Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #29 - Mr. Hedge

February 17, 2018

As a young actor, he played a supporting role in a small-budget horror film, about 4 decades ago.  Let’s call this person C, and the film Film #1. Film #1 was financially very successful for its time.  It became a cult-classic, and launched the career of its director, who we will call F.  F became A+ list for the rest of his long career.

Several years later, C became a director himself, while in his early 30s.  The 1st film C directed for American audiences was a low-budget teen comedy.  Let’s call this film SB.

During SB, C attempted to molest one of the young actors.  Thankfully, the young actor was able to escape his attempts.  Unfortunately, this was because the young actor had been abused before.  The horrible experience scarred him enough to vigorously fight off C’s attempts.

C was good friends with a couple of serial child molesters.  One of them finally went to jail about a decade and a half ago.  A short time later, C won his first major award as a director.   Although C was only about 50 at that time, he suddenly retired from the business.  It probably had something to do with his past.  It is highly unlikely that this unsuccessful molestation attempt was C’s only misdeed.

If anyone knows anything more about C, you know who to contact. 

Film #1 -
F -
C -
C’s friend / serial child molester -
SB -

Film #1 = The Hills Have Eyes
F= Wes Craven
C = Robert Houston
C’s friend / serial child molester = Bob Villard
SB = Bad Manners


Thonker said...

Bunch of creeps. Who was the teen actor tho?

T. W. said...

I have no clue who this guy is.

No point in outing the teen actor cuz Entry wanted us to guess the creep when this was originally posted.

I agree with naming the victim only if it is already known or the victim is a clue as to who is molesting kids. That's just me.

OldFart said...

29 reveals and not one on NXIVM....bummer

Thonker said...

nah makes sense T.W.

@OldFart I'm still waiting for a reveal of some politics scandal or "the graves" or the one about ghaddafi's missing fortune. Or how everyone is demanding: don henley altho idk why we need a reveal on that if it's already pretty much confirmed if everyone knows.. as juicy as that blind was everyone guessed it

sillylittlefreak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

The movie was actually called Growing Pains but the poster art has Bad Manners

I would say the victim is Joey Coleman

Anonymous said...

C'mon Nexium!

T. W. said...


Thank you.

One of the CDANers said the juicy blinds are revealed on Black Friday.

T. W. said...


I heard Qaddafi was killed because he was going to form a United States of Africa. He was tired of outsiders raping the continent of its resources.

As to where the money went, did you know the Rothschild family owns 99 percent of the earth's wealth and resources...

Don Kieballs said...

None of this is funny, just to be clear.
However, I did laugh when GH shared this through the doc's account as a reveal. Basically revealing the answers to his own blind. I like GH, but I do worry the increased activity on the Secret acct makes it come off as less straightforward facts and more conspiracy leaning - surely not their intent, but it's turning more Q and less focused.

Don Kieballs said...

I dm'd you, btw. fyi since this is not my twitter handle.
Also, I followed a few of you. Again from my personal twitter not DK, so if you didn't know who that was, it was me.

Brayson87 said...

Another scumbag pedo in the wild.

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