...her outfits just keep going from bad to's bizarre how badly she appears @these functions each time,like she's in an '80's Time-Warp.

Unknown said...

6 years ago, I would have been elated with Hilary Duff's comeback. Now? Not so much. I wish her luck, though. I still foresee DWTS in her near future.

Unknown said...

Bensimon must be dating someone in the UN, because that chick is dumb as a box of rocks (to quote someone else from earlier). No way she was invited for her brains. /=

NaughtyNurse said...

What is the world coming to when a Real Housewife gets invited to a UN event?

Tricia13 said...

We get it Jess...u feel sexy, unlike sex...u love anal....u r "adventurous" u lost weight......blah effin blah.

U still can't dress your way outta a paper bag Gurl, or in this case, a plaid one

Tricia13 said...

*u like

Unknown said...

@rolotomassi ... hmmm, I was born there, maybe that's where you got confused? But I'm not actually English.

Though ... I saw a couple of episodes of Miss Marple on PBS the other night and decided that when I get old I'm going to adopt the perfectly tailored tweed suits with clunky leather oxford shoes with thick heels look. And rock it.

Unknown said...

Have you ever seen Joan Rivers' skit about anal sex? She drapes herself over a chair and talks about how it's a great position because you can get things done like ironing and texting.

Kinda gross but kinda funny.

She wasn't really my cup of tea, comedy-wise, but I always admired her spunk and drive. At the age of 81 she had a schedule that would drive a person half her age to his/her knees. Flying all over the world doing gigs.

NaughtyNurse said...

Hey, Josh Lucas! I'd love to be the meat in a Josh Lucas/James Purefoy sandwich!

Unknown said...

Josh Lucas reminds me of a not-quite-as-pretty Patrick Wilson.

JL has an incredibly distinct voice - I'd recognize it anywhere.

But as an actor? Kinda - meh.

MinPinGirl said...

Hilary Duff, maybe it's time to stop dressing like a tweener going to the club.

Never thought I'd say this but Jessica Simpson looks great there.

Ugh! I HATE that Kelly chick from Real Housewives of NYC. She is as dumb as a bag of hammers. Anytime I would see her it's like - Please STOP talking!!! For a model she doesn't even look that great. Her skin is so aged from all the tanning. Not pretty.

Alexa Rose said...

I hate when cars take up 2 spaces, but I hate when cars park so close you can't open your door. Just had someone do that to me the other day and guess what, I hit their car with my door. I don't care, my car is an old POS, their car was a newer nice one. So sad for them.

DevOcean said...

Kelsey Grammer's thoughts:
Wtf am I doing pushing a double stroller?
Why do I do this to myself?
I've gotta get out!
Tomorrow, call lawyer, then collect my panties and high heels.
Damn it. Not again.

Jade did said...

Do you live in LA? I swear they are re painting the parking spots smaller during the night. Like coach airplane seats.

Kassandra said...

F'ing Awesome - Jeep person. I move for this to happen more often.

Jake looking so much better now. Thank FSM, i was worried for him that he wouldn't regain his attractiveness (see also: Matthew McConahoeveryouspellit).

Josh Lucas, twice in one week. I'm REALLY thanking FSM now.

parissucksliterally said...

Yeah, keep buying those Jessica Simpson clothes, people! Clearly she is a fashionista!

I do like what that Bensimon lady is wearing..

crila16 said...

Love the jeep next to the stupid corvette. I HATE when people with sports cars take up 2 spots, especially in a crowded parking lot.

The Enquirer said...

Does anyone really want Hilary Duff back?


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