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Blind Items Revealed #28

February 12, 2018

There is an A-  / B+ list actress you all know.  She had a very public meltdown a short time ago.  Let’s call her G.  G has always been out for only herself.  G is known for ruthlessly and nefariously pursuing her ambitions.

G began her career as a mostly-movie actress, with a series of small, low-paying roles.  About a decade and a half ago, G scored her first good, steady work.  G joined a popular, long-running almost network TV series as a main character, at about the halfway point in the series.

As that TV series was winding down, G was looking for her next gig.  She ran into an A list director at a film festival.  Let’s call him D.  D was promoting a big film he directed, based on a novel.  Let’s call that film OT.  OT had an ensemble cast, loaded with stars.  OT had a special A+ guest director as well, with whom D has worked on many projects.   Let’s call him RD.   RD has been in the news recently, and not in a good way.

D’s wife produced OT, as well as many of his other films.  At the time of this film festival, D’s wife of about a decade and a half was heavily pregnant with their 5th child, so she stayed home.   

G ended up on D’s lap during one of the parties at this film festival, while rubbing an ice cube all over her body.  G and D left the party together.  This all happened in front of many people.

The tabloids quickly got word of G and D.  D’s marriage ended pretty quickly.  G got a starring role in the next film D directed.  It was the 1st part of a double feature.  Let’s call this film T1.  RD produced T1.  G and D's relationship was not serious during the filming of T1 - more of a dalliance.

After filming for T1 wrapped, the 2nd half of the double-feature was scheduled to film several months later.  Let’s call this film T2.  T2 was set to be a much bigger film than T1.  RD directed T2.  D produced T2.   D sent G to casting couch RD, for a role in T2.  RD was also at that film festival, when D and G first got together.  D even gave G instructions on what to wear and what to do for RD.  G flew out to meet RD for the occasion.  G got a supporting role in T2.

G and D got more serious after T2 wrapped.  About a year later, they got engaged.

For a few years, G and D both tried to gloss over the fact that their relationship began when D was married to his then-pregnant wife.  They were able to obtain some favorable press, claiming that their relationship began during the filming of T1, which was after D had already separated from his wife.

D and G broke off their engagement after 2 years.  That was probably a good idea. 

Recently, G decided to very publicly tell the truth about when her relationship began with D.  She just leaves out the part about D being married to someone else at the time.

In return, D called out G on some of her lies.  G recently claimed that D sold T1 to that disgraced A list producer (whom G accused of raping her) out of pure spite.   D pointed out that prior to shooting T1, the disgraced A list producer’s company had 1st look rights, and its parent company had already agreed to finance the film.  G also recently claimed that D played mind games with her during the filming of T1.   D and G got engaged about a year later, right after T2 wrapped - so D clearly got over whatever problems she is now claiming happened with the whole thing. 

D, G, and RD all stay quiet about the most important thing which happened on the set of T1.  D assaulted a stunt man on camera.  The footage was destroyed.  D and RD got the stunt man to agree not to tell anyone about it.

The entire double-feature was a financial disappointment at the box-office.

At one time, D also pursued sisters related to his ex-wife.  D’s now ex-wife does still produce some of his most recent films. 

G = Rose McGowan
TV series = "Charmed"
Film Festival: AMFAR Benefit Party/Cannes, France - May 20, 20015
D = Robert Rodriguez
OT = "Sin City"
RD = Quentin Tarantino
T1 = "Planet Terror"
T2 = "Death Proof"
Double Feature: "Grindhouse"
Disgraced former A list producer: Harvey Weinstein
D’s ex-wife / producer: Elizabeth Avellán




T. W. said...

This one is still too much for me to follow. All I can figure is all parties involved are dirty.

Thonker said...

that's a mess... (just like the movies mentioned)

Andi said...

Rodiguez and Rose hooked up when he was still married, and his wife was preggers with #5. Rodiguez cast Rose in Planet Terror in a supporting role, then dressed her up and sent her to Quentin's bed and even to get a role in Death Proof.

Later Rod & Rose got engaged, but brooke up a couple years later.

Andi said...

This sort of behaviour on Rose's part is pretty typical of victims of abuse.

She grew up in a cult, and was raped while still a teen ager and by Weinstien.

Hopefully, she is in therapy.

luckythewondercat said...

Rose is still out for herself.

hhstarr said...

I’m sorry but previous abuse is no excuse for continuing to play the victim card and hurting others around you. Plenty of abuse victims make choices to break the cycle and become healthy adults, myself included. We, as adults, have choices in life. She made bad ones.

Sara, Making It Work said...

The weekly "Let's trash Rose" blind. 😒

Unknown said...

She's a worthless pig.

Anonymous said...

Rose needs to hit rock bottom perhaps?

T. W. said...

@Andy F

Thank you!

I don't know this Rodriguez person though. Oh well.

Andi said...

@hhhstar-victims of child sexual assault learn that their power comes from sex, so it's what they continue to use as adults.

Even before all the Weinstein crap, Rose was someone I suspected had been a victim of assault. She has since spoken about being assaulted as a child, raped as a teen, groomed as a teen, and raped as an adult.

Unknown said...

She offered to let Weinstein off the hook for cash. If you think she gives a fuck about anyone other than her addled, looks-long-gone self, you're out of your mind.

hhstarr said...

Andi F- as I stated, I have first hand knowledge of being sexually abused- I don’t think you need the graphic details of what was done to me when I was 7 or 8 yeArs old. But I stand with the first hand knowledge that regardless of the power this relative had over me, I did not allow that to make me a victim all my life or to abuse others (or alone w them to be abused). We all have pasts- some more horrid than others- but we have the choice to stay victims or not allow them to win and become better people. She chose the weak person’s “out”. I did not, I hold no kind feelings to her abusers- they should rot in hell- but hold no compassion for her or others who continue to sell themselves so they get the fame they crave.

BRAD PITT said...

rose deserves someone who treats her like a queen

KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

There's trash. There's trash at the bottom of the sewer. And then there's Rose.

Bill Beard said...


Jon said...

I just discovered the best way to read revealed blinds:

Copy the text into your text-editor of choice, then do a Find & Replace (case sensitive) to swap the letters for the names... you wind up with a much easier read, so this:

"As that TV series was winding down, G was looking for her next gig. She ran into an A list director at a film festival. Let’s call him D. D was promoting a big film he directed, based on a novel. Let’s call that film OT. OT had an ensemble cast, loaded with stars. OT had a special A+ guest director as well, with whom D has worked on many projects. Let’s call him RD. RD has been in the news recently, and not in a good way."

becomes this:

As that Charmed was winding down, Rose McGowan was looking for her next gig.  She ran into an A list director at a film festival.  Let’s call him Robert Rodriguez.  Robert Rodriguez was promoting a big film he directed, based on a novel.  Let’s call that film Sin City.  Sin City had an ensemble cast, loaded with stars.  Sin City had a special A+ guest director as well, with whom Robert Rodriguez has worked on many projects.   Let’s call him Quentin Tarantino.   Quentin Tarantino has been in the news recently, and not in a good way.

Brayson87 said...

Way to throw away your marriage for nothing dude, appreciate the cooking videos though.

LadySabreX said...

Some more lets trash Rose crap. You can't on the one hand feel appalled by all the abuse that goes on in Hollywood and then trash someone who bravely spoke up about it at the cost of her career. You didn't see the likes of Ms. Paltrow or Jolie speaking out about Harvey until Ashley Judd and Rose broke the damn wide open at great cost to them both emotionally and financially, so lets show a tad bit more compassion! I for one, root for the people who have been shit on in life. I hope that Rose, along with other victims of sexual assault find the healing they need.

TwoDots said...

^ curious to know what you think of Rose defending/turning a blind eye to Victor Salva and his abuse.


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