Monday, May 29, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 22, 2016

While this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress has been promoting her new movies, her athlete husband is meeting new women in his new town. He is not being very discreet about it either.

Gabrielle Union/Dwayne Wade


sandybrook said...

Chicago isn't his new town it's his hometown. He doesn't need to meet new women he already knows plenty I bet.

RenShaw said...

Couldn't play anymore in Miami, moved to Chicago for the money with the ex wife and ex ladies running around, he's an older pro being forced into retirement thanks to bad knees, all reeks of some bad karma.

texasrose said...

I doubt she has a problem with it. I thought they were supposed to be swingers??

BeenHereBefore said...

Hmm... also, the 'break baby' momma(Aja M) took to social media to explain that she is not thot-ing around LA (yeah, right) claiming she and Dwayne had been 'friends' for years and she's no side piece. The same way Gabby U said she was 'friends' with nba players and their wives and that she wasn't sleeping with them either. This is a sham marriage made up for the cameras. I doubt they turned in the marriage certificate.

Kelly said...

This makes me sad. I always thought they were a cool family.

Sarah said...

Gabby is far too good for this nonsense. She needs to get out and find a man in a different part of entertainment (athletes should never marry IMO) and be with someone with a touch more class.


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