Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #31 - Mr. Hedge

February 14, 2018

This former child actor was A-list at his peak.  The introduction to this story is well-known to many.  His more recent dealings have not yet been exposed. 

Our former child actor was still in his late teens when he quit acting.  He was already friends with that A-list director.  The A-list director introduced our former child actor to a serial child molester.  The newfound friends became partners in a shady business, which served as a thinly-veiled front for a pedophile ring.   He fled the country with the his 2 partners, and had a very close brush with the law in a foreign country.  Our child actor was arrested, but not charged -  for all the child porn the police found in the residence which was shared by the 3 partners.

For the past few years, our former child actor has been spending a great deal of time in an economically distressed Caribbean destination.  The legal age of consent in that destination happens to be 2 years younger than his native California.    Recently, this destination was devastated by a natural disaster.

Very recently, our former child actor has bought himself some favorable press.  He  claims to bring new wealth and charity to this island from his recent business dealings.   This favorable press makes no mention of his shady past dealings. 

He is trying to remake his public image.  This will not succeed.

For one thing, our former child actor has secretly been in touch with many of the same bad people from his past for many years, via a secret social media group. 

He has also been involved in many shady dealings in his recent business ventures.  He was close to a major fraud scheme a couple years ago, which caused a company to collapse, as well as a mysterious suicide.

Former Child Actor -
A-list director -
Serial child molester -

Former Child Actor - Brock Pierce
Distressed Caribbean destination: Puerto Rico
A-list director - Bryan Singer
Serial child molester - Marc Collins-Rector
Mysterious suicide: Autumn Radtke


Thonker said...

Disturbing how Bryan singer follows one of the victims interviewed in "an open secret" on instagram. That pretty much is an admission on its own. Also for those wondering about the secret social media accounts I found this thread a while back it's worth looking at. Most facebook profiles have since been changed to seem like it's someone else but the URL of the profile is still the same and so are some of the other profiles that havent been changed.

T. W. said...

Here is an article from June 26, 2014 to help put this in perspective:

Sara, Making It Work said...

God bless John Oliver for not letting this story die.

Still Liz said...

One hell of an Independence Day Mr. Hedge. One nation under truth, bro. Truth has no sides. It just stands. And speaking of crypto/pedo currency. It always reminds meof this dude.

Bill Beard said...


Brayson87 said...

"Brock Pierce inside the former Children’s Museum in Old San Juan, P.R., which he and his colleagues hope to make part of a crypto utopia where the money is virtual and the contracts are all public."

Sara, Making It Work said...

I feel like I need a scrub down after reading that & looking at the pictures. Do they even realize how creepy they are coming off???

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