Monday, May 29, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 28, 2016

This former A list mostly television actor turned parody of himself was beyond sick by the time he finished boozing it up while getting paid for an appearance. He had been doing better, but this was over the top.

David Hasselhoff


sandybrook said...

The problem begins when somebody actually thinks he's worth paying for an appearance. That gives him extra money to play with and his playing includes drinking like a fish and eating his food off the floor before he passed out.

just sayin\' said...

david hasselhoff ruined cheeseburgers for me.

Zip said...

You can never respect a man who can lower himself to the mentality of somebody who was born 20+ years after him.

Do Tell said...

At this point, it's not funny. He really needs help.

Sarah said...

Yes let's mock someone's very real, clinical alcoholism. It's not funny. Hasselhoff needs help.

SnarkIsFun said...

This guy had better get help soon, or we'll be reading about his death sooner rather than later.


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