Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random Photos Part Two

Naomi Campbell is court ordered to carry her cell phone with two hands at all times.
Naomi Watts has this big bike to herself but
prefers when the entire family rides it together.
The Madden Brothers with Olivia Newton John in Australia.
Al Pacino picking up an award with his girlfriend by his side.
John Hurt and
Joan Collins were there to see it.
Patrick Dempsey out doing press.
Rachel Hunter shows off her striding skills.


Kno Won said...

Hell yeah, Naomi Campbell! Love her.
Still ferocious.
Is Al Pacino able to stand up on his own? Seems like he's listing a bit.

Unknown said...

Naomi Campbell is perfection

FearN said...

Naomi has way better style than Taylor swift even though she is trashier.

crila16 said...

Patrick looks hot in that picture. I'm turned on.

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

@crilla. Lol. And he does look hot. And I think u checked his bulge.

Seven of Eleven said...

The War Doctor!

I always like Schrieber/Watts family bike pics.

Are you sure that's Joan Collins and not her wax figure?

I don't find Patrick Dempsey hot, but he looks mighty fine in that pic.

califblondy said...

Patrick is so purty. I scrolled up after reading the bulge comment.

Naomi's bike has a flat tire in the second picture.

Sillygurl said...

The War Doctor!! John Hurt should be first!!!

Rosemary Young said...

I hate it when parents ride bikes bare-headed while their kids wear helmets. Parents should set the example!

Lil P said...

+1. Hello mcdreamy!

rolotomassi said...

Al Pacino has jumped the shark!
-Joan Collins-the answer to yesterday's BI w/the slippery perfume bottle, perhaps??!!

Sherry said...

Is EVERYONE in Oz this week? I want to be there too. What a lovely country. and the people are quite amazing. All very nice.

Unknown said...

Joan Collins still ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Ya, that bike in the second photo, that tire is not supposed to do that. It will explode and can seriously injured the riders (ie the children, the other 2 what evs). And I'm pretty sure they can afford a second bike. (...But then people wouldn't take their picture as much.)

Alexa Rose said...

Joan Collins is amazing.

Patrick Dempsey is a cutie.

Love Rachel Hunter's long legs, makes me so jealous.

Leisa said...

John Hurt!

MinPinGirl said...

That bike is awesome! I've never seen one of those child seats that's in front of Liev. I've got a beach cruiser but a passenger has to ride sitting on the magazine rack. I don't think I'd want to be riding it like that with my whole family in the city unless it's the city park. Too scary.


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