Saturday, June 03, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 26, 2017

This A list reality star has made a ton of money from reality shows but, with just a couple of exceptions rarely turns up on the shows for which he is being paid. The only thing saving him from a recent overdose was the quick reaction of the escort he had at his home that night.

Rob Kardashian


sandybrook said...

Haven't we heard before his ass is broke and he asks his sisters and PMK for loans?

jack said...

I think he is behind many of the inside jobs in the Kardashian world.

say what said...

I feel sorry for the guy. He never had a REAL role model, much less male role model. Bruce acted like a pussy, Kris acted like she had a dick and never gave him the time of day. If you didn't have plastic tits and ass and are able to bring in an income from showing your tits and ass (among other parts), then you were of no use to Kris Jenner. The moment his father died, I think Rob died a little w/ him. It's sad.

Melissa said...

Agreed, 100%.

sd auntie said...

His daughter is soo beautiful. Improve your life for your daughter and detox all the poison from your life. Dump the baby mom and ll the leeches. Your kid should be your reason for living!

Do Tell said...

Some of the blinds have pointed to him, yes.


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