Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #30 - Mr. Hedge

February 6, 2018

This off-Broadway magic show just announced another extension to it's successful theatrical run.  The show originally launched about a year ago, at a theater named for, and controlled by, the mogul you all know about.  The show is produced by a beloved gay A-list mostly television actor  / former child star, who dabbles in magic.

Since the show's creation, a certain recently revealed serial child molester's company has been listed in the credits, also as having produced the show.  The company was included in the press release announcing its extended theatrical run.  Hours later, that company was mysteriously scrubbed from the very same news article.  It's obvious the show's owners are trying to cover up the likely continued involvement of the serial child molester's company in the show.  After all, his company is heavily involved with the design of the sets, sound, and visuals.

When this serial child molester was first revealed a couple months ago, his company allegedly claimed he was "taking a leave of absence".  The amount of time was unspecified.  The total lack of specifics indicates the whole thing was a very likely thinly-veiled PR sham.  The serial child molester's company was hoping they could continue to function with clients and on projects, despite being controlled by this despicable human being.

It is also strange that this otherwise reputable and beloved A-list mostly television actor / former child star is doing business with these vile and disgusting people.

Show 1st Venue
Serial child molester
A-list mostly television actor / former child star

Show: "In & Of Itself"
Mogul: David Geffen
Serial child molester: Gary Goddard
Company: Goddard Group
A-list mostly television actor/former child star: Neil Patrick Harris


T. W. said...

Pedophiles travel in packs. Just like wolves.

Goddard is the guy that abused Anthony Edwards.

Doesn't NPH have adopted children?



Thonker said...

Og course geffen would let a fellow pedo in on the prject. so disgusting how he gets away with SO MUCH.

And really beats me why NPH wants to work with this vile pack unless he is one of them... is that what this is suggesting??

Cree said...

Horrible that he works with them, but I pray he's not participating in the acts...bad enough if he knows. These blinds are horrible, poor kids.

tinydancer61 said...

Someone needs to investigate NPH and his husband. They are raising children for Chrissakes!

Rachewbacca said...

...and told you,Enty's filter on Geffen is GONE. FREEDOM!!!! #Qanon WWG1WGA

tinydancer61 said...

And I think Elton John and his husband's reasons for child-rearing are suspicious too....Just saying. NPH and his husband are buds with them. I remember reading some solved blind (maybe it was here?) about the four of them having some bizarre gay orgy at Elton's home in England that involved olive oil? Anyone remember that blind? The kids were present in the home while this grossness was going on.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Sure sounds like that what they're implying.

Anonymous said...

NPH smdh. It's a long way from Doogie Howser MD!

Still Liz said...

Jamie DLux made a brilliant video about Gary Goddard that just got banned. Would a whole lot of money protect some of the most despicable child abusers? Yep. Niel Patric Harris, you are now suspect, bro. Officially bannished from the gay community!

T. W. said...


If the kids were home I assume the adults were hoping the kids would walk in on the orgy...

Mo said...

Always possible it is a Nickelodeon type sitch where NPH threatened to blab info if his demands weren’t met (i.e. own show)

K said...

Okay, but what if NPH has got serious dirt on them and he's got the upper hand in this?

More Cowbell said...

NPH should distance himself from these creeps ASAP. I love NPH and hope to god he has no pedo connection to these guys!

BRAD PITT said...

SKG = spielberg katzenberg geffen

Brayson87 said...

NPH really needs to watch who he associates with, there will be guilt by association in the public's eyes.

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FlirtyChick74 said...

How about the fact that good paying jobs/gigs/financial endeavors are hard to come by for everyone? Maybe these are the only people willing to fund his show with the fewest strings attached or the need for excessive shares of the business? Just thinking aloud. But sheesh. I'm no NPH stan but I still think it is a shame to drag someone's name like that.


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