Monday, August 13, 2018

Blind Item #19 - Teen Choice Awards

I am kind of surprised this former network reality star who is getting her own show was at the event last night considering she is the most recent hookup partner of this married network executive who is having some issues right now.


notthisagain said...

some side dish of les moonves

SarahElizabeth said...

I'm too old to even know who over half of the attendees were, so I'm out of guesses on TCA blinds.

J said...

lol @ Julie Chen.

I'm only here for the snark. Pffft with Kindness Blinds. said...

Am i the only one who can NOT stand Julie Chen?! She's a monotone twit. Wish The Talk could can her ass. Maybe if hubbie is shamed enough, someone will kick her ass to the curb.

Cathy said...

Brandi Glanville

OKC Teacher said...

@I’m only here for the snark-
Big Brother Fans have called her “Chenbot” for years
I’ve wondered who her stylist is for Big Brother AND what she’s done to piss her off. ;).
I’ve yet to see her dressed in anything remotely stylish or pretty on B.B.

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